How to make balayazh at home itself yourself on your own – before and after photos, TOP best paints

Balayazh – one of the most spectacular types of hair coloring, but also
one of the most expensive. In order to save some fashionable women
decide to experiment and try to carry out the procedure at home
conditions. In this article, you will learn how to make a balayazh at home –
nuances of preparation for the procedure, the choice of paint and step by step description
simple dyeing technique. Balayazh at home

Features staining balayazh at home

The content of the article:

  • Features staining balayazh at home
  • Coloring balayazh at home: the pros and cons
  • How to make balayazh at home: simple and fast
  • How it looks, photo before and after
  • Step by step instructions staining balayazh home
  • Professional Tips
  • How much is in the beauty salon
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • How balayazh differs from other techniques

Translated from the French, the term “balayazh” has several
values ​​- “revenge”, “swab”, “sweep”. Indeed, the movement
brushes of the master remind light strokes which allow chaotically
distribute the dye in the hair. The effect is natural,
strands look as if slightly burned out in the sun, transitions
soft and smooth.

The peculiarity of the technique is that the paint starts to be applied
not from the roots, but from the tips. Radical part
process in the last turn, after which a special brush
spend on strands, creating a smooth transition of color. Balayazh

The key moment of staining at home – the choice
correct shade. The palette does not have to be
natural, you can experiment with bold colors. But with
one condition – they must belong to the same spectrum, be
related to each other.

Coloring balayazh at home: the pros and cons

Should I dye your hair at home, you decide. But first you need
weigh the pros and cons of the home procedure.

Advantages of home balayazha:

  • savings on hairdresser services – procedure
    can be spent independently, attract a girlfriend or
    household members;
  • saving time – no need
    register for the procedure and wait in the queue, the session can be
    arrange at any convenient time (especially if the daily schedule
    very saturated);
  • color change in mood – annoying shade
    can be changed at any time;
  • availability of drugs – you can buy
    any professional paint for any type of highlighting.

balayazh home

What is the risk:

  • the complexity of the selection of colors to obtain
    high-quality balayazha;
  • Mass market paint category can give unexpected
    result because of dubious quality;
  • painting technique is quite complicated
    requires skill, skill and sense of style.

Important! The result of balayazh can have an impact
current hair condition (thickness, elasticity, moisture,
damage) and previous staining.

How to make balayazh at home: simple and fast

The easiest way to carry out the procedure is to use only
one dye and dye not the entire volume of hair, but separate zones.
For example, paint only the top layer of hair or highlight it with paint.
the very tips. So you do not risk spoiling the whole hairstyle and burn
hair, and the result will be natural. For the same purpose
it is better to choose a dye not a contrast, but close to the original
hair color. simple technique

After the strands are highlighted for highlighting, it is prepared
paint. It is important that it is thick and creamy,
otherwise the mixture will drain from the curls and spoil everything.

Dye is applied to each selected strand, starting from
tips and ending with the middle length. Movements must be
light, “throwing.” It makes no sense to completely soak the paint
the thickness of the strands, otherwise easy smooth transitions will not work. When
the exposure time specified in the instructions will be released, the paint is washed off.

How it looks, photo before and after

Balayazh, skillfully made with his own hands, will be presentable
look on any original shade of hair – from blond to

On dark hair

It is believed that in brown-haired women the potential for contrasting
staining is the most extensive. They can afford and bright
shades, and a natural palette corresponding to the fashion. A chaotic
painting only the upper strands can be achieved easy
glare, when the sun’s rays seem to play in curls.
Dark hair balacaise can visually enlarge them
volume, make the hair more airy and fresh. On dark hair

Important! Best when coloring dark-haired
leave the root zone in natural color. So grow
the roots will not be visible and color correction will not be required for
2-3 months.

Hide skin defects and create a gentle image of brown-haired will help
highlighting of individual strands of the face. Traditional will be balayazh in
light golden shades. For spring and autumn
the color type will suit the combination of amber tone strands with bronze
the roots. Cold color types are an excellent base for the main
burgundy and eggplant roots.

