How to make a water manicure at home conditions?

If you are tired of the usual monochrome nail polish, make
water manicure at home. This is an uncomplicated look of nail art.
will create an original “clothes” for your nails. The procedure will take
more time than usual, but the result will exceed expectations.


  • Procedure
  • Water manicure subtleties
  • Advantages and disadvantages


First, prepare everything you need:

  • a narrow glass container with a depth of about 5-7 cm;
  • nail polishes: primary color, transparent and colored;
  • paper or plain tape;
  • scissors;
  • cuticle oil or petroleum jelly;
  • toothpicks;
  • nail polish remover;
  • cotton swabs and pieces of cotton wool.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. At the preparatory stage, you need to give the nails the right
    shape and trim the cuticle.
  2. Next, apply on the nails the main color that matches your
    conceived. Wait until dry.
  3. Cover the cuticle and the skin around it with a thick cream, but not
    touch the nail plate, otherwise the varnish will peel off.
    Instead of a cream, you can close this place with scotch tape, the main thing is to do it.
    gently so that the nails themselves remain free.
  4. In warm water, poured into a glass container, drip varnish for
    nails. Start with the predominant color. Brush over
    central part of the tank and let it drip into the water. For a few
    seconds a drop sprawls across the surface of the water, then take another
    color and also drip in the center. Repeat the procedure with the rest.
  5. Use a toothpick to create your own unique design.
    First, draw on the surface of the strip from the center at 6 and 12 o’clock.
    Then cross this pattern with several parallel lines.
    across. You can create your own unique drawings and ornaments.
    To do this, you can take not only the means of pastel colors.
  6. Immerse your finger in the water so that the nail is under
    by the surface. Collect excess varnish with a clean toothpick. Pull out
    finger out of the water. After the product dries, gently remove
    scotch scissors. If the lacquer gets on the skin, remove it with a cotton.
    the stick moistened with special liquid.
  7. At this stage, while the varnish is still wet, you can powder
    sparkles. Then wait until the nail is completely dry.
  8. Apply clear lacquer to anchor – this will help keep
    manicure a little longer.
  9. Before repeating the procedure with the next finger, remove
    The surface of the water is all varnish with a clean toothpick.

Water manicure subtleties

For the first time, you may have some flaws, but this
will disappear with experience. However, it is worth mentioning some secrets
that will provide a stunning water manicure at home

Secret number 1. Water temperature should not exceed 40 ° C, more
hot or cold water will cause the agent to thicken
water surface. As a result, the desired effect disappears.

Secret number 2. If you want to get on all the nails like
structures, for each finger, make a similar ornament. Time
making the picture should not exceed a minute.

Secret number 3. Only fresh liquid is suitable for water manicure.
varnishes. If the medium has thickened and you dilute it with a solvent,
manicure may not work. Gel varnish is not suitable for this purpose,
as it cannot spread over the surface.

Secret number 4. Varnish, used as the basis on which
will go to the ornaments from the water surface, plays a big role.
Its color greatly affects the brightness of the composition. For manicure
“acid peas on a black background” use white lacquer, then
bright yellow, green and pink will not lose their acidity. WITH
using pastel colors you can achieve similarity with marble. Not
try to cover everything from the first, start with two

Secret number 5. Creating an ornament on the surface, every line
clean with a toothpick, otherwise the line will be
fuzzy. Draw only with the tip, without plunging a toothpick deeper than 5
mm Clean the paint off the surface of the water before mixing.
colors you need a clean toothpick, so immediately clean it
cotton wool dipped in nail polish remover.

Secret number 6. To economize nail polish, take
rather narrow and deep capacity. In a wide dish varnish strongly
It is spreading to the sides, and this is an extra consumption of raw materials. Too shallow
vessel there is a chance that you will push your finger into the bottom or wall
and the drawing will be greased.

Secret number 7. Water manicure is best done on medium nails.
length, there it looks most impressive.

Secret number 8. When you learn simple varnishes, be sure
use a holographic varnish or a product with a shimmer.

Secret number 9. Manicure looks very extravagant.
nails with a thermal effect. After getting on his nails he
acquires a different shade.

Secret number 10. At the end of the nails can be applied not only
clear lacquer, but also a color enhancer, glitter lacquer,
translucent shimmer, as well as pearls, rhinestones and others

Advantages and disadvantages

A significant disadvantage of this manicure is its
duration If you do it at home yourself, without an assistant, you
you can’t be distracted by other matters for a few hours
far from all women can afford.

Another negative point – the need to use
only liquid varnishes. If your mood changes and you want
diversity, have to have at home a whole collection of varnishes. Of course,
consumption of funds in the case of a water manicure is large, but this
not enough to use varnishes before they

The significant advantage of this type of manicure is a bright individuality.
and style. Nails will never look identical.

When you gain experience, you will be able to lower under water at once
2 or even 3 fingers, which significantly reduces the time of the procedure.

The financial side of the issue is a considerable plus. Personally
made a water manicure will cost you much cheaper than the one
what they do in the beauty salon. If you have patience and are capable
give yourself a couple of hours, feel free to master the water manicure at home and
create great compositions on your fingers.

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