How to make an interesting hairstyle for teenager?

hairstyle to schoolTeenagers like
It is well known to urgently need self-expression. Whatever it may be
– clothes, hair, makeup or creativity and ways of thinking.
Since the teenager spends most of his time at school,
He has to express himself there. Of course, the easiest
the way to stand out among the crowd is the look. And if for fashionable
clothes will need a lot of financial costs, then hairstyles to school
for teenagers they cost practically nothing, but very well
help present yourself.


Spit does not go out of fashion for quite some time, and it is not surprising
because they perfectly complement any image. The most beautiful thing
the number of different variants of the braid simply knows no bounds:
weave the usual braid, braid from the tail, two braids, “dragon”,
“spike”, “rolls”. And you can not use all the hair, but only
their part. It turns out quite interesting hairstyles for
teenagers to school, which they can easily make their own
by hands. For example, take only the top layer of hair and weave out
him a little pigtail or two and leave the rest of your hair
loose – this hairstyle is perfect for girls
to school, because the hair will not interfere, but it will look pretty


Various variants of tails have long been held in high esteem by high school girls.
Girls love tails for their practicality and speed in performance,
which is very important when there is a catastrophic lack of time for
hairstyle Here, too, there may be options – high, so-called
“horse” tail, low tail at the very neck or tail on the side. Two
ponytail teen girls do much less often, considering this hairstyle
child’s. Very popular among young people and sloppy version of the tail,
when the hair is not fully released, and hooked gum
half – it turns out a little ball. This hairstyle is more
suitable for physical education classes.


The harnesses are twisted strands of hair. Can make big harnesses
of all hair or small of small strands. Little ones
strands twisted into bundles can be removed under the hair or, conversely,
to fasten them over the hair, you can make them “bumps”, again
big and small, but you can twist them together and get
harness from the harness. School hairstyles from harnesses fit very well
for teenagers, because they are very easy to make, and this is a big
plus for those who have not learned to weave intricate braids.


Those teenagers who have absolutely no time and desire for
Daily hairstyles, you can offer to make a modern haircut.
The main requirement for teen haircut: it should not be difficult
fit, and best of all, so that it does not need to be laid
at all. For long hair cascades are perfect. On short
You can make a “bob” or square. Haircuts “under the boy” today also
are gaining popularity among teenage girls because
everything is quite simple – combed and ran. And if not at all
comb, get the effect of carelessness, so beloved
by teenagers.


hairstyle to schoolBang itself
– this is almost a hairstyle, because the correct bangs attracts to
yourself overall attention. Therefore, it is important to choose a suitable bang –
long or short, thick or sparse. Besides, it will be possible
and stab, when she gets bored, make a pigtail or a harness, and
thereby refresh your image.


Girls love to brag about each other accessories
for hair – various elastics, hairpins, crabs, headbands
and ribbons. But, going to use them in hairstyles for school,
It is important to choose the right accessories, do not overdo it with their
quantity, as well as brightness and extravagance.
With invisible hairpins or small crabs it is very good to clean
bangs or just naughty hair near the face. Big
with a crab clip, you can remove all hair back, previously
twisting them into a harness. Well, the hit of the season – headbands and ribbons, which
not only help to do hair in seconds, but also
give their owners a well-groomed and tidy look.

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