How to make an ombre at home itself – Walkthrough for short, medium and long hair

Ombre hair dyeing came into fashion just a few years ago,
when the trend concept was naturalness in everything, including
and in hair color. Easy change of image, natural effect,
minimal hair injury, visual increase in volume – in
everything is fine with the technology, except for the price that sometimes scares
clients salons. How to make an ombre at home on
hair of different lengths, which dyes and care products to choose,
You will learn from this article. Ombre at Home

Features of the ombre technique

The content of the article:

  • Features of the ombre technique
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the ombre
  • What you should know before coloring the ombra at home
  • What do you need for coloring ombra
  • Ombre Dyes
  • How to make an ombre at home, step by step with your own
    by hands
  • Ombre Care Tips
  • Warnings

Hombre (translated from English. Ombre – “shadow”) refers to
graded hair coloring techniques. With the help of pigment master
shades the main color (painted or natural) with
several pigments of similar or contrasting range. Turns out
a kind of shadow effect when the color is stretched along the entire length
strands – from the darkest at the roots to the light at the tips.
features ombre

Depending on the original color hairstyle root zone
the hairdresser leaves intact (dark) or slightly dims,
if the natural shade turns out to be too light. Effect
The ombra can also resemble slightly regrown roots.
hair. But the feature of the technique is to
make a dark basal zone a kind of “trick” hairstyles. If a
the procedure will be carried out by a talented master;
look very stylish and neat, and the owner of hair no one
He will not dare to accuse him of neglect.

Reference! Reverse ombra – variant staining with
light basal zone and dark tips. Where are you going
do ombre? DomaV salon

The strengths and weaknesses of the ombre

Why ombre is great:

  • growing hair roots will not rush into
    eyes, which means going to the hairdresser will be more
  • when choosing tones that are close to natural color, curls
    suffer minimally, by the same time the roots will remain
  • puts the right accents and highlights on
    hairstyles, especially complex and structured;
  • refreshes the appearance without sudden changes;
  • has several versions for every taste
    – from a barely noticeable transition to a contrast border
  • gives the hairstyle a visual volume, and look
    makes it more expressive;
  • looks great on any hair – straight,
    wavy, blond, light and dark.


A little about the disadvantages of ombre:

  • difficult to perform on short haircuts;
  • with non-professional performance, you can get the effect
    untidy regrown hair;
  • does not always look good on hairstyles with bangs;
  • brightening the tips can pretty spoil their appearance and
    dry out;
  • very dark hair may require repeated
    lightening, which further injures them.

What you should know before coloring the ombra at home

Before painting the master recommends a series of
activities, especially if the hair is exhausted or weakened. For 2
weeks before dyeing, masks, balms and
oils that will restore the structure of the rod. Tips are better
profile or completely trim the cropped areas.
what's important to know

Important! Ombre is performed only on dirty hair –
3 or 4 days after washing. Fat film will help protect
strands from the aggressive action of dyes and clarifiers.

You should also determine the area where the graduation
will end. The stretch looks most natural,
as close as possible to the tips. Bad ending
graduations – just above the ears, it looks like a regrown coloring.
The best option is when the tones converge at the line.
chin up

What do you need for coloring ombra

During the preparation phase, care should be taken to ensure the availability of such

  • ceramic or glass bowl for paint dilution;
  • cape on the shoulders;
  • polyethylene cap;
  • protective gloves;
  • foil – usual food or strips for highlighting;
  • hair ties;
  • hairpins or hair clips;
  • massage comb;
  • comb with a thin long handle and a bristle for a pile;
  • pigment brush.

From materials you will need a clarifier and dye desired.
shade, shampoo, balsam and tonic (optional).

Ombre Dyes

The choice of paint for ombre will depend on which
effect you strive for. If the task is to shade
natural beauty of color, choose a color scheme that will be different
from natural to a maximum of 2 tones. Achieve a pronounced effect
will help contrast dyes – much darker or lighter
original shade. dyes

If your hair is blond, you will need dark dye for dyeing.
shades – with it we will paint the roots. Dark hair
first have to clarify. Very dark strands are treated
bleaching powder (supra type) mixed with oxide.
And for light-haired hair, a more gentle paint of light

How to make an ombre at home, step by step with your own
by hands

To carry out the procedure on their own can be in different techniques – as
classical with light tips, and reverse with dark.
The determining factor will be the original shade of the hair, their length and
responsiveness to the effects of the dye.

Short hair coloring technique

Ombre perform only on haircuts, the length of which reaches
chin and goes down below. Get the desired gradient will help
backing on the strands.

Step by step instructions for the ombre classic:

  1. The hair is divided into several zones, separating each with a clip or
  2. Each strand is combed at the level where they will be united
  3. Prepare the clarifier and apply it with a brush from the tips to the spot
  4. The clarifier should act from 10 to 45 minutes (according to
    instructions), after which the mixture is washed thoroughly and thoroughly.
  5. Dry hair and re-divide them into zones and strands, but on
    this time without a fleece.
  6. Prepare a dye and apply it with a brush to the previously clarified
    plots, slightly stepping over the border of color.
  7. Give the paint to act, wash off and put balm.

