How to make botox for hair at home do it yourself and professional means

What woman does not dream of her hair being full
health and glittered like silk fabric? Modern market
cosmetics offers a wealth of options to achieve
this goal, one of them is botox for hair.

In this article we will talk about how to make botox for hair in
home conditions, and also consider the most popular and
popular professional cosmetics.

What is botox for hair and what does it give?

The content of the article:

  • What is botox for hair and what does it give?
  • Pros and cons of botox treatments
  • Side effects and contraindications
  • Professional products for botox hair at home
  • Rules for the use of sets of professional tools
  • What you need and how to make Botox for hair at home
  • Step by step instructions for applying masks for Botox hair
  • Masks with the effect of Botox, folk recipes
  • Precautionary measures
  • Photos before and after what effect to expect from a home Botox
  • How to care for hair after Botox at home
  • What can replace botox?
  • Conclusion

Botox is an aesthetic and therapeutic procedure.
restoration of damaged hair, the result of which is just

Even the driest and dimmest of hair turns into
elastic and smooth curls – and this is after one session!

The main secret of effectiveness lies in the unique chemical
The composition of the reducing emulsion, which includes:

  • Hydrolyzed keratin and collagen – both
    substances are responsible for the structural reconstruction of the hair shaft and
    strengthen the follicle, restoring lost as a result
    trauma proteins.
  • Amino acids – normalize hydrobalance,
    improving the condition of the scalp.
  • Hyaluronic acid – deeply moisturizes
    hair shaft and strengthens its “frame”.
  • Vitamin and mineral complex – fills
    hair vital forces normalizes natural regenerative
    processes, increases resistance to negative effects
    the environment.
  • Extracts of medicinal plants and oils –
    soften hard curls, making them obedient, solve the problem
    excessive electrification, smooth structure and impart

Reference! Unlike injections
beauty, where the main active ingredient is botulinum toxin, in
Botox hair performs this function intra-silane. Molecule
penetrates deep into the hair structure and fastens inside,
providing curls at the same time endurance and elasticity.

Pros and cons of botox treatments

Before you do Botox at home, it is worth weighing
all the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure.

The indisputable advantages include:

  • Quick visible result – the difference is noticeable
    after 1 session.
  • Getting rid of the section along the length and at the tips –
    split hairs are simply sealed.
  • The effect is not only cosmetic, but also
    therapeutic – the structure of the hair shaft
    it is restored from the inside, and from the outside it is smoothed.
  • The natural or acquired shade of hair becomes
    more saturated and bright – due to alignment
  • The sloppy down is disappearing – which is especially
    important for girls with porous and curly hair.
  • The effect of the procedure is enhanced with each
    session, as there is an accumulation of beneficial active

However, it was not without drawbacks:

  • Cannot be used immediately after staining –
    the interaction of the chemical composition of botox and paint can give
    completely unpredictable result.
  • The effect of the procedure is temporary and remains
    only for two months.
  • There is a risk to get the effect of greasy strands if
    Botox at home will not be performed according to the instructions.

Side effects and contraindications

Despite the fact that Botox seems to be an ordinary cosmetic
practice, like a hair mask, it has a list of contraindications
and they should not be neglected. It includes:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • old age over 60 years;
  • mental disorders;
  • wounds on the scalp;
  • allergic to chemical components.

In rare cases, an adverse reaction may occur. If you
noticed one or more of the following symptoms –
immediately contact the trichologist:

  • rash on scalp, forehead, neck, ears;
  • itching and burning in the scalp;
  • hair loss, especially when combing.

Professional products for botox hair at home

Botox hair at home by using
special kits for self use. However, with
due experience with hair and skill, you can purchase and
professional makeup kits.

Where can one buy?

You can purchase all of the following items as in boutiques
hairdressing supplies and cosmetics, and in
online stores.

Prices may vary by region.

