How to paint over gray hair with henna and basma

Gray hair usually appears as a result of age
changes, on the background of nervous shocks and serious diseases.
The cells are responsible for the appearance of melanocytes, which are located in
hair follicle.

Girls' Gray Hair

As soon as they stop producing the pigment melanin,
hair becomes white. Learn more about how to get rid of gray hair.

Graying Hair

In order to completely hide gray hair, many
women use ammonia paints,
which effectively paint over light strands, but at the same time cause
severe damage to hair structure. Procedures such as: staining,
highlighting, coloring, certainly help to hide gray hair, but
resort to them is only in the most extreme cases.

In order to get rid of gray hair and not harm the hair,
it is best to give preference to natural and safe paints,
which are all known henna and basma.

Henna and Basma

Coloring gray hair with henna and basma at home

The content of the article:

  • Coloring gray hair with henna and basma at home
  • Henna for dyeing gray hair Pros and Cons
  • Types of henna for hair: which one is better
  • Technique and methods of staining
  • How long do you need to keep henna on gray hair
  • Secrets of hair coloring
  • Coloring recipes
  • How to dye gray hair with Basma and henna
  • Basma for gray hair benefits and harm
  • Photos BEFORE and AFTER the application of henna or basma on SEDY hair
  • Recommendations for choosing natural dyes
  • Reviews
  • Video
  • Poll

Henna and Basma

Self-coloring gray strands with henna will be the best
solution for those who want to safely get rid of whitened
hairs. To do this, just choose for yourself a recipe with henna
and consistently perform the entire staining procedure.

  • It is recommended to use this tool no more than once.
    in 2 months.
  • It is better to wash the head before this procedure and then
    apply a moisturizing conditioner on them. Divorce henna necessarily
    warm water.
  • Depending on the desired result to withstand the hair
    henna is recommended from 1 to 4 hours.

To enhance the coloring effect help the addition of various

  • Turmeric
  • Onion Husk
  • Chamomile decoction
  • other-

Coloring additives

After the end of the dyeing of gray hair becomes stronger at the root,
acquires color and becomes brilliant.

Henna for dyeing gray hair Pros and Cons

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Pros and cons of henna for hair
Pros and cons of henna for hair

Henna as a means of dyeing hair successfully used
back in ancient times beauties from India, Egypt and Persia. Despite
on the emergence of more resistant hair dyes, this way of solving
problems of gray hair and strengthening the hair structure came to ours


The main advantage of henna as a dye for dyeing gray
strands lies in its absolute naturalness and
security. Henna is made from crushed leaves
“Lawsonian is not stupid” and has when applied to hair and skin
head beneficial effects:

  • the restoring effect;
  • disinfectant action;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • wound healing.

The absence of chemical components makes henna indispensable
assistant for people who are allergic to chemicals
paint or skin is too sensitive.

In addition, any even the most expensive paint causes a certain
harm to hair and damages its structure. Unique substances
henna, on the contrary, strengthens the hair and nourishes the skin
heads and make curls healthy and silky.

Also henna copes with the problem of dandruff and
restores damaged staining or chemical wave


The disadvantages of henna are that not a single professional
will be able to guess what exactly the color will turn out after
staining procedures.

In addition, henna tends to interact poorly with normal
chemical paint (color from a combination of natural and chemical
dye unpredictable).

In addition, if the color obtained after henna dyeing, you do not
like it, it will be impossible to paint it over with any other
dye: will have to wait some time until they grow back
hair or dye will not be completely washed off.

The main advantages of henna as a natural coloring

  • no age restrictions;
  • hair protection against dandruff;
  • normalization of the sebaceous glands;
  • improvement of blood circulation in the skin area
  • rapid hair growth, volume and grooming;
  • the absence of harmful components;
  • protection of hair from the negative effects of sunlight.

The disadvantages of henna include:

  • after dyeing gray hair may remain;
  • impossibility to use chemical along with henna
  • possible overdrying of strands.

Types of henna for hair: which one is better

Before proceeding to paint over gray, it is recommended
familiarize yourself with existing types of henna and choose for yourself
the best option.

Types of Henna

There are such main types of this natural dye:

  • Colorless;
  • Brightening;
  • Color.

Colorless henna is commonly used to
strengthen hair and accelerate their growth. Do not paint over her gray hair
it will work out, but it can be used to make medicinal

This type of henna can successfully replace a known procedure.
lamination of hair and at the same time will cost much cheaper.
Use colorless henna preferably no more than twice a week,
so as not to overdry the hair too.

