How to make a treatment mask for hair shine at home?

Every girl wants to have beautiful, shiny hair.
In this case, it will be useful to learn how to create a mask for shine.
hair at home and how she can help. Many
cosmetics can not always solve the problem with dull
hair And if the store does not help the mask for hair shine,
at home, you can create a tool that when
proper preparation after the first use will make
hair shiny.


  • Care Tips
  • Making masks on vegetable oils
  • Folk recipes rinsing

Care Tips

If the hair is dry or damaged, it will not be shiny.
For this reason, in order to make hair shine,
recovery of their health. You need to give care to your curls, and they
again be able to have a healthy look.

maski dlya bleska volos

It is necessary to take care not only of the masks for curls, but also about your
diet It should include healthy food, more
fruits and vegetables. In winter, it is advisable to take vitamins that
necessary for the health of hair.

It is worth remembering that a long stay in the sun too
has a negative impact. It is therefore recommended to wear
summer hat or kerchief.

Excellent will help mixture made on the basis of
natural ingredients. Apply them as standard. Apply
they can only be dry hair. Then it is recommended to create
heat effect film or towel – it will allow useful
components are actively absorbed into the skin and hair structure, add
gloss and silkiness.

The mixture must be held for a certain amount of time, then
wash off. It is advisable to wash your hair with shampoo
balm-conditioner. After the procedure, do not dry the curls
hair dryer

Making masks on vegetable oils

One of the easiest masks at home is
heated olive oil. It is applied to the hair, distributed by
full length, put on a hat and wrap a head with a towel. Such
the mixture should be kept for about 1 hour, and then rinsed with shampoo with
the use of balm.

There is another mask for shine hair based on olive oil.
You will need to take 1 banana, 1 tbsp. l yogurt, 1 tbsp. l olive oil.
Banana mash with a fork, add butter with yogurt, all carefully
to mix. Then apply the mixture to wet curls,
spread along the length of the comb. Then wrap your head with a towel.
Keep this mask for 25 minutes, then rinse with shampoo.

You can also make the next one so that your hair glistens incredibly.
mixture. Warm up the olive oil in a water bath and add a few
drops of lemon or orange oil. Then put it all on
wet curls, wrap the film and hold for 30 minutes. There will be more
effect, if you leave the mask on all night, wash the curls in the morning
shampoo This hair mask will give an amazing result:
olive oil will nourish and restore the hair structure,
Citrus can give incredible shine.

Gelatin mask

This mask for shine and smoothness of hair is very simple. For her
cooking will need the following: 1 tbsp. l gelatin, 20 ml of water
warm, 10 ml of balsam.

It is required to soak the gelatin in warm water. Blend need to do
such that it lacked lumps. Then the resulting
the mixture is added to the balm and the tool is applied to the entire length
shag Mask is required to leave for 45 minutes. On the head
You must wear a towel or hat. It is not recommended to add to
mask a lot of balm – it can suppress the therapeutic effect.
Balm is required in order to be able to restore the structure
curls and to make it easier to wash off the mask. This mixture will allow
give a lamination effect, the hair will be silky and

Mask with Cognac

This aromatic mask can be used to increase the speed
growth curls, to add shine. For cooking will require
following: 1 tbsp. l cognac and 1 tbsp. l burdock oil. Need all
mix, heat over low heat and add 5 g cinnamon. Mask
need to be applied from root to tip. Wrap your hair with a towel and
hold 40 minutes.

If the strands are dyed, then they will be saturated, and light strands
a little black out.

Before use, you need to consider this fact.

Folk recipes rinsing

You can add shine to the hair with home made

  1. Plantain leaves, pre-crushed, filled with boiling water
    – 2 tbsp. l on 1 glass.
  2. The peel of 3 apples pour 1 l of water and boil, then well
    filter and use for rinsing. Shine and softness of hair
    will be guaranteed.
  3. Burdock is ground, boiled and infused for 30
    minutes This hot broth should be rinsed curls for 10
  4. You can also rinse the hair with a decoction of black tea. This
    the procedure will add shine to the dark curls, but
    fair-haired people are not recommended to use this
    rinse because of his coloring abilities.

Now you know how to make your hair more shiny and
smooth as a hair mask is made. Use
use the above recipes on your strands and you can
notice how quickly your curls will be healthy and chic
brilliance. After all, this is the dream of all girls and women.

And do not forget the tips described here. Recommended
stick to them. Then with your hair will never
problems. We wish you health to your hair!

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