Kashimir keratin hair system

This product of the Israeli manufacturer is quite in demand.
among professionals of the cosmetic industry and highly valued by them
clients for excellent cosmetic and restorative treatment
Effect. The kit includes 5 botox products that fit both
for salon, and for house use:

  • Reconstructor-Botox Kashmir “Keratin
    Hair System “- consists of two
    products – a chemical (in a bottle) and ampoules with
    concentrate active ingredients.
  • Shampoo for deep cleaning “Volume Keratin
    Shampoo “- in a 500 ml bottle with a special
    dispenser. It has a pleasant creamy and fruity aroma, thanks to
    which the washing process becomes more pleasant.
  • Air Conditioner “Deep Conditioner Keratin” –
    imbues hair with moisture, removes static and softens. Thanks
    a rather thick structure is easily distributed through the hair and not
    flows down.
  • Mask “Kashmir Keratin Mask”
    – complements the action of the air conditioner, restoring the water-fat
    balance. It is packed into a convenient jar with a latch.
  • Serum Keratin serum – applied on
    hair last, makes it soft, shiny,
    glossy. It has a transparent, slightly oily structure.

Manufacturer: Kashmir Keratin Hair System.

Country: Israel.

Cost: from 6900 per set.

Honma tokyo

Botox for honma tokyo hair at home is used
more often than others – all thanks to the convenient form of release in the form
Intensive Single Phase Reconstructor “ZOOM BTX Diamond”. Product
restores damaged curls, imbues them with moisture and
returns vibrant shine.

Note! The composition of Botox from
Honma Tokyo comes in a blue pigment that helps blondes
neutralize the yellowness and give the hair a noble platinum

The active components of Botox Reconstructor are as follows:

  • prakaksi fruit oil;
  • green tea extract;
  • elastin;
  • cysteine;
  • N-acetyl;
  • vitamin and mineral complex.

Manufacturer: Honma Tokyo / CTEC

Country: Brazil, Japan

Cost: from 6900 per bottle of 1000

Fiberceutic from L’Oreal Professional

You can make botox for hair with this kit
in the cabin and at home. In addition to the active intra-silane molecule,
The following components have a regenerating effect on hair:

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • vitamin complex;
  • amino acids;
  • keratin;
  • elastin;
  • lactic acid;
  • oils and extracts of medicinal plants.

The kit consists of 4 products:

  1. Deep Cleansing Shampoo “Pure Resource LOreal
    Professionnel “.
  2. Serum filler in the syringe dispenser “L’Oreal Professionnel
    Fiberceutic Intra-Cylane “.
  3. Phase Smoothing Hair Flakes Restorative hair sealing
    treatment “.
  4. Mask to stabilize and maintain the result “Filling
    mask “.

Manufacturer: L’Oreal.

Country: France.

Cost: from 600 rubles for a trial set

H-BRASH Botox Capilar from Honma Tokyo

This complex is designed for hot botox and is suitable for
all hair types. The effect will be the same noticeable both on thin and
weak and hard and thick curls. H-BRUSH Botox Capillar
thanks to keratin and elastin in the composition helps to solve the problem
fluffy and split ends, as well as curling due to

Manufacturer: Honma Tokyo

Country: Brazil, Japan

Cost: from 17,500 for a set of 2 funds –
shampoo and reenactor.

Kallos Hair Botox

Ampoule botox? which shows high efficiency in
reconstruction of even the most damaged and burned hot
hair styling. Only one procedure turns the drained curls
soft and silky. The composition of the product includes the following

  • liquid collagen;
  • panthenol;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • silicone.

Manufacturer: Kallos Cosmetics

Country: Hungary

Cost: from 150 rubles for 1 vial of 10

Ampoules Magic Efecto Botox from Tahe Cosmetics

Another set of ampoules for botox hair, filling the lack
scalp nutrition and follicles.

The basis of the drug are such active ingredients as:

  • collagen;
  • liquid keratin;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • vitamin and mineral complex.

Important! The set does not include shampoo for
deep cleansing, which is necessary for pre-washing
hair. It must be purchased separately.

On sale you can find standard cases of 6 and 12 ampoules, as well as
purchase only 1 ampoule for a trial procedure.

Manufacturer: Tahe

Country: Spain

Cost: from 1590 for 1 ampoule

Rules for the use of sets of professional tools

Today, the most popular among consumers
The following botox manufacturers for hair use:

  • Kallos is an affordable and affordable option.
  • Loreal is a famous brand with a good
    value for money.
  • Tahe – convenient to use at home,
    There is an opportunity to buy 1 ampoule.
  • Honma Tokyo – a tool with eminent
    Japanese quality. It is much more expensive than analogs, but it
  • Nano Botox – an effective novelty in the world
    Botox, it is hard to find on sale.

