How to make hair wavy: create romantic image

Wavy hairAccording to the set
research today, like many years ago, men prefer
romantic beauties. This is why wavy hair that creates
just such an image will never go out of fashion. They attract
attention and perfectly fit into any style, giving it
refinement and femininity. Wavy hair is the ideal base.
for a lot of interesting hairstyles. However, they look great and
just. But what if nature has not rewarded you with luxurious
curls? Today, can turn into a romantic beauty, any
from U.S. Wavy hair is a snap.

Salon beauty

How to make hair wavy? One of the most common
options – seek help from professionals. Today in all
salons and hairdressers offer you a chemical service

Since Soviet times, we are haunted by a stereotype about the destructive
the effects of so-called chemistry on the natural decoration of women.
Indeed, before, the payback for the wavy beauty was often
burned dried brittle hair. But progress does not stand still,
Now the situation has changed completely. Modern means
the most delicate effect on the structure of the hair, keeping them
health and natural shine. So you won’t have to do anything.

Perm involves two possible options.
The result of the first one will be the basis for future styling. With
choosing another option stylist, taking advantage of special
costly formulations and curlers, will create an already completed
hairstyle The only thing that will be needed later from
hairdresser visitors, this is a proper care for her.

Beauty at home

Suppose your plans do not include making curls integral
part of your image for a long time. Or no time at all
money to visit the hairdresser. Or do you want a little
change the image completely unexpected. Reasons pushing to
how to make wavy hair at home can
be set. As well as options for action. So,
let’s get started

Magic tongs

forcepsWhat a blessing that tech revolution
affected not only computers and cars, but also touched
pleasant female trifles. One of the brilliant inventions are
forceps with which each of us can create a wonderful
hairstyle without leaving home.

Using curling irons is necessary to comply with certain measures.
precautions – otherwise hair can seriously
suffer from heat. Never
proceed to work without prior application to the hair
special heat protection agents, curl thin strands, holding
forceps upright, and slowly spiral – hair
will certainly thank you for their impeccable healthy look.

Good old curlers

wavy hair with curlersTalking about how to do it yourself
wavy hair, not to mention hair curlers. Today the range
This product is amazing diversity – heated hair rollers,
Velcro curlers, soft curlers … The specific choice depends on
what result you want to achieve. For example, if your dream
are small curls, it is better to use papilotkami, and
if larger waves are preferred, pay attention to
large curlers. In general, the size in this case is decisive.
value. The diameter of the curlers is in direct proportion to the size
the waves.

Soft curlers are good because you can wind them up before bedtime. BUT
in the morning when there is usually not enough time for training
take them off and enjoy the result. Velcro curlers are very comfortable in
exploitation – because they cling to the hair. Well, and thermal rollers
– undisputed leaders providing lasting long-term
result. Unfortunately, it is recommended to use them no more than once.
per week – otherwise the health of the hair will be at risk.
And, as you know, none of the worn lifeless hair will save

It is important and time perm. Obviously, the longer you hold
hair curlers on the hair, the cooler will get curl. So, how to
use curlers?

The first thing you need to wash your hair. Ideal if by doing so
you will not forget about the conditioner. Then comes the turn of the special
curling agents – mousses, gels, etc. Need to tilt your head
forward and gently comb your hair, evenly distributing
tool for the entire length. The next step is the actual waving.
Gradually separating the strands of the desired width, wind them on the curler.
After that, use a hair dryer to dry the hair. Order to hairstyle
succeeded, it is necessary to leave the hair in this position at least
Twenty minutes. After that hair curlers can be removed. Attention – not in
In no case should you comb your hair immediately afterwards. Required
wait until they cool down and then skip the curls through
fingers. So your waves will get a well-groomed and natural look. For
anchoring superior results is recommended to sprinkle.
hairstyle lacquer easy fixation.

If the curlers are not at hand, they will be successfully replaced … your
own fingers For curling must be wound alternately
two finger strands, splashing them with a special spray, and then
gently remove your fingers. Thus, our


This method is good, first of all, because it does not require
absolutely no casualties. So you can make curls even completely
little girls. One more plus – all actions are carried out.
in the evening, and in the morning it remains only to weave braids and rejoice

It is desirable to braid from the very roots to the tips. Thinner
pigtail, the smaller the curly and, respectively, visually more
volume The procedure must be carried out after the hair is washed.
and lightly dried.

Another similar option involves not weaving braids, and
curling wet hair in several bunches. As a result of the wave
will look much softer and more natural.

Fresh wind of change

The source of the wind of change in your image in the literal sense of the word
can become a hair dryer with a diffuser. Before using it is necessary
apply gel, spray or mousse on hair. Then follows
twist the entire mass of hair into flagella. After that, it remains to tilt
head and start drying in the direction from the tips to the roots. Wherein
diffuser need to lift strands strictly up. Hairstyle,
obtained in such a way, it will look perky, a little bold and
very natural. She will create a carefree and relaxed

On the way to the cherished waves, we must not forget that the hair too
need a rest. If by nature they are straight and smooth, it is not necessary
daily try to change things. Otherwise
hair health will be a big question. Lifeless dull
no stylist can make beautiful hair, so that everything
good in moderation. Hair dryers, tongs, heated hair rollers – use of all these
devices must be strictly metered. Same
also applies to special styling products – varnishes, gels,
mousse. Beautiful hair is, above all, healthy hair, like
whatever it may sound like. Remember this and you will
gorgeous with chic waves and exquisitely smooth

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