How to make keratin straightening at home?

Beautiful and shiny hair, which is so necessary for each
woman, save and gain is not so easy. Many reasons
affect the deterioration of the hairs. Thick thin
damaged hair gets very tangled when it is washed or
worn loose Keratin hair straightening at home
conditions able to restore the structure of every damaged
hair, but doing this procedure at home must be very careful.

Keratin hair straightening at home


  • What salon procedure is different from home?
  • What do you need to straighten at home?
  • Stages of the home straightening procedure
  • Keratin mask recipes at home

What salon procedure is different from home?

Keratin straightening is carried out in professional salons.
experienced craftsmen. However, you can straighten your hair yourself
at home, using special formulations. Apply such
remedies and recipes at home can girls who want
cure your hair, exhausted by frequent staining, drying
and styling. But women with naughty curls home
The procedure does not help much.

If the curls are very curly, then perfect straightening with
Keratin formulations can not be achieved. From this point of view,
hair will only become less wavy and smoother, while
get better. Therefore, with a strong “curl” is better to turn to
to professionals.

When treating hair with branded cosmetics (rather than
gelatin) containing keratin, the hairs are saturated with it, replenishing
deficiencies and restoring protective functions. Straightened when
the help of keratin formulations, hair is noticeably easier to comb
less confused. Each hair is covered with a protective film
as with gelatin lamination, resisting negative
factors and moisture loss.

But it would not be fair not to note the differences between professional and
home keratin straightening procedure:

  1. The main difference is the composition of the funds used. Saloon
    compositions are stronger, so they are able to align the curls, and
    home remedies are less effective and able to restore
    hair structure, only a little smoothing them.
  2. Duration and effect is different. When salon straightening –
    the action lasts up to 5 months, and at home – the procedure is necessary
    repeat almost every 2 months.
  3. The cost of the procedure is also not equivalent. Qualitative
    “homemade” products cost no less than a visit to a beauty salon, while
    This content of keratin sets is enough for 7-10 procedures, which
    ultimately economical.

However, before conducting a session at home
it is recommended to do at least one procedure in the cabin so that
observe the master’s actions and then use the received
knowledge with self-keratin straightening at home.

Result of home straightening

What do you need to straighten at home?

For self-treatment of hair restoration
keratin formulations will require the following:

  • deep cleansing peeling shampoo that is applied
    specifically for “removing” all sorts of residues of laying and
    painting agents, and also silicones, which have settled on
  • keratin-containing kit with a natural composition of vitamin
    complexes and proteins to restore and protect hair. Recipe can
    contain sparing additives in the form of aromatic fragrances;
  • spray gun for UNIFORM distribution
    keratin composition, because unprotected, after cleansing
    shampoo hair can be severely damaged by heat
  • tourmaline or ceramic coated rectifier iron,
    heating temperature which can reach 230 ° C, otherwise keratin
    just does not penetrate the inside of the hair shaft;
  • hair dryer with gentle drying modes, because drying hair during
    session and after it is possible only in cold air mode, so that
    once again not to injure the hairs;
  • comb-pliers, clips, protective gloves and mask, brush and
    non-metallic bowl;
  • assistant in the person of a friend, because independently perform
    the procedure will be quite problematic, especially if
    first time.

You can purchase all of these tools, except for a friend, in
specialized stores. Order: Automatic
comb rectifier

Keratin hair restoration

Stages of the home straightening procedure

To make keratin hair straightening at home
yourself, you need to follow the following phased

  1. Wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo-peeling twice to
    get rid of residuals and elements.
  2. Blow-dry hair in cold air mode until lightly
    wet state.
  3. Comb and distribute hair to the same size
    strands, securing them with a clip so that the curls do not interfere with the
    procedures and not confused.
  4. Squeeze the tool into a non-metallic container. On each strand
    alternately apply keratin composition, evenly distributing it
    over the entire length of the hair in the necessary and sufficient quantities.
  5. Wait 25-30 minutes for the keratin mask to soak in
    rod hairs and once again dry them with a hairdryer at the lowest
  6. Small strands of hair in turn straighten the iron, setting
    temperature 220 ° C -230 ° C (this is important!). Go through the rectifier
    each curl at least 7-10 times.
  7. Once again gently comb the strand.

It is necessary to carry out the procedure in protective masks and in good
ventilated area, otherwise there is a risk of poisoning

As a result, the hair will become shiny, obedient, will gain
healthy look. In addition, some manufacturers
keratin-containing kits complement their compositions with various
effects: nourish hairs, give softness and gloss, remove
dryness, give volume, make them thicker.

Instructions for hair straightening

Keratin mask recipes at home

Often under the keratin recovery understand lamination
hair gelatin and other folk remedies. but
straightening keratin is done only by special compositions and
One popular recipe is not a means for keratin
recovery. Professional keratin masks
help to improve the condition of the bark, core and hair

At home, you can make masks according to our recipe
ancestors that have a similar effect. So, for example, a mask with
gelatin instantly penetrates the damaged hair structure under
keratin scales, filling all voids and adding silkiness,
smooth and shiny locks. A mask with aloe juice contributes
blood flow to the scalp, improving metabolism, helping
fill the missing keratin in the hair.

Simple recipes “karatinovyh” masks at home:

  1. Mix a glass of warm water with gelatin (1 tbsp.) And apple
    vinegar (1 tsp), add 2 drops of sage, jasmine oil and
    rosemary. Apply the mask to clean damp hair, withstand 15
    minutes, rinse thoroughly with plenty of warm water.
    Dry only with a towel, carefully kicking the locks.
  2. Thoroughly mix 50 grams of aloe juice, juice of half a lemon and 4
    Drops of rosemary in non-metallic utensils. Apply mask
    dry clean curls, hold for 10-15 minutes and wash off copiously

The result of the use of such recipes masks at home
will please, making the hair thicker, more obedient and healthier.

At the same time, remember that doing keratin hair straightening in
at home you save money at your own risk
preferring salon procedure home. No matter how simple
it seemed the use of keratinous agents, this simplicity
is deceptive. Only a specialist can do everything right for
getting the best result.

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