How to make hair smooth

how to make hair smoothCommercials, pages
fashion magazines are full of models with absolutely smooth and even
haircuts. In our time, smooth hair – an indicator
their health, as well as evidence of a systematic and qualitative
care.Many beauty salons around the world have become
offer complexes of special services, since those who wish to make
The hairstyle is smooth very much. This and professional tools for
care, and budget products from the massmarket, as well as folk ways,
which, by the way, are beginning to use ever increasing

But it is worth remembering that in order to become the owner
smooth and shiny hair, you need to monitor the condition
health in general, because dry brittle hair may indicate
about violations in the gastrointestinal tract or endocrine
system. Therefore, only healthy food, regular physical
load in conjunction with the care will lead to a cherished dream. What
concerns care, it can be divided into two categories –
professional (or salon) and home.

Salon treatments for hair

In any barber shop there is certainly a program aimed
on how to make hair smooth. Most often this is not one type
services, and special complexes designed for several sessions with
the use of masks and wraps. There are, of course, one-time sessions,
during which the shampoo will be used for smoothing hair. how
usually the hairdressers themselves offer shampooing
or styling. If a solemn occasion is coming, and time for
There are no complexes of procedures, you can always make a salon mask
for smooth hair. Professional mask will not be superfluous
never, it will only strengthen the hair follicle and prevent
the emergence of such problems as split ends.

There is one more in demand, and therefore
quite an expensive way to bring hair in order. It –
lamination or brazilian hair straightening. Mask or shampoo
will create the desired effect only until the next shampooing,
Lamination procedure keeps hair smooth and shiny
for about 2-3 months. The procedure itself takes about two hours. AT
this time the barber applies a special solution and leaves it on
some time, periodically warming up with a hot hairdryer. Hair
are covered with the thinnest film that protects them from damage and
gives shine.

Healthy hair at home

Healthy shiny hair looks beautiful, but in order to
regularly attend salons, need a lot of money
means. Make hair at home smooth and
silky is not at all as difficult as it may seem at first
Look. Besides, it is not so expensive. Everything
the necessary funds can be purchased at any supermarket and
the nearest pharmacy. Hard to believe but even in the grocery department
There are tools that will ensure smooth hair.

The easiest way to tidy up the hair at home
conditions – buy shampoo and mask marked “for smoothness
hair “. But most often it happens that the promised result will be
not at all the same as on a poster. Manufacturers are watching
fashion trends in hair care, but you should understand
that budget funds cannot contain expensive and efficient
Components. And the high price is simply the result of increased

It is better to turn to folk remedies. Residents of cities for a long time
weaned from the fact that everything necessary for the beauty of hair can be found
literally under your feet. Herbal decoctions are prepared in factories
cosmetic companies and sent to the retail network, but you can
cook the broth yourself? Herbs like nettle, burdock,
chamomile and St. John’s wort is not difficult to find in the suburbs. Only collect them
need to be away from the roads and industrial facilities.

vitamins A and E for hairIf you collect yourself
There is no desire, many of these herbs can be purchased at pharmacies. There
by the way, quite budgetary funds are also being sold for smoothness
hair – vitamins in ampoules or gelatin shells. Even the most
an inexpensive mask to which one ampule of vitamin A will be added,
will make the hair smooth and healthy. And if you take for
a rule with every shampoo to use shampoo for smoothness
with a couple of drops of a mixture of vitamins A and E, the result will be

There is also an analogue of the already mentioned lamination. It is for that
to get the desired hair smoothness but spend
relatively little money and have to go to the grocery
store for gelatin. Ordinary gelatin, as it turned out, not at all
not worse cope with the task of ensuring the smoothness of the hair than
professional tools. For the procedure will need
shampoo for smoothness, mask, hair dryer, gelatin and two hours free
of time. Gelatin on a cleanly washed head evenly warmed up.
hair dryer, creates the effect of a protective film, and no worse than
professional tools. A mask after the procedure will give
smooth hair and easy combing even if
this was a tangling problem.

Thus, for silkiness, even gloss and smoothness
hair does not need to spend big money on expensive salon
procedures. All you need is patience, systemic care and
health monitoring, and you will surely have smooth

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