How to make your own perfect shape eyebrows

eyebrow shape

If you do the perfect makeup, but do not adjust the eyebrows,
it is likely that in the mirror you are not getting enough
attractive reflection. It is the eyebrows that give the face a well-groomed look,
and the image of perfection. Learn how to make eyebrow shape
perfect at home.

Eyebrows – the most important feature on the face, because their shape
can tell a lot about a person. Thin and highly raised
eyebrows testify to the harsh nature and self-confidence.
Natural wide eyebrows give a calm and sensible
person Irregular eyebrow shape can add age.
Having mastered the eyebrow correction technique, you can easily give them the desired

To correct eyebrows you will need:

  • Eyebrow Tweezers
  • Nail scissors
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Mascara brush
  • White eyeliner

What should be the perfect shape of the eyebrows

  1. Start eyebrows. Correctly defined starting point of the eyebrow sets
    base of your brows. To determine where to start
    perfect eyebrow, put a pencil vertically to the tip of the nose.
    Holding the pencil parallel to the nose, move it to the top of the nostril.
    This is where your eyebrow should begin. Hair between eyebrows
    on the bridge of the nose on this line you can safely pull out.
  2. Eyebrow bend point. To determine the point of bending eyebrows you
    also need a pencil. Now attach it to the outer edge
    iris. This is the highest point of yours.
    eyebrows, from where it should go into decline.
  3. Parallel eyebrow lines. To get a fashionable eyebrow shape,
    It is very important to follow the direction of the brow lines. Top and bottom
    Eyebrow lines that go from the beginning to the bend should be clearly
    are parallel. For the perfect shape of the eyebrows important accuracy and
  4. Brow tip. The point of the eyebrow can also be determined with
    using a pencil. Attach it from the edge of the nostrils to the outer corner
    eyes. Where the line touches the eyebrow, and there is its extreme point. If a
    your own eyebrow does not reach this point, it will be necessary
    to draw
  5. The direction of the brow tip. If the brow line is too
    lowered down, your gaze may look sad or even
    devoid of expression. Also the line of the tip of the eyebrow can not be left
    quite even, it looks unnatural. Eyebrow tip if
    draw a line from it to the ear, should be directed to the ear entrance
    shell (middle of the ear).

How to adjust the shape of the eyebrows

1. Outlining the shape of the eyebrows. Now that you know the main
points to create the perfect eyebrow shape you need
Correct your eyebrows to this standard. Take white
eye pencil and mark the main points with them: the beginning of the eyebrow, the point
bend and tip eyebrows. Outline the eyebrow pencil shape with
parallel lines, and after bending, bring these two lines together
at the end of the brow. Using tweezers, carefully remove all
hairs that are not included in the brow shape you specified.

2. Plucking tweezers. Before plucking hairs
disinfect tweezers and skin around the brow. In the direction of growth
gently pull the hair, and she will freely come out of the skin. Not
pull out hairs with sharp movements, because of this injured
skin and ingrown hairs may occur. Don’t let that happen,
as ingrown hairs or sores can cause inflammation.

If after the eyebrow correction procedure you have appeared
redness or irritation, reapply disinfectant
means and lightly grease these parts of the face with cream. Wait
about an hour before applying makeup to get rid of skin redness
leveled off after swelling, and your eyes looked fresh.

3. Eyebrow haircuts. After you have removed all the excess hair
outside the white-outlined pencil form, take a clean
brush from used mascara and comb your eyebrows to the line
bending up. Manicure scissors gently trim 1-2 mm.
hairs. Thanks to this technique, eyebrows will look neater and
easier to fit.

4. Painting empty areas of eyebrows. Eyebrow correction follows
finish with a special eyebrow pencil. Choose
pencil on the tone is lighter than your native brow color, otherwise it will
it is too noticeable that the color of the skin and hair is different. Sharpen
pencil and light movements paint over eyebrows in those places where not
grabs your natural hair. Pencil lines should be barely
visible and short, imitating natural hairs. Do not go out
for the line that you identified from the start with a white pencil. AT
completion erase the white pencil. Your eyebrows are ready!

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