Which botox hair is better to use at home –
it’s up to you, but for the procedure to benefit
You must adhere to the following rules:

  • Strictly follow the instructions.
    manufacturer is the main rule of any procedure with
    using professional cosmetics. Not
    overdo the composition on the hair and do not use curling iron if
    This was not indicated in the instructions. Otherwise you can
    inflict even more damage to your hair.
  • Prepare your hair for the procedure – wash
    shampoo deep clean the important stage. He opens and lifts
    hair flake making it more susceptible to active
    to the partners.
  • For convenience, divide the hair into sectors – so
    the tool is easier to distribute the strands.
  • Distribute the composition of the hair back away from the roots by 2.
    cm – this will help avoid the loss of volume.
  • Rinse the botox with plenty of water – so
    You will not allow the effect of salting and gluing.
  • Dry your hair with a hairdryer in cold mode
    air – this minimizes their trauma.
  • Use rectifier with tuning function
    temperature conditions – the thinner the hair – the lower
    temperature, and vice versa – the thicker, the higher.

Possible mistakes

Most errors are based on disregard of instructions.
manufacturer or improper care after the procedure. TO
for example:

  • Too much makeup on the hair –
    the wrong amount of remedy can lead to glut, well,
    therefore, gluing strands, because of what they seem
  • Exposure longer than specified in the instructions –
    some believe that it will help to better feed the damaged
    hair, however, such neglect of the rules leads to the opposite
    over-drying effect.
  • Washing the hair before the procedure with regular shampoo
    – some sets do not include shampoo deep cleaning, and many
    girls mistakenly believe that it can be replaced by the usual. But,
    it is completely inadequate because the standard shampoo does not
    cleans hair to the fullest.

What you need and how to make Botox for hair at home

First of all, you need to get the right tools, he
slightly different, depending on the type of Botox.

Necessary tools for cold
of the way

  • glass bowl;
  • a syringe without a needle (sometimes included in the set);
  • polyethylene cap;
  • towel;
  • hairbrush;
  • disposable rubber gloves;
  • hair dryer

Hot Tools Required
all the same, plus they added a curling iron with switching
temperature regimes.

Step by step instructions for applying masks for Botox hair

  1. Wash hair with shampoo deep clean and lightly dry
    a towel.
  2. Spread the reconstructor along the strands, retreating from the roots by 2-3
  3. Carefully comb the curls, evenly distributing the tool over
    the entire length.
  4. Soak the composition the required amount of time and wash
    running water.
  5. Blow dry your hair in cold air mode.
  6. If Botox implies a hot phase – straighten the curls
    curling, processing each strand several times. You put
    temperature control according to your hair type.

How to apply Botox for hair?

Serum should be applied to the hair, retreating 2 cm from the roots.
For convenience, use a syringe and disposable gloves. If a
you do botox hair yourself, then get it in advance
mirrors – put one behind you, and put another in front
your face – so you can better control the uniform
distribution of botox on the hair behind.

How much to keep botox on your hair?

The exposure time can vary from 10 to 30 minutes, in
depending on the specific product. In some cases for
gain effect is worth using a cellophane cap, for
create a “greenhouse”.

Masks with the effect of Botox, folk recipes

If you do not have the opportunity to purchase in your city
professional tools then you can always make a mask for
hair with botox effect at home.

Note! Botox mask for hair
made by hand from natural ingredients, absolutely
safe for health!

Mask based on green tea and gelatin

Many people know that green tea has a powerful antioxidant effect.
action on the body when ingested, but few
enjoys its regenerating properties that are activated
when applied to hair.

You will need

  • Strong infusion of green tea – 100 ml;
  • Gelatin – 2 tbsp. l;
  • Olive oil – 1 tsp.

Preparation and use

Soak gelatin in pure green tea solution and add
olive oil, then stir the substance to the maximum
homogeneous consistency. Spread mask over hair with
brush or syringe and leave for 20 minutes. After time
wash off with water without shampoo.

Full course of recovery – 12 procedures with
frequency of 1 session per week.

Honey based

Honey softens hard hair, restores their structure, and
also nourishes with moisture and beneficial microelements.