On light brown hair

Balayazh for brown hair at home – a great way
add a boring color playful notes. Underline your face and
Wheat and golden strands will help to make the image more expressive.
color range. Owners of light blond hair and blue eyes
You can look at the nut and honey shades. No less
a smooth transition from bronze to
amber. On blond hair On blond hair

Recently, at the peak of popularity pearl tones,
allowing to emphasize their individuality. If desired, especially
stand out you can use a bright palette of purple, pink and

On light

Blond hair uses a dark palette of medium
spectrum. It is possible to apply dark tone both at roots, and on tips with
creating stretch colors. Lucky color combinations for

  • pearl or ashen roots plus nut tips;
  • silver-platinum roots plus chocolate-colored tips or
  • Natural blonde style basal zone plus chocolate or
    chestnut ends;
  • beige roots and chestnut brown tips.

On the bright On the light2

Suitable tones will also be coffee, caramel,
natural light brown, wheat, golden and even red.

Step by step instructions staining balayazh home

When performing balayazha important every detail – from the choice of dye
and preliminary preparation of the strands to the final stage
forming stretch marks.

How to choose the right color?

The more shades of a single palette used in the framework of technology,
the more extravagant and stylish the result is.
If you plan to only highlight the tips of dark hair,
acquire the paint that brightens the pigment for 6-8 tones.

If a natural palette is used, it is selected,
focusing on the original color of hair. It is possible to apply from two and
more shades, the difference between them should be 2, maximum –
3 levels.

When choosing shades can be guided by the color type

  • spring (light curls) – ashen, honey,
    beige, caramel, wheat, amber; Spring
  • Summer (light brown hair) – cool shades with
    the predominance of platinum, mother of pearl and pearls; summer
  • winter (chestnut strands) – coffee,
    chocolate, nut, red, eggplant, berry, burgundy;
  • autumn (red-haired girls) – chocolate,
    bronze, nutty, copper, caramel, mahogany.

Important! Balayage, as a rule, does not require
pre-complete bleaching of dark hair. Effect
Color stretching is achieved through a properly selected palette.

How to prepare for the procedure

A few tips on preparing for balayazhu:

  • Do not wash your hair for at least 2 days before a session –
    a lipid layer will appear on the skin that will protect the strands from
    damage to the dye;
  • 5 days before the procedure, abandon the application
    styling products – sprays, varnishes, and also
    means (masks, oils, balms);
  • try not to injure the skin
    heads. If the skin has damaged areas, you need
    wait for their recovery;
  • check the paint for an allergic reaction –
    the test is performed according to the algorithm specified in the instruction;
  • prepare a cape for the shoulders (special
    waterproof, old towel or sheet) and gloves.

How to prepare for the procedure

Required tools

What adaptations will be necessary:

  • hairbrush massage;
  • comb flat with frequent teeth and a pointed handle;
  • piala under the paint (by the number of coloring mixtures);
  • tassel (one or more);
  • foil cut into wide strips;
  • gum or hairpins.

TOP 5 best colors

  • Matrix Socolor Beauty. Resistant cream paint with
    a huge palette of warm and cool colors, including a series
    ultra-blond, high-lift blond and bright colors. In the paint is implemented
    self-adjusting technology that is able to adapt to
    the original color of the strands and always gives the expected shade, as on
    packaging. Matrix Socolor Beauty
  • Syoss clarifier series. Suitable for balayazha
    dark hair and hair with gray hair no more than 30% of the volume.
    The tool has anti-yellow effect and gives noble locks
    light shades. Syoss clarifier series
  • LOreal Professionnel Inoa Mix 1 + 1. Sparing
    ammonia-free paint with oil component in the composition. Butter
    increases the efficiency of the staining system and at the same time saves
    natural protective layer of hair. Suitable only for balayazha
    natural hair – on pre-bleached strands not
    applied. L'Oreal Professionnel Inoa Mix 1 + 1
  • Estel Professional De Luxe High Flash.
    Universal tool that allows you to perform balayazh in home
    conditions on dark, blond and light hair. The palette consists of
    bright colors suitable for extravagant options
    staining. Estel Professional De Luxe High Flash
  • Estel Professional Essex. Resistant cream paint
    for home use with the effect of salon dyeing.
    Differs in economy – one package is more than enough for
    balayazha long hair. With the help of the tool you can achieve
    dye-on-tone, lighter or darker than the base color.
    Estel Professional Essex