Short hair coloring technique

Important! Do not forget to protect during the procedure
wear a cape and wear gloves on your hands.

Medium hair color technology

Painting ombre technique at home on the curls average
length is as follows:

  1. The hair is slightly moistened and divided into a smooth parting.
  2. At the level of the chin make 4 tails with rubber bands – two each
    right and left.
  3. Prepare the clarifier and grease them with each of the four tails,
    thoroughly soak through the entire thickness of the beam.
  4. Each tail is wrapped in foil and clamped.
  5. When the paint works, the foil is removed, the hair is good
    washed and dried.
  6. Prepare another portion of paint from the color palette.
  7. Apply a remedy from the tips to the transition level, stepping on 5
    cm above the gum.
  8. Withstand the tool on the head according to the instructions, wash and
    treated with balm.

Technology coloring medium length hair

Ombre dyeing technology on long hair

If the curls are long, staining can be done in a complex
multi-level technique with intermediate color.

How to make a beautiful Ombre by yourself:

  1. Make the tails according to the technique described above, and carry out
    brightening from the tips to the level of gum. Need to
    try to leave a little clarifier for the last stage
  2. After washing off the first paint, an intermediate is prepared.
    a dye that will be slightly different from the main
  3. Handle intermediate paint all clarified
    zone, stepping over the gum.
  4. This paint is washed off after the time has expired
    stated in the instructions.
  5. The remains of the clarifier are applied to the dried tips and
    maintain the allotted time.

Technology of coloring ombre on long hair

If necessary, complete the session toning – it will help
remove the yellowness and make the ombra more noble.

Ombre dark hair dyeing

If the strands were initially very dark, you will certainly need
preliminary discoloration. On the dark curls stylists
It is recommended to perform exactly the classic ombre, which emphasizes
all the depth and beauty of natural color. Coloring Ombre Dark Hair

Smooth and soft transition will provide a dye, just a couple
levels lighter than the original. It is ash brown, nutty,
coffee, cognac tones. If the skin is dark and the eyes are brown, the best
the choice will be the whole red-red palette – from copper to dark

Coloring Ombre Blond Hair

Fair-haired girls can safely experiment with
shades, because discoloration is not required. As a rule, for
blond strands ombre reverse staining technique is chosen
at home. This means that the tips will remain.
intact, and the rest of the hair mass can be made dark
stretching Coloring Ombre light hair

Tip! Blondes will go an interesting option ombre
– splashlights. This is a strip staining when the central part
the strands horizontally remain light, and the tips and roots
given a dark color scheme.

Create a contrasting version of the ombra on blondes will help shades
dark brown, chocolate, chestnut and copper. More
natural will turn staining in honey, caramel,
amber, wheat colors.

Ombre blond hair dyeing

Brown-haired girls can experience all the options
graduated staining – reverse, classical, transverse,
Glare ombre, color contrasting color with bright strands.
Coloring Ombre Brown Hair

If you want to achieve maximum naturalness, light blond
hair combines with dyes saturated honey, amber,
wheat and caramel tones. Representatives of the cold
color types can choose from the ash and silver palette.
If the curls are dark blond, it is better to blonder – so
the final color will be more uniform. On the clarified blond
the hair will fit well shades of straw, honey, cream and

Ombre Care Tips

Care for dyed hair will not only be
maintaining their health. We need to take care to preserve the shade,
especially if the ombra was conducted in a dark or bright palette.

What beauty masters advise:

  • light ombre requires periodic color correction
    remedies with anti-yellow effect – silver shampoos
    and tonics with a purple pigment;
  • high-quality removal of styling products,
    Fat and dirt will provide special deep cleaning shampoos
    for dyed or bleached hair;
  • tips require special attention, they are regularly
    treated with cosmetic oils and serums;
  • twice a week requires the use of moisturizers
    masks, they can be alternated with nutritious and
  • make combing the colored strands easier
    biphasic care products, many of them besides
    serve as an effective thermal protection;
  • if possible, you should abandon the hot dryer and
    laying by thermo devices;
  • so that the color does not fade in summer, it is better not to leave the house
    without headgear.

Ombre Care Tips


Any hair dye contains ingredients that can cause
allergic reaction. That is why manufacturers
strongly recommend testing for sensitivity,
before dyeing strands. For this small amount
funds applied to the inner surface of the elbow or behind the ear for 48
hours before the session. If the skin remains clean, without rash and irritation,
You can easily be painted.

What other mistakes inexperienced experimenters make:

  • refuse to test staining selected dye;
  • spend ombra without protective equipment – gloves and capes;
  • before staining use a whole series of laying and grooming
  • ignore the manufacturer’s instructions and the pre-shade table and

On very damaged strands to carry out any staining, including
including and ombra, dangerous. But if the desire to change the image is great,
use sparing means based on natural
components. They will not be able to drastically shade the original shade.
Now add a hairstyle zest quite capable.

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