How to make hardware pedicure

Apparatus pedicure refers to modern methods of care
feet, allowing a safe way to provide the right
Effect. Even the most daring ideas of a pedicure are available this way.
which makes him increasingly popular among female and male
population. Apparatus pedicure is usually performed in cosmetic
cabin, but can be carried out independently at home
conditions in the presence of a standard cosmetic set for these
goals. Tools for pedicure of this type are quite available for
home use. With their help, you can do as a woman,
and male pedicure. From other modern methods or methods
performing a pedicure should be distinguished from the rest of the socks for
pedicure, which can be successfully applied at home. Such a method
combines well with other processing methods directly


  • Features of the hardware method
  • The technique of using the hardware method
  • Socks for pedicure

Features of the hardware method

To date, the most popular
classic pedicure (both female and male), carried out
by hand. However, he began to create decent competition.
apparatus pedicure involving the use of special
device, having, in turn, various nozzles. Included in
hardware kit tools for pedicure allow you to produce
operations such as grinding, polishing, drilling, on the nail
plate and skin of the foot.

The main device is an electric milling
a machine with power over 40 W and adjustable speed of rotation in
range of 15-25 thousand revolutions per minute. At that speed
the treatment ensures painless removal of corns, cuticle,
microcracks, coarsened sites, corns. Using special
nozzles can well clean diabetic and fungal feet,
negatives of the ingrown nail are eliminated. Especially important
such procedures when they are done in men.

Pedicure hardware tools are considered perfect
option when working with unhealthy nail plates (fragility,
bundle) and extended nails. If tools with
grinding caps are small in size then there is no difficulty
treatment of hard-to-reach areas between and under the toes, in
the area of ​​the nail cushion and fingertips.

Apparatus pedicure is simply an indispensable way to care.
behind the feet in the following circumstances: corpus collosa,
dry natoptysh, microcracks in the heel zone without blood
offices; fungal lesions at the initial stage of development;
correction of ingrown nail; thickened nail plate;
diabetic foot. This treatment method should be selected with
the purpose of preventing recurrence of skin cracking and the appearance
corns, as well as to restore the structure of the nail

The technique of using the hardware method

Apparatus pedicure is performed in the following order:

  1. The foot is treated with a skin antiseptic –
  2. Cut nails to the required length.
  3. A skin softener is applied to the foot with a brush.
    keratolytic composition (for example, Callus Remover) for 7-12 minutes
    (keratolytics incorporate dairy or grape
    acid, which provides exfoliation of dead epithelial cells,
    anti-inflammatory effect).
  4. The device is completed with the most coarse cap disposable
    type (abrasiveness 60/60), and the foot is polished with
    setting the mill speed in the range of 10500-11500 rpm.
  5. After polishing is completed, the skin of the foot is polished, for
    what is installed fine-grained nozzle (abrasiveness 100/100)
    at the same rotation speed of the router (the procedure should be carried out
    with special care to complete polishing of the skin surface: skin
    should have a delicate pink color, perhaps with a slight yellowish
  6. Foot well rinsed with warm water (better to use
    spray bottle) and wipe dry with a towel.
  7. Handling fingers and areas between them: skin between fingers
    It is greased with a softener, and then it is processed with a router
    ceramic nozzle in the form of a truncated cone of blue color
    (average abrasiveness) at a speed of about 6000-9000 rpm.
  8. Polishing interdigital area is fine-grained
    nozzle (red or pink), after which the softening is removed
    Composition and washed treatment area.
  9. Keratolytic is applied to the nail rollers and polished.
    the same nozzle.
  10. The cuticle is treated with a diamond nozzle in the form of a small
    ball at a speed of 5000-5500 rpm until it is level and
  11. The final stage – polishing the nail plate: first
    rub the oil and then polish with felt
    nozzles at speeds of 4500-5000 rpm until shine appears on
    nail plate.
  12. The efficiency of the hardware processing procedure is fixed by
    rubbing low-fat cream with light massaging movements in
    direction from the toes to the heel area.

Socks for pedicure

Classic pedicure is inferior in competition to another
modern way to care for your feet called socks
for a pedicure. This technology is based on the use of special
formulations that provide exfoliating, softening and
regenerating effect on the skin of the foot.

The principle of operation is quite simple: socks for a pedicure
made of waterproofing material inside which
contains a special composition in a liquefied consistency.

Socks for a pedicure have a universal size from 34 to 45, which
provides an opportunity to provide both female and male pedicure.
These socks are flavored to enhance convenience. Main
aromas: rose, mint and lavender. Socks for pedicure have a composition on
based on lactic acid and a number of herbal ingredients,
enhancing the positive effect.

The composition for a pedicure includes the following main ingredients:

  1. Lactic acid. It exfoliates epithelium, moisturizes the lower
    skin layers, increases skin elasticity.
  2. Anti-inflammatory ivy extract
    antiseptic and healing effects containing vitamins B, C
    and E, carbohydrates, carotene and oleanolic acid.
  3. Burdock extract, which is important for calluses, microcracks,
    has a healing effect.
  4. Extract of the top: leaking into the deeper skin layers, it
    activates cell renewal, protects against moisture loss and
    aggressive environmental influences.
  5. Lemon extract: it nourishes the skin, makes it smooth and
  6. Sterol glycine soy, normalizing cellular metabolic processes,
    slowing down skin aging.
  7. Sodium hyaluronate, normalizing water balance.
  8. Hydrogenated lecithin is a powerful antioxidant that inhibits
    evaporation of moisture.
  9. Castor oil that protects against dryness, softens, gives
  10. Saponus leaf extract is a cleansing ingredient.
  11. To make a male pedicure, you need sage leaf extract:
    it has a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, deodorizing
    action, resists excessive sweating.

Socks for a pedicure may have other ingredients not
violating the basic idea of ​​their use – a complex effect on
skin of the feet for a smooth, supple and healthy look
nail plates. Male pedicure, like female, gives the opportunity
carrying out an independent procedure at home. On foot
gently put on socks for a pedicure – so that the composition does not
flowed out. They are kept on their feet for 1.5-3 hours, taking into account
skin condition. The exact time of the procedure is indicated in
instructions. Rinse thoroughly after removing socks.
warm soapy water. Complete exfoliation is painless.
for 3.5-5 days. On this female or male pedicure
is over.

After the skin and nails get their original appearance, you can
implement any ideas for applying a color palette to the nails.
The following fashion trends can be noted: two-color solutions (for
black, blue and glitter are added to white-white),
the creation of decorative elements, the use of rhinestones, stickers. AT
fashion stand out juicy combinations and patterns. Gaining popularity
pink, beige, lavender shades.

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