How to make hair shiny – effective methods

shiny hair photo 1how
make your hair shiny and sparkling? How to fill them with life
force, give a healthy, and therefore well-groomed appearance? A lot of secrets
holds the pantry of popular recipes, because it is home remedies
most simple and at the same time very effective. Just need
take some time for this and take care of yourself.

So, to make hair shine, they need to be washed warm, not
hot water and rinse a little cool. It is advisable to dry not
hair dryer, and in a natural way, while not building on his head
“turban” from the towel.

Glitter hair depends largely on nutrition, which should be
balanced and contain essential vitamins. Sure to
we include products containing vitamin b (oatmeal, buckwheat, legumes,
nuts), dried fruits, cheese, mushrooms. Do not abuse too much
spicy and fatty foods are also harmful to the skin.

Smoking is also the enemy of healthy beautiful hair, so if you want
to be irresistible – drop this addiction. To make your hair
glittered, folk remedies suggest using for
rinsing infusions of chamomile, onion peel, mineral
still water and even milk. Broths are suitable for dark hair
and infusions of tea leaves with mint, hops and nettle.

And what to do to make your hair shine as long as possible? Means
it is necessary to apply various masks, for example, from various
butter, black bread or fruit pulp. Here are a few

– make a mixture of 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of honey and
apply it on hair. After 15 minutes, rinse with warm water. –
coconut or almond oil to slowly rub into the hair roots. –
pulp of ripe banana stretch and apply on hair for 4-5 minutes,
then wash it off. – soak the pulp of black bread in water, gruel
heat a little, add a drop of camphor oil and apply the mixture
on the hair. An hour later, wash off.

Pick yourself a mask and do it once a week,
one month later, choose another one and repeat the course.

It turns out that shiny hair at home is very
simple, and the result will allow you to feel
irresistible and beautiful.

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