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A brief history excursion

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  • A brief history excursion
  • Anti-baldness drugs are not a panacea
  • Surgical intervention

Before continuing the conversation about the treatment of alopecia,
I would like to make a small digression and tell
about one significant historical persona. It’s about Imhotep –
one of the most famous and respected priests, who lived in ancient
Egypt more than 4,000 thousand years ago.

Sculpture Imhotepa Imhotep’s talents stretched so much
widely, that the contemporaries of the priest considered him almost equal to God,
and today’s scientists are one of the most brilliant people of that time.
Particularly bright Imhotep able to express themselves in architecture – it is believed
that the Egyptian Pyramids were built according to his design – and also in
medicine. Historians tend to consider the priest one of the founders
ancient art of healing. On his account – dozens of records,
research and unique recipes that can help everyone
cope with almost any ailment, and as for the ability
determine the nature and nature of the disease – then here imhotep not
was equal.

Nevertheless, it would be rash to consider him omnipotent:
concerns such a delicate problem as hair loss,
it is obvious that the priest failed to find its effective solution. More
Moreover, in his notes, scientists have found very peculiar recipes
products such as, for example, a hippopotamus-based ointment
and a considerable amount of crocodile fat. However, others not less
famous healers to cope with hair loss also failed:
for example, Hippocrates healer offered to cope with alopecia
a mixture of pigeon droppings, cumin, horseradish and nettle – but in
the effectiveness of this recipe appears huge doubts.

The situation remained very sad until the beginning of the last century. AND
up to that time, as indeed today, one can observe quite
depressing picture. Thousands and thousands of pharmaceutical companies and
private producers offer to trusting customers a wonderful
cure and return of the old thick hair. amount
hoping for magical changes does not dry out – and annual revenues
merchants while growing steadily and according to some
come close to a staggering 7 billion.

Advertising means for baldness is filled with bright colors
amazing transfiguration and the loudest promises.
However, blindly trusting beautiful words is very, very dangerous:
in the best (and in any) case, the bank account is guaranteed
losing weight, and at worst – health effects may be
catastrophic. Looking at all these flattering appeals sober
glance, it is impossible not to note the blatant illiteracy
advertisers: often the mechanism and causes of hair loss are unclear to them,
and the ways to start the growth of the hair they praise are in no way
connected in principle. Moreover, any funds can only slow down.
transition of hair follicles to the stage of sleep – but it is worth stopping them
welcome, how everything returns to normal.

Anti-baldness drugs are not a panacea

At the moment, the American organization FDA (Office of
Food and Drug Administration) approved only two
drug as a treatment for alopecia. And about each of them
worth telling more.

Minoxidil against baldness

Minoxidil is a drug also known by the brand name.
“Rogain”. Initially, the drug was presented as a remedy for
hypertension, but in the process of its widespread use has been identified
so many side effects that the frequency of appointment significantly
decreased to exceptional cases. However, one side
manifestation from taking minoxidil interested employees
commercial pharmaceutical laboratory.

As a result of observations of patients receiving the drug
find out that cases of the appearance of excess body hair were quite
frequent. Having conducted additional research staff
the labs found that when applying minoxidil on a hairy
part of the head in men is marked by increased growth of the hair – and this
with almost no side effects.

However, everything was not so rosy. On plots
heads where the hair fell out completely, the drug showed no
effectiveness – as, however, when using minoxidil in
area of ​​the frontal bald patches. Moreover, it turned out that he acts only
temporarily – gradually the drug stops blocking the formation
dihydrotestosterone, and the process of hair loss is resumed. To that
did Minoxidil so poorly absorbed that steel makers
dilute it with an oil solution of retinol, also known as
Vitamin A. The substance contributed to the absorption of the drug, but its
prolonged excessive use (and minoxidil should be rubbed into
scalp twice a day) caused allergic reactions and
skin irritations. And finally, the patients turned out to be very
unhappy that visible results had to wait
from 6 months to a year.

Finasteride turned out to be not so good.
“Merck” called “Propecia”.

Previously, the drug was used to treat diseases
prostate gland and solving other problems associated with male
reproductive function. And just like with minoxidil,
excessive hair growth has become one of the side effects of taking
“Propecia”. Experimentally it was calculated that for the treatment of alopecia
one fifth of the standard dose for the treatment of the prostate is enough
however, even this amount is enough for the emergence of the most
unpredictable consequences.

Finasteride against hair loss

Often, those who take “Propecia” from male pattern baldness develop
problems with libido and potency, and often infertility. Moreover,
some patients suffered from gynecomastia – pathological
increase in mammary glands in the stronger sex.

