How to make wax waxing?

Depilation wax is considered one of the most popular ways.
struggle with unnecessary hair on the body. Wax for depilation and
everything you need to perform this procedure can be purchased
without undue complexity in the cosmetics shop. Many prefer
self-waxing hair without going to salons


  • Choosing wax for depilation and its use
  • Preparation before hair removal
  • Contraindications to the procedure
  • Flushing of depilator residues from the skin
  • Skin care after depilation

Choosing wax for depilation and its use

Before you do the depilation, you need to decide on
choosing the right wax. It is worth knowing that the composition of the wax for
depilation may include substances that can cause allergic
reaction. For this reason, before you start
procedures, it is recommended to conduct an allergic test and in case of it
positive result (there is an allergy) to pick up another

Wax for depilation

Wax for depilation can be purchased in finished form,
The product is available with cartridges, briquettes, cans, granules and
disks. Ink cartridges allow you to save as the wax is evenly
applied to the skin with a roller.

The modern market offers a wide range of products for
hair removal method of waxing, which differ in
its release form and method of application. Depilatory wax can

  • canned;
  • in granules;
  • in cartridges;
  • cassette;
  • in the form of wax strips.

In addition, it can be for cold, warm or hot
epilation. In this case, the choice is based on which area
waxing will be done, and on availability

Universal is hot wax. Most often it is used
masters of specialized salons, as it is well suited for
hard and deep-sitting hair. Its working temperature fluctuates
within 40-55 ° C (it depends on the composition). After wax
heated, it is applied to the skin in the direction of hair growth. For
This is a special stick or spatula. After
solidification means becomes plastic and is not torn. It is removed
a sharp movement against hair growth.

Warm or low temperature wax has various shapes.
issue, but in most cases preference is given to canned
or cassette form. Warm wax has earned its popularity by
that it does not need to be heated to high temperatures, and this is significantly
reduces the chance of burns. To warm up the warm wax
to the desired temperature, it will take about 15 minutes. When he becomes
viscous consistency, which can be compared with liquid honey, its
can be used.

If warm wax is used in cartridges, then after it
melting it is easily applied to cleansed skin with a roller
(canned spread on the skin with a spatula). Treated areas
Cover with a special tape (strip) for depilation. In 3-5
seconds strip break off a sharp movement against the growth of hair.

Due to the fact that the warm wax is heated to approximately 37-40
° C, it cools quickly. For this reason, if depilation wax
will take a long time, you must first
make sure that the wax can be heated.

Cold wax is convenient to use. In addition, its advantage
is that some manufacturers of this product
make water-soluble products. That is, on completion
procedures skin can be cleaned with water.

A significant difference between depilation waxes
banks, granules, cartridges no. Everyone chooses for
the form of release with which it will be convenient for him to work.

You can immediately purchase a depilation kit, which includes
includes everything you need for self-removal procedures
unwanted hair.

Wax in granules

Film wax in granules for depilation

Film wax in granules is convenient in use, but
There are other forms of its release. For the removal procedure
you need to take some wax granules and heat them on
water bath. Preheated to a temperature of approximately 40 ° C
film wax will turn into a viscous liquid mass that can
use for work. Heated film wax gently
put on the work area and wait until it hardens. When freezing
a film is formed, which will be removed.
Frozen film wax is torn down against hair growth.

The advantage of this tool is that film wax is capable of
remove short hairs 1-2 mm long. During the
procedures do not require additional funds, such as strips.
In addition, film wax can be used on all areas.

Wax for depilation in cartridges or cassettes is great
popular with women who prefer to self-delete
hair. To get started, the wax must be heated. For
There are special wax waxes for depilation, but some
prefer to heat the wax in the microwave or hot

Wax for depilation in cartridges is equipped with a special roller, for
which account can be evenly applied to the treated
area without using a spatula. In addition, the cartridge is made so that
the course of the composition for depilation heated in it is excluded.

The wax is applied to the skin in the direction of hair growth, and then on top
impose a special strip of cloth or paper. Should
wait for the wax to cool down, then you need a sharp movement
tear off a superimposed strip in the opposite direction of growth

Wax strips for depilation are ready to go.
a product that does not need extras,
such as wax waxes. Need to take one such strip and hold
holding it between your palms to warm it up. After the strip
it warms up, the protective layer is removed from it and applied to
the area to be treated. Rip off the strip against hair growth.

Wax strips for depilation are universal because one strip
can be used repeatedly. They are convenient to use on trips, in
Any place where there are no conditions to conduct a full
hair removal procedure. Wax strips for depilation can
also use in the bikini area and on other delicate places,
such as armpits or face.

