How to “pack Kinder”?

hairstyle for girlsIn life
Every child has days parents must approach.
responsibly. Knowledge Day is one of those times. Start School
life for your offspring is usually associated with excitement,
anticipation of something new. This is a real celebration not only for
baby, but also for parents. On this day, everything should look like
impeccably. Require special attention to hair. That is why
pay attention to children’s hairstyles on September 1.

Options for girls

hairstyles for girls on the line September 1Hairstyles for September 1
girls deserve to spend some
amount of time together to think and experiment. After all,
putting this effort, not only will you be satisfied with the result,
but your child will feel the most beautiful and
favorite.The traditional decoration of the head of a young student is
bows. They tend to look very cute and neat. Can
pre-wind the daughter of hair curlers, then tie the tail,
Decorating it with a pink or white bow. Tail can be two. BUT
instead of bows, you can use flowers: artificial or alive.
It will be a great alternative to make an image of your
child unique.

There are a great many hairstyles on the basis of braids. Most
simple is an ordinary braid. They can also be two. Elegance
braided spit on either side of loose or
curled hair. A more stringent option – a bundle consisting of small
braids. To do this, tie a tail, divide it into several
ponyad, shape the braids that you wrap around the gum, and
secure with studs.

In the process of creating your masterpiece, use a variety of
pins, rubber bands, ribbons, headbands and other accessories. The main thing is not
Overdo it and try to have all the details of the costume
combined with each other.

Options for boys

hairstyles for boysPledge of well-groomed exterior
The kind for boys is a haircut. Already based on it you can
make styling suitable for the occasion.

First of all, the styling can be everyday style. For
This is necessary to direct the flow of air dryer from above, along the bangs.
You can shape your hands. To create a sporty hairstyle
style direct air flow from the face. To prevent strands from disturbing them
can be fixed with gel or wax, twisting out of hair

And finally, the hairstyle for the first of September can be done as follows.
way: dry your hair with a hair dryer from parting, lifting them with a brush.
Chelku wrap with gel, turning the tips from the face of large
with your fingers.

Hairstyles depending on the length of hair

Hairstyles for children on September 1 may vary.
from the length of the hair. Today many schoolgirls are honored short
haircuts They are very comfortable and at the same time stylish. When
celebrations short hair decorated with all kinds of bouffant
designs of curls or smooth styling.

The length of the hair at shoulder level and below allows you to create the most
various hairstyles: braids of various weaves and directions,
elastic curls, tails, bundles, etc. Especially appropriate would be
french braid.

Small owners of long hair may well be just their
dissolve, it looks very impressive. Focus is worth
also on braids in all their diversity, as long hair
allow you to improvise and create whole masterpieces. For example,
hairstyle “fishtail” or openwork braid and much more.

Paying a little attention to the appearance of your child, you
create a festive atmosphere for him. This will help baby
Feel more confident in an unusual environment.

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