You will need

  • honey – 1 tbsp. l;
  • castor oil 2 tbsp. l;
  • gelatin – 2 tbsp. l

Preparation and use

Dissolve gelatin in a little water and add honey,
Heat the mixture to 60 degrees while stirring constantly, until getting
homogeneous mass, then pour the oil. Rub the substance into
hair hands, wearing rubber gloves beforehand. Wait 20
minutes then wash off with a small amount of sulfate-free

Recovery course – once a week for two months.

Avocado and protein

Avocados are a source of valuable vegetable fats that can
saturate weakened hair with missing nutrients
rods and awaken dormant follicles.

You will need

  • avocado – half the fruit;
  • egg white – 1 pc;
  • tea tree essential oil – 10 drops.

Preparation and use

Avocado pulp mash with a fork or pass through a blender,
add egg white and last but not least – essential oils.
Mix thoroughly and distribute through the hair with a brush.
Put on a cellophane cap and wrap a head with a towel for
enhance effect. The exposure time is 15-20 minutes. Upon expiration
term wash your hair with warm water.

The full therapeutic course is 7
procedures with a frequency of 1 session every 10 days.

With hyaluronic acid

Perhaps the most effective hair mask with botox, which
its composition is not inferior to professional means.
Of course, its preparation takes a little more time than
previous tools, and some ingredients are quite problematic
find, but the effect is worth all the effort!

You will need

  • hyaluronic acid 1.5% – 3 ml;
  • collagen – 2 ml;
  • elastin – 2 ml;
  • keratin – 10 ml;
  • jojoba oil – 10 ml;
  • argan oil – 10 ml;
  • panthenol – 1.5 ml;
  • vitamin C – 1 capsule;
  • vitamin E – 1 capsule;
  • lactic acid 80% concentration – 2 drops.

Preparation and use

First pour all the oils into a glass container, after which
stirring constantly add all other ingredients. Dial
the substance in a syringe without a game and distribute through the hair,
carefully processing one strand after another. After that, put on
cellophane head and heat the hair dryer for 5 minutes.
Then leave the mask for half an hour and then rinse with water.

Precautionary measures

There are several rules to follow to
Do not harm your health with Botox hair treatment at home,

  1. Read the composition of the product and reviews of real consumers about
  2. Test for an allergic reaction.
  3. Avoid the root zone when applying the composition.
  4. If there is a need to work hair curling, select
    not too thin strands from 1 cm thick and iron them not
    more than 5 times.
  5. Do not leave hair wet after washing.
  6. Do not use the dryer in hot mode.
  7. Do not wash your hair for the first 3 days after the procedure.
  8. Use a sulphate-free shampoo.

Photos before and after what effect to expect from a home Botox

Surprisingly soft, smooth and flowing curls like models from
fashion glossy magazines – it is for this effect that all girls
more and more often make botox hair. Disappears section along the length
the disobedient fluff is removed, the curls cease to be electrified.

It is important that the result is not only cosmetic, but also

How to care for hair after Botox at home

  • You can only wash your hair without sulfate.
    shampoo with the first shampoo should not take place
    earlier than 3 days after the procedure. Wash your hair more often 1 times in
    5 days should not be.

Note! Frequent shampooing
destroys the protective layer created by botox on the hair. If your
hair often oily at the roots – get dry shampoo

  • Masks after Botox hair is not worth doing –
    oil-based products are strictly prohibited.
  • Headwash water should be
    filtered or boiled.
  • Do not leave hair wet after washing –
    dry them immediately with a hairdryer.
  • Styling products will have to be eliminated
    as they destroy the protective layer of the hair.
  • Minimize being without a head street
    cleaning – this rule applies to both hot summers and
  • Avoid visiting the sauna, bath and public
    pool with chlorinated water.

What can replace botox?

If for some reason you are not able or willing to do
botox for hair, but you want to get a similar effect, then
pay attention to the following procedures:

  • gelatin-based masks;
  • biolamination;
  • happiness for hair;
  • keratin straightening.


Botox hair – relatively new, but already quite popular
hair care product both in salon and in home
conditions. Fast and consistent results guaranteed after
first application. The main thing – follow the manufacturer’s instructions and
listen to the advice of professionals – then your hair will be
look immaculate.

At the end of your video on how to make Botox at home
using the professional tool Honma Tokyo:

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