Preparation before hair removal

Self-waxing is practically possible for everyone.
man After the wax is selected, you can proceed to
preparing hair removal. Preparatory procedures before
removal is necessary in order to protect yourself from
probability of infection. Also correct
training will reduce the pain effect.

Waxing legs

If we talk about efficiency, wax strips
lose cassette waxing. After them, the skin remains
a lot of hair broken at the root or in the middle.

Before using a new product that has not previously
used, you need to test for allergies. For this on
a piece of skin is applied a drop of wax and leave it there on
some time (exact time to check for an allergic reaction
indicated on the packaging of the wax). Wax depilation is contraindicated
after tanning, sauna or peeling. After such procedures skin
becomes more sensitive, and waxing depilation provokes
additional irritation of the skin.

Before you do the depilation, it is recommended to take a shower and
degrease the skin.

To reduce the feeling of pain, you can use a special
gel that disinfects and cools the skin due to
menthol extract contained therein. As a rule, such gels
possess and anti-inflammatory action. For better effect
You can powder the skin with talcum powder.

Workplace where waxing will be done,
must be covered with napkins. If wax comes into contact with furniture or
other surfaces it hardens, and to remove it, you have to
make a lot of effort.

If hot or warm wax was chosen for waxing,
then, before applying it, you must use
with a special wax glue or reheat in a water bath. Advantage
wax waxes for depilation is that a thermal sensor is built into them,
which heats the wax to a given temperature. But if melting
waxing will occur in the microwave or on the water bath,
then you should carefully monitor its temperature. Overheated wax
may cause skin burns.

Contraindications to the procedure

In addition to an allergic reaction, waxing depilation has a number of other

  1. The presence of varicose veins. With this disease
    It is recommended to stop waxing and use
    less traumatic methods. In that case, if you use wax,
    then you need to stop your choice on wax strips or cold
    type of wax.
  2. Diabetes. The removal procedure can injure the skin.
    Wounds received may not heal for a long time or transform into
    trophic ulcers.
  3. Skin diseases and inflammatory processes.
  4. Pregnancy. Waxing is not recommended, especially in
    1st trimester of pregnancy due to the fact that she can
    provoke an increase in the tone of the uterus.
  5. Violation of the integrity of the skin in the venues
    removal procedures.
  6. Blood clotting disorders.
  7. Low pain threshold.

Flushing of depilator residues from the skin

After depilation with wax on the body can remain its parts,
which will stick and cause discomfort. Do not try
wash off the wax with water. It will not give a positive result and only
thickens the wax structure, making the removal process even
more difficult.

Clean skin after depilation

If the removal procedure will be done with wax strips,
then when buying them you should pay attention to the fact that the kit
finished products included special wipes. They are soaked
a liquid that allows you to remove excess wax with maximum
skin after the procedure.

All waxes are fat soluble substances, so they can be easily
remove from skin with cosmetic oil or fat lotion.
If cassette wax is used, its residue is removed immediately, not
waiting for the end of the whole procedure.

You should not try to get rid of wax residue the way it
heating. This is a risky procedure that can end.

Skin care after depilation

The final stage of the hair removal procedure is not only
cleansing the skin of residues used by the depilator.

Foot care after waxing

After depilation is recommended several times a day.
lubricate the skin with special means to slow hair growth and
soften the skin.

Mechanical hair removal in a way of tearing them out irritably
affects the skin. For this reason, when the removal procedure will be
completed, it is recommended to apply a soothing gel to the skin or
cream. Pro-skinned skin is sensitive to external
irritants, so after the procedure it is not recommended to wet the skin
at least 6 hours. Over the next day contraindication
will be:

  • hot bath;
  • solarium;
  • direct exposure to sunlight;
  • swimming pool;
  • peeling (in places where hair was depilated);
  • the use of cosmetics, which in its composition
    contain alcohol or cosmetic fragrances;
  • wearing tight clothing (extra friction of the fabric on the skin
    will increase irritation and may lead to infection.)

Irritation of the skin after epilation in each person
manifests itself in different ways. Someone feels sore and
redness in places where hair was removed, and someone can
skin rashes appear. If on the area being welded
rash formed, it is recommended to process these places
salicylic alcohol.

In the event that after depilation hair irritation appeared,
which do not pass within 3 days, it is recommended to address
dermatologist. The same applies to wounds that do not heal without
proper treatment may fester. There is a possibility that
an infection has entered the damaged areas.

Waxing is painful, but not complicated. Before
than to proceed with its implementation, it is recommended to read

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