How to make a torn bang yourself and is it possible?

torn bangsThere are many
hairstyle, among which everyone chooses a perfect one.
In our article we will talk about hair with torn bangs. She always
different naturalness and easy negligence, and sometimes it is so
not enough in the female image. Subject to the correct selection of torn
the bang will make the image individual, irresistible and even

It is divided into the following types:

  • straight;
  • sideways or oblique;
  • long
  • short

In addition, there is also a filmed ripped fringe, asymmetrical and
several types of her haircut to the side. Consider below some


If you walk with bangs to the side, your hair will be like
minimum, modern and creative. This haircut will suit people like
with thin and thick hair. Ripped edges visually
level the face, hide its flaws and focus on
eyes. Torn fringe on the side of this form is the most popular and
fits almost everyone (people with curly hair are an exception).
Therefore, this haircut is universal and so in demand.


Straight bangs in most cases suitable for caret and cascading
haircuts. She should be chosen by ladies with a long face or high
forehead, as well as straight hair from nature. Straight bangs hide
the first two defects, making the face younger and rounder. Besides,
haircut with such bangs focuses on the eyes. Haircut in
The bob, page or pixie style will be perfectly combined with tattered
milled bangs on the side. Thanks to milling, the bang will gain
natural form. Milled torn bangs in direct execution
will suit all women, regardless of age, she will create
extra volume and make the lady younger.


She is still very relevant. Often done not
too long, but sometimes it is lowered even to the chin. A haircut
“caret” or “oblique caret” and torn bangs will be perfectly combined
together. Asymmetric bangs with equal edges will make the image more
mysterious and mysterious, and look playful and at the same time languid.
Such a torn bang will suit absolutely any face shape. Not for nothing
Many girls stop their choice on it.

One of the most fashionable types of styling for women with long
hair is torn bangs on the side. She looks stylish but
it does not require any experience in laying, is fixed on
side by means of special means (mousses, gels, varnishes), otherwise she
may break up. Square-faced girls are perfect
A haircut with a torn fringe on the side. She will hide all the flaws
Profitable emphasizing the dignity of the face.

Making a baby at home

how to make a torn bangMany are interested in the question of how to make
torn bangs at home, and is it even possible? Course do without
professional assistance is a less expensive method, but in this case
such a decision can significantly affect the quality of work and
the final result. In order to both haircut and chelochka
ideal for you, you still need to use the services
hairdresser. He will help with the choice of style, coming to this issue.

But if you have enough courage and are not afraid of experiments,
You can try to make a bang at home. Required
follow a few rules to please the result. Otherwise
case you can “mess things up”, and this is still an appearance, therefore
not worth the risk. If you decide to cut your house, let’s start.
Initially, bangs should not be with long hair,
separate it using clips.

When the haircut will be carried out, keep the curls in
upright and trim hair strands as gently as possible
and at an angle. But still, so that the bang was more voluminous,
well-groomed, natural and expressive, you need a “hand” and skill
professional hairdresser.

As you can see, a lot of hair options. Which one you choose
depends only on personal preferences, expectations and taste. Hopefully
Having read our article, you were able to decide which
haircut is better to choose. All the best, good luck and be always
are individual and attractive!

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