How to make curls with your own hands? Some simple ways

How to make curlsThis year
curls back in fashion! And this suggests that now every morning
most girls will be doomed to look at the hair dryer, curling and
curlers, not knowing how to make curls and what are needed for this
instruments. To understand all this, we asked for
Advice to the leading stylist Remington, brand fashion “lotions” for
hair care.

Curly hair is beautiful and comfortable. After all, having a small skill
their creation, you can easily hide the flaws of haircuts. If visit to
the hairdresser was a long time ago or do you want to grow hair, curls
– the perfect solution for you! By the way, the original will look and
short haircut with “curled” curling hair tips. So that
even if your curls are not very long (for example, 5 centimeters),
it is necessary to get the curtain all the same.

Take a look in the mirror before you start doing styling.
It is desirable that the mirror was large, and you saw yourself in full
growth. It is clear that you know yourself, but look in the mirror very
is useful. After all, styling is only a small part of your look,
which should fit perfectly with everything else. This is exactly what
must be borne in mind, showing off at the mirror before laying.

The size of curls, their clarity, “intensity” and total volume
are of great importance. For example, statues and major features
faces do not fit well with many small curls, but excellent
look with free and flowing waves of masonry close to
natural. If your weight is 40 kg and a height of 140 cm, then you will need
almost everything, including the notorious “petty demon.”

Of course, there are exceptions in everything. So with the help of accessories and
clothes can change a lot. So do not be afraid to try,
experiment. You might like something very much.
unusual and even special! In this case, it is all about the tool. there is
1001 ways to make curls with your own hands, the main thing is to choose
optimal for yourself.

Consider all the nuances of working with the most popular technology for
creating curls.

How to make light curls with curling iron (forceps)?

It’s no secret that tongs are different in diameter. Here
there is nothing difficult – curls are larger if the diameter is larger. Curling iron
is almost a universal tool that can and curls
curl, and twist the tips. But for clear and graphic curls
Curling iron is best. You can create them with tongs and nothing.

When working with a curling iron, you need to know one thing: the strand is thinner, the
sharper pattern of curls, and the less in tongs need to keep
her. But do not forget about safety and protection

With an iron (straightener) it is easy to make curls!

Yes, you read that right. Rectifier can not only straighten
hair, but also wind them up. This, of course, does not apply to all
моделям, но такие, как Remington Sleek&Curl дают возможность
work wonders on your head! The iron will suit you if you
want to make volume curls or beautiful waves. He will not do
for small curls, make hair curls also does not work (if
it is not special). But thanks to advanced models of rectifiers
you can significantly save time and work even with wet
hair, while providing additional protection

Making curls with curlers

How to make curlsSurely
hearing the word “curlers”, you seem to picture old
Grandma’s rubber curlers that had to be kept all night.
Well, or my mother’s, who previously had to boil. Today
curlers are completely different, they warm up in a matter of minutes
beautiful box that brings them to the optimum temperature.
Curling curls with them will take only 10-15 minutes.

How to make curls from the roots round hairbrush and hair dryer?

In the salon practice, this duet is the most common,
although at home, few people use it. And in vain! After all
light, “natural”, natural and “live” waves from the roots easier
just create a hair dryer and a round comb. To all
it turned out, you need only a little practice, and you can achieve volume,
lifting hair at the roots with a hair dryer, then start
work with length. Do not forget that crisp curls and small
curls still better not to do these tools.

Air styler with nozzles is a great helper when creating

How to make curlsit
universal tool, especially if there are several
additional nozzles. In principle, the air styler is a relative
of our “duet”, which was talked about earlier. Design thought
put together a “duet” together, creating a functional convenient whole.

The size and shape of the curls that you
can create Everything is obvious here: a small round brush – waves
smaller, big round brush – bigger waves. And for more
crisp and graphic strands designed analogue “forceps”.
Nozzle-spiral – the most interesting, with the help of it you can do
stunning spiral-shaped curls! And for drying hair
roots there is an ordinary hub.

Unique hair dryer Spin Curl can do curls!

This device will help you to make careless and easy “beach
curls “! On the beach, the hair itself is so curled under the influence of the sun
and wet wind. You can achieve this effect with a hairdryer thanks to
centrifuge – a special nozzle, forcing the strand to curl
in tight cord under the pressure of warm air. Will remain only slightly
tousle the cords-curls and enjoy flawless

Of course, everything is not limited to one choice of tool. Important
also be able to use it correctly and choose the right temperature
for curling curls. But this is another story.

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