How to make peeling calcium chloride houses?

We are designed so that every day, starting from birth, in
skin aging and natural dying processes occur
upper cell layer of the epidermis. Therefore, even in youth and
the bloom of the need to weekly carefully remove the dead
cells using a scrub or other types of surface peeling.
Chemical facial peeling with calcium chloride, which can be carried out in
home environment is one of the options careful
superficial exfoliation.

Exfoliation with calcium chloride and baby soap is a procedure
time-tested. Calcium chloride peeling was very popular.
in Soviet times as a relatively inexpensive purification procedure
faces. Then he bore the name “roll” and was made only in salons
beauty. Currently, this effective procedure can be easily
spend at home, and for a few rubles. In this
This article will look at how to make a simple peeling of the face at home.
conditions with a pharmacy drug called
“calcium chloride”.

Calcium chloride peeling

How to make chemical peeling with calcium chloride


  • Home Calcium Peeling Procedure
    • What to do with the “results” of peeling?
    • Rules for carrying out calcium peels at home

Home Calcium Peeling Procedure

First you need to prepare everything you need for the procedure: baby
soap without any additives, 5% or 10% calcium chloride, cotton
discs, warm water and a moisturizing mask and / or face cream.

Then a few minutes before the procedure, you need to do a test on
allergic reaction, causing a drop of solution on the wrist or
forearm where sensitive skin is because it is a chemical
purification process. If after 5-10 minutes no irritation
will arise, then you can start peeling with this tool at home

Then you can proceed to the very procedure of exfoliation of the face.
calcium chloride:

  • Cleansing the face of makeup, dust and
  • Abundant application of part of the reagent on the skin, bypassing the area
    around the eyes and above the upper lip;
  • Give the calcium chloride solution to dry;
  • Re-application of the reagent and its drying;
  • Apply the solution and dry it until it is
    the entire contents of the ampoule will end;
  • While the last part of the reagent dries, you can make a foam,
    rubbing cotton soaps soaked in water with baby soap;
  • Applying soap suds to the skin and massaging the face before appearance.
  • Rolling off dead skin until light
  • As necessary, you can once again apply soap suds on
    face and remove all the pellets again;
  • Thorough washing off of residual soap and chloride solution
    warm water;
  • Applying a banana or any other soothing mask and

The whole procedure takes about 30 minutes. The same time
It is necessary for the skin of the face to calm down. That is, in an hour
after the session, you can go outside with sunscreen on your skin
means. But for people with sensitive skin, it is better to perform the procedure.
before going to bed because there is a risk of small side effects
effects – redness and dryness.

Calcium chloride will be felt in the process of peeling.
tingling If at the initial stage you will feel strong
burning, it is better to wash off the composition and continue the procedure, diluting
calcium chloride with a small amount of boiled water or water for
injection. You can also try a more gentle way.
of this peeling, when one layer is first applied to the skin
soap suds and then calcium chloride solution.

This chemical peel can be done a couple of times a month. Wherein
on the skin should not be any inflammation, burns,
cuts, open wounds. As a result of home cleansing of the face,
pores are noticeably narrowed, the T-zone is cleaned, small ones are reduced
wrinkles, skin is lightened.

calcium chloride peeling at home

Calcium chloride peeling at home

What to do with the “results” of peeling?

After the procedure, this type of chemical peeling may appear
redness, dry skin, pigmentation and a feeling of tightness, but
after a few hours, these side effects are usually
pass. To prevent such problems, at home you can
use two simple recipes.

Soy infant formula will help to lighten and moisturize the skin.
The fact is that soybean contains phytic acid, which has
lightening, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

The composition of the lightening and softening mask after chloride peeling

  • 2 scoops of infant formula;
  • 1 tsp purified water.

These components are mixed, and the resulting mask is applied to
face. After the mixture dries, the mask is washed off the face with a soft porous
sponge dipped in water. Next, the skin should be allowed to dry, not
wiping it with a towel.

Vegetable oil will restore thin and unprotected, in
the result of chemical peels, skin. Any chemical exfoliation
kills coenzyme Q, resulting in a symptom of aging
skin. Therefore, after peeling with calcium chloride,
to process the skin of the face with vegetable oils containing coenzyme
Q: Avocados, grape seeds, jojoba, macadamia, etc.

Rules for carrying out calcium peels at home

Calcium chloride exfoliation at home is not enough
what is different from the procedure in the beauty salon. but
Before self-purification you need to remember 3 simple rules.

  • Do not leave a solution of calcium chloride on the face for a long time.
    time, since the skin may acquire hyperpigmentation;
  • Do not apply the mixture to the area around the eyes and in the upper area.
    lips because in these places is too sensitive and thin
    the skin on which there may be a strong
  • You can not peel if the face has inflammation and
    open wounds, as a chemical reaction can cause strong
    skin burn

By following these rules, you can achieve truly amazing
results using one of the most effective methods
superficial cleansing and improvement of the skin.

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