How to massage cellulite on your own?

Everyone wants to look good and have an attractive body, but
not everyone is willing to spend big on improving their forms
amounts of money. Massage against cellulite is very effective, but
expensive salon procedure. However, if you wish, you can
learn how to do their own anti-cellulite massage at home
conditions, studying simple techniques and techniques, as well as the main


  • Rules of home anti-cellulite massage
  • Techniques and techniques of self-anti-cellulite massage
    • How to make cellulite massage on the stomach?

Rules of home anti-cellulite massage

In order to massage the body against cellulite at home, do not
special skills are needed, however willpower and regular
Exercise is a must. You also need to follow the elementary
rules, guided by the main rule of Hippocrates “Do no harm!”.
So, you need to remember the following:

  1. The effectiveness of the massage will bring only when the muscles of the body
    completely relaxed, breathing even and calm, indoors
    warm, hands warm and dry, and when to be used
    special means for better sliding.
  2. All movements should be done calmly and easily, without haste,
    large efforts and sudden movements, gradually increasing the pace, but
    any discomfort should be excluded.
  3. The regularity of the procedures should be at least once in 5-7
    days for 40-60 minutes, the best time of day – morning or evening
    before bedtime.
  4. To improve efficiency, you can use
    electric massagers, a massage brush and even an ordinary tablespoon and
    other fixtures.
  5. Movement should be directed upwards, with active pressure.
    when moving clockwise, stroking the skin when moving
  6. The upper inner thigh, the groin area and around the pubis, and
    also the popliteal cavity is not massaged by a professional
    worth it.
  7. After the procedure it is useful to take a douche or lie down
    in a bath with warm water.
  8. Massage from cellulite is contraindicated for varicose dilatation.
    veins, vascular thrombosis, heart disease, hemophilia and

Compliance with these elementary rules will allow to do
anti-cellulite massage at home.

Anti-cellulite massage at home

Techniques and techniques of self-anti-cellulite massage

It is known that during the massage cellulite deposits on the body,
use various techniques and techniques, starting with the easiest and
ending with the most intense movements. Consider the main
techniques that can be used with self
anti-cellulite massage.

  • Stroking – this technique is a light
    finger movements that begin and end each
    massage procedure. Ordinary Stroking a Specific Zone
    significantly improves blood circulation.
  • Rubbing – with these movements, fingers are widely spaced and
    tightly pressed to the skin, shifting it down, and on the hips, on the contrary,
    down up. This technique significantly increases the tone of tissues,
    reduces the thickness and amount of fat in the skin, removes excess water from
  • Slamming is a series of punching knuckles,
    clenched in a fist, completely different intensity. Such blows are great
    “knock out” fat from problem areas.
  • Deep and superficial pressure. When superficial
    pressing the skin must be tightened and released, thus softening
    upper cellulite zones. With deep pressure a big piece
    skin grab fingers of both hands and knead, like dough, gradually
    pulling hands together.

Each of these techniques is sufficient to apply for 10-15
minutes to greatly improve the condition of the skin, intensify
vascular activity, positively affect connective

Also, struggling with cellulite at home, use
the following best practices:

  • for the thighs, buttocks and knees all the fingers fold together and
    cellulite zones are massaged in a circular motion with or against
    hour hand. Hands at the same time find each other;
  • for the buttocks, thighs and abdomen, fingers are strongly compressed into a fist and
    force the skin from the bottom up – from the knee to the thigh, and then
    back to the sensation of heat and redness of the skin
  • for the abdomen, inside of the arms and thighs the skin is firm
    gripped between your thumbs and palms and vigorously
    smoothes upwards;
  • for thighs, abdomen and buttocks with thumbs and forefingers
    a triangle is formed, which moves down by pressing.
    Then the thumbs move upwards.

These techniques are very simple to do at home, depending
any TV shows. In general, you need to remember that all the movement you need
perform against hair growth.

Technique of anti-cellulite massage

Basic massage lines

How to make cellulite massage on the stomach?

Massage against cellulite on the stomach – this is one of the most difficult and
its specific varieties, so we will give it a special
Attention. Since the abdominal wall has no bones and
internal organs are not protected by natural support, do massage
movement in this area is necessary very carefully and

The first rule – the procedure should be carried out no earlier than 1
an hour before meals or 2 hours after meals. Next thing you need
remember: massage movements should be directed along the way
large intestine, that is, bottom-right, then upward, then on
level navel to the left, moving down closer to the pubis. Suprapubic
area can not be massaged. Before the procedure, the stomach must be lubricated
anti-cellulite or massage cream.

There are many options for how to do massage.
belly at home. For example, the following is very effective.

  • lie down on the floor or bed, bending your knees so that
    abdominal muscles completely relaxed;
  • stroke the stomach with your palms for 5 minutes, moderately
    pressing down and reddening of the skin;
  • then squeeze the soft tissues with clockwise pinch motions.
    arrow, reducing the diameter gradually;
  • then grab the skin-fat fold and roll between
    fingers, as if squeezing out fat, moving upwards;
  • stroke your belly clockwise;
  • make a fist and press the fat fold with the phalanges of one hand to
    another, as if rubbing the skin;
  • further phalanx fingers clenched into a fist, hold massage
    movement from the upper hypochondrium down to the groin;
  • relax and stroke your tummy again.

Each method is repeated 5-7 times. After the procedure is recommended
to take a shower. To improve efficiency, it is better to do 2 sessions per
day, then the first results will be noticeable after 2 weeks.

In this case, during pregnancy, gastrointestinal diseases,
pancreas, gallbladder, liver and heart
failure to do massage against cellulite in the abdominal area
Absolutely forbidden!

So, do your own anti-cellulite massage in
Home conditions are not only possible but necessary.

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