How to make a waterfall hairstyle?


  • Waterfall do it yourself
  • French braid with curls
  • French braid with bangs
  • Medium and short hair styling
  • Lightweight version

Hairstyle waterfall is one of the most feminine,
delightful and very popular with
the fair sex. After all, every girl is always
seeks to look beautiful and catch admiring glances
surrounding Increasing popularity gaining styling with
using braids that can be woven for long, medium and
short hair.

The French waterfall is widespread, because it
simple to perform and original. Its name
hairstyle received because of the similarity of long curls with streams
this waterfall. Homeland is considered to be France.

How to make a waterfall hair itself? The basis is weaving
french spit. Most suitable hairstyle waterfall for long
hair. The French waterfall can be diversified by creating different
lace strands of woven braids. Using decorative hairpins,
flowers, pebbles, invisible, you can purchase originality and
stylishness. You can also improve by changing the direction
braid weaving The following is a step-by-step instruction for creating and
the embodiment of a stylish waterfall itself for long, short and
medium hair.

Waterfall do it yourself

Many women are interested in a waterfall, how to weave it? Hair
must be carefully combed so that no knots are left and
weave hairs. Then curls all over the head divided by
centered in two. Weave braids can be started from the left as well
and to the right. Separate the temporal strand and begin to weave the usual
braid. Having reached the level of the ear, the weaving changes to a braid
french type. For this you need to cross the top order with
middle, lower strand send in the middle. Remaining free
the bottom strand is exactly what forms the “jet” of the “waterfall” Next we braid
so: instead of a free bottom strand, loose strands are involved
the bulk of the hair, and the top strand is woven hair from the top.
The pattern of weaving is repeated until the end of the weaving and the braid can be woven
both across the head and diagonally. Weaving ends for
ear. The tips of the braids are hidden by invisible.

waterfall hair weaving scheme

scheme of weaving braids falls

Hairstyle has a number of varieties, each has its own
weaving patterns. So, ladies weave “waterfall” with curls and a beam,
with bangs and even on hair of medium and short length.

French braid with curls

Hairstyle waterfall with curls and the beam can be
in a conclusive manner for both daytime and evening
output.It is necessary to consider step by step how to do such
styling. Before performing styling with curl hair is necessary
to curl to give an image of femininity and lightness. Via
styling a little comb at the roots to give volume.
Then you need to make a parting across the head from one ear to the other.
The separated part of the hair combed to the side. On the back of the head
From the bottom of the free curls to make a loop with a rubber band. Above
With this loop, lay a bundle with free tips. The final
the stage is weaving from a separated wide strand. Fasten
Spit need over the beam using stealth.

French braid with bangs

Hairstyle waterfall with bangs is considered difficult in execution. Such
option to perform in the presence of long or medium length bangs.
Technique of performance with the following. Weaving begins at the left
temple towards the right ear. The bangs are separated by parting.
Braiding the French braid from fine strands with the addition of free
hair total weight, we reach the level of the ear. Next in the middle
interlaced upper and then lower strands. In this case, the lower strand
remains free. Woven braid is fixed invisible.

Medium and short hair styling

French waterfall on medium hair is also popular,
like long.

Haircut falls on medium and short hair looks at least
spectacularly. A nuance in the performance is mandatory use
fixing means. But you need to step by step know how to make such
styling. A small strand is separated from the right or left side;
which lashes the French braid. However, in the technique in this case
There is one difference: the lower strand is left and not used. Instead
her work include free strands, and so around the entire circumference.
Spit is fixed invisible. Next, weave another braid on
2-3 cm from the beginning of the first.

In the process of weaving on medium and short hair are added
top and bottom loose strands. Woven braid also
fixed invisible. By analogy with the second weave the third
pigtail, also indented by 2-3 cm. But, unlike the previous one
weaving, the entire selection of free strands is added to the third braid.
The tips of all three braids are going to tail. To complete the strand
tail curl.

Lightweight version

There is a light version. Spit starts from the side with
separation of two strands. At the beginning, if you choose the direction to the right
on the left, when crossed, there should be a right strand.
Further strands twist again. Then, adding a new strand
above and releasing the bottom, form a “stream” “waterfall.” Thereafter
again the strands are crossed with the arrangement of the right above, the bottom
strand released. Thus the braid is woven around the entire circumference.
heads. The tips of the braid are fixed by invisible.

That the creation of the French braid was positive and it
It turned out the first time, it is recommended to follow some

  • volume and attractive hairstyle will add use
    large curls;
  • you should not tighten the braid in the process of weaving, it should be
  • To make haircut openwork, you can pull a little
    braid elements;
  • woven into a braid ribbon gives the image of romance and

Make your hairfall waterfall do it yourself is easy, especially if
Waterfall scheme is used: this installation will make a unique
every woman.

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