Short hair technique

On short hairstyles balayazh performed with a pile. Algorithm

  1. Individual strands are intensely combed – the ends should stick out
  2. The combed curls are sprayed with varnish.
  3. Ready dye smear the first piece of foil and
    applied to the combed strand so that it does not touch
  4. Light brush strokes blend the composition, wrap the strand with foil
    and proceed to the next.
  5. Withstand the time indicated in the instructions for the drug,
    wash off with shampoo water.

Technique for short hair

On medium hair

Balayazh at home for medium blond and dark hair
performed according to the following scheme:

  1. All hair segmented, separating each
    rubber band. Eraser will be the conditional border of combination.
  2. Prepare the clarifier and brush the brush separated.
    segment, moving from the tips to the level of gum. Movements
    brushing should imitate bouffant.
  3. Paint over the top and bottom of the beam and transfer
    to the next segment.
  4. Wait for the right time and wash the tails
  5. Erasers do not remove, and paint beams again
    – darker paint, trying to hair ends
    the brightest.
  6. Wait the allotted time and wash off

For medium hair

For long

Balayazh technique at home step by step:

  1. Divide all hairs into work areas, securing them with clips.
  2. In the first zone a narrow strand is separated and enclosed under it.
    a strip of foil.
  3. The paint is applied to the beam in the form of a letter V, making free
    intermittent movements. The distance from the roots should be at least 3-4
  4. Wrap the treated strand with foil and proceed to the next.
    To achieve the effect of negligence, you can select strands of different
    width, and in the end walk in chaotic movements on the upper layer
  5. After the time specified in the memo, the drug
    wash off.

For long

Important! Separate curls under the color of the face should
as thin as possible. The bang is stained with vertical strips 0.5–1
cm at a distance of 1-2.5 cm

Professional Tips

  • Buy for the home procedure, not powder, and cream paint –
    working with them is easier.
  • For pronounced color contrast on dark strands, choose
    9% oxidizer.
  • Start coloring better from the top, moving down to the back of the head and
  • When using multiple shades use the tool
    one manufacturer and one series.
  • To prevent skin staining, lubricate the hairline
    fat cream.

Professional Tips

How much is in the beauty salon

In Moscow, painting balayazh cost from 5 thousand rubles
for short hair up to 10 thousand for long. In the regions for
the service will be asked for less – from 3 thousand rubles. cost

Hair care after the procedure

The rules of care for colored curls are as follows:

  • regular use of nourishing and moisturizing masks;
  • use of care products marked “color protection”;
  • hair restoration using oils;
  • head protection from the sun with a Panama (in summer) and from frost with a hat

mask for hair care

After washing the hair can not be combed in the wet
the form. Rarely use a hairdryer, an iron and a curling iron.
– the color becomes dull, and the hair shaft is injured.

How balayazh differs from other techniques

  • From ombre – ombre suggests not blurry, but
    clear border color transition. Ash Ombre
  • From the rod – it turns out a soft uniform
    the flow of color in a natural palette, there is no chaotic
    brush strokes on top of the hairstyle. Shatush
  • From booking – the brond involves the creation
    the effect of faded strands, the differences between the shades do not constitute
    more than 2 levels. What is hair brondirovanie
  • From highlighting – when highlighting is clearly visible
    the vertical border between the colors, the hairstyle looks “striped”
    through the use of contrasting dyes. Honey

Among all the modern techniques of staining, balayazh occupied its niche
and came to mind those who are not ready for fundamental changes, but
wants to stay in trend.

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