Brightening henna helps to make the curls lighter
on one or one and a half tones, it will be applied in combination with oil for

Color natural dye enjoys
most sought after by women because it is suitable for coloring
hair of all colors and types. With the right combination succeeds
get a beautiful copper red, black or coffee color.

Depending on the manufacturer, henna can be Iranian,
Turkish or Indian. The latter species has a smaller
color range, but also has useful properties.

Iranian and Indian henna

Turkish henna

Iranian henna is considered the best.
Also on the market you can buy liquid henna in finished form, which
more convenient to use (but in the opinion of many women, liquid henna
unevenly falls on the hair).

Liquid henna

Another popular natural paint is Basma, which
Made from the leaves of the indigo plant.

Basma for hair

It is used to dye hair in dark colors.
(chestnut, black) and can be used in combination with henna for
create different shades.

Technique and methods of staining

To dye gray hair in the right shade, it is recommended
follow certain rules:

  1. To carry out the procedure of staining need to clean and
    washed hair moistened with balsam or
    air conditioning.
  2. Curls need only be a little dry and leave
    they are slightly wet. After that it is necessary to dilute the dye in
    warm water to type consistency
    sour cream.
  3. Before applying henna, the skin on the forehead and ears
    it is advisable to smear any cream to prevent
    the appearance of red spots.
  4. With the help of an ordinary comb, you need to make partings on
    head and apply a warm mixture on the hair evenly
    by layer.
  5. It is recommended to begin the procedure of staining the strands with
    occipital region, and only then gradually move on to
    temples and crown.
  6. After applying henna on top of the head worn
    a hat that is wrapped with a towel to keep
    it’s warm inside.
  7. At the end of the procedure, hair must be
    wash thoroughly with running water without soap or

Memo: Apply to hair must necessarily be warm
henna, since using a cold mixture will result in less
intensive staining strands.

How long do you need to keep henna on gray hair

Keep the natural coloring composition, made on the basis of
Henna, on hair can be as much as you want. In total
complexity takes about 1-4 hours to remove gray hair and
get the desired shade. The longer the henna mixture will hold onto
hair, the richer the color of the strands.

Basma is recommended to leave on the hair as well
3-4 hours to get a pronounced black color.

Will he henna gray hair after the first coloring,
depends largely on the type of hair.

The softer strands, the more penetrating the coloring matter, and
on the contrary, hard curls often become stained only after the third
procedures or long exposure.

In addition, you need to consider the distribution of gray hair on the head, so
as an uneven amount of gray hair can give undesirable
result after dyeing: pigmented hair can
get a dark copper shade, and gray hair – bright
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Table for Henna and Basma Extract

For painting gray hair, you should first use henna, and then
already take basma. If you have a lot of gray hair, you can add
a little bit of basma in the henna dye mixture with each coloring
hair. This will contribute to better coloring of gray hair.
already after the first time.

Tip: For the very first time better to henna paint
and basma only one strand of hair to see what will be
result. If you like it, you can proceed to the full
painting over gray hair all over the head.

Secrets of hair coloring

The use of henna requires certain knowledge and skill.
Be sure to pay attention to the fact that quality
real henna when diluted with water should acquire red

Henna for hair If you add a raw yolk to it, such a mixture
it will be easier to apply on strands and will serve as an additional
power source for hair follicles. Women with brittle and
dry strands are recommended to be used with this dye
kefir or olive oil.

Some time after the first dyeing, when the hair
will grow, the coloring mixture with henna is recommended to be applied only on
roots, because under the action of henna, already dyed hair will be
turn a tone darker. Affect the final result
You can, if added to the coloring mixture and other components:

  • for an interesting honey tone you need to add to
    dye turmeric, coffee, rhubarb decoction or saffron;
  • chestnut color is obtained by the interaction of henna with a hammer
    cloves, cocoa, buckthorn and basmo;
  • black color gives a mixture of henna and basma with strong natural

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Colors for gray hair

Coloring recipes

For coloring a small gray hair on light brown
hair, you can use the following recipe:

  • Iranian henna (2 packets);
  • natural coffee (0.5 cups);
  • a mixture of castor, burdock and olive oils (1 hour each
  • grape seed oil (10 drops).

