How to make highlighting yourself?

highlighting at homeHighlighting is a procedure
brighten individual strands of hair. However, it is possible not only to lighten
some strands, but also dye them in other colors, that is
make coloring. And if you make highlighting in home
conditions? However difficult this procedure may seem,
to highlight the house itself, or ask for help
relatives or girlfriends. In the article we will give some
recommendations how to make highlighting. You can also see
master class on the Internet.

What tools will be needed for highlighting the house? If judging
then highlighting at home is not such a daunting one
a task that is much less expensive using their
means. In the salons, this service is worth a lot of money, so do not
every woman or girl can afford it.

So, where to start? Right, first you need
stock up with all the necessary supplies. You will need
set for highlighting, which can be found in the store. Worth it
inexpensive and is a great tool for newbies
hairdressing. It must have a foil or
thermal paper, special silicone cap and all the rest
materials required for the procedure. See a master class on
highlighting, everything is clearly shown there.

Foil weave

Want to know how to make highlights at home on
foil? You did the right thing to contact our resource!
However, it must be admitted that this method is already outdated, since
salons use it very rarely. It is generally preferred.
do when they want oxygen to freely contact with
strands. Oxidation is thus faster. Many
women think that making highlight on the foil itself is completely
not scary, and most importantly, it’s a good way to save on
hairdressing services.

Doing highlighting on foil with your own hands, the contrast between
bleached and natural hair will be less. This way
great for beginners who are just starting to learn
hairdressing skills. Learn to perform this procedure.
correctly quite easy. You can even experiment and
to highlight any part of the head, relying on your
desires and preferences.

To start do-it-yourself, prepare
bleaching powder on which the percentage should be indicated
clarifier. Attention! If you have loose curls, in this case
It is important to do the right thing – get a decolorizing powder with
a small percentage of clarifier. Brunettes fit 12% of the composition, and
Svetlenko – 6-8%, and if hair is very thin, then 3-4% will be
quite enough. When performing the procedure for the first time,
use a clarifier, and in the future will have to pick up the color in
according to the main shade of strands. Particularly popular
shades of yellow, nacreous, pink, beige,

As for the foil, you can buy a regular one and cut it into
strips, and you can immediately buy sliced. It will take 2 combs:
one is needed to separate the strands, and the other must be
metal with a long narrow handle. Also need to cook
paint brush, gloves, old towel that will need
throw on the shoulders so as not to get dirty with paint.

We start bleaching from the back of the head, gradually
moving to the crown and then to each temple in turn. Strands between
the crown and forehead discolor at the very end. Before
start coloring, you need to comb the curls well. By the way
speaking, melirovaniye it is better to do on the unwashed head. Yes it is you
Prove any master class on highlighting.

Using the tip of the metal comb, part and
divide hair into thin strands. Then put the foil under the strand.
and apply brightener to hair. Cover the top from above
the second strip of foil. Or take at once a long strip,
which can be bent 2 times. If you did everything right
You can do the next strand.

Highlighting with a cap

highlighting on a hat at homeIf you want to do
highlighting the house for short or medium hair, you will need
special silicone cap. How exactly does the cap look, you
You can see by viewing the master class on highlighting. Using
hat, you can perfectly make highlighting at home without help
another person. As for the tool kit, he
contains the same means as in the first method, only instead
Foil used cap.

Silicone cap is made of rubber material. In her
there are holes located in a checkerboard pattern. Through these holes
hair is drawn and subsequently painted. To correct
pull out strands of hair, you must use special
plastic hooks. Put the cap on the head and over the entire length.
pull a certain number of strands that are then needed

Silicone cap will be useful for beginners, because
the foil can creep in the bleaching process, and the strands in its
turn, can turn out uneven and have various thickness. BUT
Here using a silicone cap, all this can be safely
to avoid. By the way, it can be made at home from ordinary
cellophane bag or swim cap. The main thing to try
pull strands having the same thickness. If you can handle
this task, further painting the house does not amount to a special

Whatever way you do highlighting at home,
The main rule is to strictly comply with the time specified in the instructions.
After the time the dye is washed off in the bathroom, the hair
washed out with shampoo. Then apply to dyed hair.
balm. Typically, the bleaching time is from 10 to 30
minutes depending on the state of the curls, their color and the desired
the degree of discoloration. To make it clearer how to do this
procedure, see the master class.

Having seen a mastering class on highlighting, you will understand that this is not
such a complicated procedure. Discoloration of individual strands
is a more benign procedure compared to a complete
staining. It should also be noted that the hair after highlighting
acquire additional volume. In addition, in this way you can
hide premature gray hair. If you discolor thin
strands, staining will look more natural. You can
try different types of discoloration to choose for yourself
the best option. Especially since you are doing all this.
right at home.

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