How to make and apply a hair mask with mustard

Hair mask with mustard – “celebrity” among home
strand care products. Most often it is used against
hair loss, to accelerate their growth and deep cleansing.

The result of applying a mustard mask is noticeable quickly. Hair
it becomes more magnificent, grows well and stops falling out. Before
apply miracle cure, pay attention to the list


  • What is the secret of action means?
  • Who can not use this tool?
  • How to apply a mask?
  • Several variations of the mask

What is the secret of action means?

If this substance combines with the fact that it activates its burning
effect, the mixture when applied will slightly burn the skin. And this
completely normal!

Due to the thermal reaction “carotid” follicles
(hair follicles) are awakening. Hair growth process
is accelerating. There are new hair. Hair mask with mustard
This cleans every hair, washing out excess fat.

Who can not use this tool?

Here are a few cases when a mustard hair mask
would be malicious:

  • sensitive scalp;
  • diseases of the skin;
  • very dry or damaged hair;
  • wounds and inflammations in the scalp;
  • allergic reaction to any of the ingredients.

Hair mask with mustard powder differs by minus –
the ability to dye light strands. If you like shade
refrain from applying.

Mustard powder can wash off the paint. If you apply
tint or other light dyes, have to choose between
using the elixir of growth and color retention.

The mustard mask doesn’t mix well with staining and
other procedures involving the use of strong
chemical compositions (perm, etc.). Desirable
wait a few weeks after the procedure and then proceed to
the application of mustard mixture.

How to apply a mask?

To make the strands pleasing with beauty, and the remedy does not harm them,
Remember these principles of preparation and application:

  1. The optimal frequency of using the tool depends on
    hair type. If strands are prone to fat,
    arm mask 1 time in 5 days. Once a week – the system
    use for normal hair. Dry and damaged strands are not
    should contact with the mixture more often 1 time in 9 days.
  2. Hair mask with mustard should be applied on unwashed and
  3. Only mustard powder can be used. Finished products
    no good.
  4. If when creating a mustard mixture for hair, the recipe requires
    add water, do not pour boiling water, but do not use icy
    water Ideal – warm liquid.
  5. Add as much water as needed to get sour cream.
    consistency. Mustard hair mask should not be flowing or
    too thick.
  6. The activator of the burning properties of mustard is sugar. If it seems to you
    that your scalp is sensitive, reduce the dose of this sweet
  7. Apply the composition is recommended only on the area at the roots.
    This should be done with massage movements. Do not allow hit
    masks on the ends of hairs! It is advisable to lubricate them in advance for
    shag oil (burdock, olive, etc.).
  8. It is recommended to cover the head with the applied composition.
    polyethylene and terry cloth. This manipulation will increase
  9. Soak a mix of mustard with healthy
    ingredients need at least 15, but not more than 45 minutes.
  10. If you experience when using strong intolerable
    burning, wash your hair urgently. When re-procedure significantly
    reduce the dose of sugar. In the case where the situation repeats, more
    Do not use the product.
  11. Mustard hair mask should be removed only with warm water.
    If the rule is not followed, there is a risk of skin damage.

Several variations of the mask

If you only need to stop the process of hair loss,
apply the classic variation.

It is necessary to combine the yolk of 1 egg, 2 full items. l mustard, 2 h.
l crumbly sugar and 1 tbsp. l burdock oil and water.

Hair mask with mustard and honey is also very easy to make.
It is great for greasy hair. Need to mix 1 full
Art. l honey liquid consistency with 2 tbsp. l mustard powder, 2 hours
l olive oil, yolk and water.

Dry hair can be pampered with anti-hair loss remedies.
honey and liquid sour cream. We combine 1 tbsp. l sour cream with the same
the amount of honey, 1 incomplete Art. l sesame oil, 2 tbsp. l
dry mustard and water.

For normal hair at home, it is easy to make a mask
with honey and kefir. Take 2 tbsp. l mustard, 3 tsp. honey, egg
yolk and kefir instead of water. Mix and apply.

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