Henna needs to be poured into a deep bowl and pour the oil on top,
without mixing the components. Then add a little cold
coffee along with the thick and carefully mix all the ingredients. After
Leave this mixture to infuse for 5-6 hours.

To eliminate gray hair on red hair fit
This recipe:

  • Iranian henna (2 packets);
  • ground turmeric (1 teaspoon);
  • lemon juice (a few drops);
  • kefir (2-3 tablespoons);
  • water.

Henna should be poured into a deep bowl or other container, add
To her lemon juice, turmeric and water. After mixing, pour
warm kefir and apply evenly on hair.

Owners of black or dark hair
a recipe with a combination of basma and henna (2: 1) with the addition of
brewed strong black tea or ground coffee, which
Give your hair a beautiful shade of chocolate. *** Picture
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Recipes for henna and basma coloring

How to dye gray hair with Basma and henna

The combination of henna and basma when coloring will help guaranteed
remove gray hair without visiting expensive salon and wasting money.

A few important points about henna and hair coloring

  • Mix and prepare such a dye composition is necessary in not
    metal utensils: best used
    porcelain container.
  • Flush such a composition from the head will have
    very carefully, as it will need later
    long comb out hair.
  • To achieve the desired effect you need to mix properly.
    all components.
  • Basma is best bred with plain water.
    (warm or even boiling water) to get the most saturated
  • The consistency of the finished mixture should not be too thick, but
    not liquid. It should be easily applied to the hair and not drip off.
    of them.
  • Approximate amount of dye mixture for long hair
    (to the belt) is about 300-500 g, for short 30-50 g and for
    average 150 g

Depending on the selection of the ratio of substances included in
coloring mixture, you can get a different result.

  • The ratio of 1: 1 colored henna and basma gives hair
    chestnut shade
  • 1: 2 (1 part basma, 2 parts colored henna) –
  • a 2: 1 (2 parts of basma, 1 part colored henna) imparts
    black color strands

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Hair colors dyed with basma and henna
Memo: In no case should not combine
colorless henna with basma, as a result of this, hair can
get a green or bluish tint.

Bordeaux color is obtained if to dye
add strong karkade or beet juice, and a shade of red
wood – when using Cahors and cranberry juice.

Painting gray hair with henna and basma can be done separately by
queue or simultaneously, mixing both components at once.

For dyeing gray hair black is recommended first
use pure henna, which will give them a reddish tint, and then
on the second day, you can begin coloring basma.

Basma for gray hair benefits and harm

Basma, like henna, is a natural dye,
which do not harm the hair structure.


Basmy hair coloring contributes to:

  • strengthen the hair follicles;
  • accelerate hair growth;
  • getting rid of dandruff;
  • obtaining beautiful saturated color;
  • giving hair volume.

By cons of using this natural
The dye applies what:

  • when painting with basma gray hair will stand out from the background
    normal strands;
  • when combined with chemical paint Basmy hair color is impossible
  • When Basma interacts with the curling solution, the hair will become
    swamp green;
  • It is not recommended to apply Basma on light or damaged ones.
    hair without the subsequent use of henna, as it can give
    im bluish or green tint;
  • due to the presence of tannins in basma,
    can dry hair with frequent use.

Photos BEFORE and AFTER the application of henna or basma on SEDY hair

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Photos before and after 4
Photos before and after 3
Photos before and after 2
Photos before and after 1

Recommendations for choosing natural dyes

In order to get rid of the suddenly appeared gray hair and
paint the curls in the desired color, it is recommended to choose carefully
coloring matter. How to choose and where to buy henna and basma for your

  • Quality basma and henna must have information
    on the manufacturing date label and
  • Preference is desirable to give the Iranian
    products, as it lasts longer on the hair and gives
    more saturated colors.
  • The marsh-green testifies to the freshness of henna and basma
    color of powder. If the dye has a yellowish or other
    shade, it may be a sign of expired shelf life, that
    means that the result of its use will be less
  • Buy quality henna and basma can be priced from 100 to
    600 rubles in specialized online stores or

Knowing all the rules and subtleties of hair coloring with the help
dye based on henna and basma, every woman can safely and
easily get rid of gray strands and make your hair
shiny and silky, saving a lot on visiting
beauty salons.


Some useful reviews about henna and basma, source of

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A short but useful video illustrating the process of dyeing hair
henna and basma at home, video only 2 minutes 38


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