Finally, one of the most serious consequences is a reduction in
blood levels of a particular antigen that is a marker for cancer
prostate gland. Thus, timely diagnosis
It turns out to be untenable, and to prevent disease in the early
stage impossible. Moreover, for women, finasteride is
banned because it accumulates in the body and causes
catastrophic congenital malformations and children in the future.

It should be noted that the positive effect of
“Propecia” is still there – hair really grows back.
With the abolition of the drug, all side effects completely disappear in
a few weeks, and within six months, all grown up for
medication period hair. So if you want to restore
a head of hair with finasteride will have to take it for life –
and in some cases, suffer from side effects.

A glaring fact is also connected with “Propecia”: it is noteworthy that
The FDA approved its release without lengthy clinical
research and careful study of the effects on human
an organism. Skeptics are confident that the only reason for this
Favor of the regulatory body has become excellent
financial training company “Merck”, because even such
parameters as the effect of finasteride on DHT education and opportunities
the occurrence of addiction organism has not been studied.

In addition to Rogain and Propecia, US pharmaceutical companies
some more medications for alopecia have been proposed – true, they
are still being tested by the FDA. In this case, everyone already had time
detect a number of side effects including hormonal disruptions and
severe functional damage to the liver of men and women.

Surgical intervention

Another widely advertised today way to regain
thick hair – surgical techniques, better known as
hair transplantation. Advertisers claim: not all sites
heads are genetically programmed for androgenic alopecia, and
hair transplant from this area to the bald areas will give
The hairstyle is generally more presentable. Hair lifting
head parts, follicular isolation, micrografting, implantation –
for the name of operations come up with the most fascinating and alluring

Laser hair transplantEspecially popular today has become
laser hair transplant – experts assure that it is much
faster and safer, and unpleasant cosmetic effects from
it is much less. However, the laser is much more expensive than traditional surgery,
which is quite natural. However, some doctors consider a little
whether it is not their duty to raise the cost of the procedures, thus not bad
making money on patients – but the worst thing about the essence of laser
therapy, they are often silent.

The fact is that laser exposure is, in fact, deep
point burn tissue. Making a hole in the scalp
implantation of hair follicles, laser affects and adjacent
tissue. Thus, on-site exposure to high temperature may
spike slows down blood circulation and negatively
affecting hair growth.

Japanese and some European scientists went alternative
by and created artificial hair. Their goal was to develop
synthetic material with almost identical properties
living As a result, the resulting artificial hair is not much
different from the present. However, in the US, this method has been sharp
criticized by giving two negative arguments – a high probability
rejection of synthetic hair like a foreign body and
significant chances of being exposed to infection, inflammation
or microtraumas. As a result, this method was banned in 1984.

Some countries also use an incredibly cruel method.
maintaining a lush hairstyle. Bald guarded specially
an overlay of hair that attaches to the scalp with hairpins
from titanium. The studs are surgically implanted into the skin, and
gradually grow, forming a very strong mount. On such
only the most courageous can solve the problem and make
it is in vain. The presence of a foreign body in the vicinity of
brain can be fatal, and eat studs at least
dangerous than their placement.

All the above methods bring to commercial enterprises.
billions of dollars in profits. However, patient confidence is more common.
just do not justify – or are justified for a while.
A one-sided, quick, and radical solution to a problem
There are no unnatural means in principle – and the sooner
this will become clear, the lower the risk of becoming a victim of unscrupulous

Solving the problem of baldness should be complex – and
It is important to proceed from the fact that the organism is a combination of thin
mechanisms and complex processes with delicately honed
interaction. Correction of these processes helps to set up
the well-being of the body as a whole – and the normal functioning of all
organs and systems will favorably affect hair growth.

It has long been known that hair is a so-called mirror.
health Their condition clearly demonstrates the well-being or
problems of the whole body. That is why, to get rid of
problems with baldness, should be set up all the most important biochemical
processes – and therefore, to improve not only the state of hair, but also
quality of life and overall health.

This technique has been worked out for 30 years, and its
Efficiency can be confirmed by thousands of grateful patients.
The results will be very, very positive with only one
Provided: the course of treatment should be strictly followed. Any
deviation from the technique will reduce the entire effect to zero. However, the course is not
limited to exposure to the scalp and
hair follicles – will have to change lifestyle and abandon
many bad habits. Only perseverance and consistency
will help to achieve the desired. For those who are ready for this – the whole
useful information on the following pages.

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