How to paint over gray hair without harm to hair

The achievements of the modern beauty industry provide
the ability of every woman to look beautiful regardless of
age The appearance of gray hair is inevitable, but in order to
the fact did not darken the mood of the beautiful half of humanity
enough to use hair dye.

The emergence of innovative dyes marked a new milestone in their
development. New generation ammonia free paint
make the dyeing process a pleasant and safe procedure
hair care.

What is harmful ammonia and can paint over gray hair without

The content of the article:

  • What is harmful ammonia and can paint over gray hair without
  • Paints without ammonia for gray hair
  • How to choose a non-ammonia paint for gray hair
  • Top 7 best ammonia-free paints
  • Natural dyes for gray hair
  • Results
  • Telecast channel MIR – video about the best paint for gray
  • Reviews

To understand why ammonia-free paint is safer for
gray hair | need to know what is the harm of this substance and
For what it is introduced into most products:

  1. The main purpose of ammonia in the dye composition is its
    the ability to “open” the hair scales.
    This process ensures smooth penetration.
  2. When interacting with mucous membranes, ammonia leads to
    their annoyance. Inhalation of inhalation of toxic fumes also
    are amazed.
  3. Systematic exposure to ammonia has a strong toxic effect.
    Effect. Its result can be serious mental
    frustration, and also acute poisoning.
  4. Ammonia causes severe chemical burns and allergies.

Despite the fact that the effect of ammonia free dyes is more
soft, they can have the same effect and durability as
traditional formulations.

There are several facts that prove
effectiveness of safe hair dyes:

  1. All paints are divided into three types: resistant, tint and
    ammonia free Substances that open hair for penetration
    dye composition, fruit acids, safe for hair and
  2. In non-ammonia dyes, the pigment concentration is increased.
  3. Contains safe hair dye products
    special substances. They seal hair after exposure.
  4. Ammonium free dyes have a cumulative effect. With
    several repeated staining in the hair structure accumulates
    a large amount of pigment and the result becomes more

! Caution Paint without ammonia for gray strands!
is able to completely replace the aggressive coloring compositions when
observance of simple rules of care and proper conduct of the procedure

Paints without ammonia for gray hair

Hair dye without ammonia | – this is a great solution for those who
take care of the health of the hair or trying to avoid negative
exposure to chemicals (this issue will be discussed below).

Can paint over gray hair without ammonia – modern
achievements of manufacturers of cosmetics allow it
to do. By durability, this category of staining products
in no way inferior to traditional paints, as well as in quality

How to choose a non-ammonia paint for gray hair

Before dyeing gray hair without harm to health,
it is necessary to choose the right paint:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to determine the condition of the hair and
    the number of gray strands, depends on what composition
    paint is preferred.
  2. Choose the desired shade based on the original hair color.
  3. Determine the type of hair. Best non-ammonia paint for
    hair, covering over gray hair, falls on the thin blonde from
    natures hair. In this case, the dye should be
    as soft as possible, and the procedure can be carried out at home
    conditions. If hair is hard, bulky and thick, help should be given.
    turn to professionals because it will need preparatory
  4. Painting gray hair in bright colors without harm is enough
    doubtful, since there are no specific substances in the composition,
    able to destroy the pigment.

! Important: a new generation of ammonia-free paints for
Hair is represented by products based on vegetable oils. They
possess sufficient stability, and work thanks to biologically
active ingredients in the composition.

Top 7 best ammonia-free paints

Before dyeing gray hair without harm to hair and choose
A particular tool can be found with the rating of the best
ammonia-free paints:

  1. Igora Royal. It has a delicate texture
    thick enough not to spread and evenly stain
    the hairline along the entire length. A large number of shades are pleasant
    fruity smell, nourishing and caring composition – all these
    the benefits make Igora Royal the leader among the colors given
    categories. The price will average 350-450 rubles.
  2. Casting Creme Gloss L’Oreal. Possesses
    composition enriched with royal jelly and special
    complexes that protect, moisturize and restore strands.
    Price – 380-500 rubles.
  3. “Inoa “. One of the world leaders in
    the production of cosmetics “Loreal” a few years ago
    introduced an innovative paint that has high
    durability and at the same time perfectly safe for the strands. Inoa
    has a delicate fruity aroma, gently cares for hair and
    scalp and gives curls smooth, multifaceted deep color.
    The cost is 700-900 rubles.
  4. CHI IONIC. Refers to high-tech
    dyes since the dyeing process. Its effectiveness
    achieved through the participation of long infrared waves. They
    lift the scaly layer and allow the pigments to penetrate and
    caring components in the deep structures of the hair. Price –
    950-1100 rubles.
  5. Schwarzkopf essential. Affordable, popular and
    effective paint with a rich palette. Medium structure
    density provides uniform staining even at home
    conditions. The price varies from 460 to 550 rubles.
  6. Rowan without ammonia. Despite the low
    the cost of paint fits perfectly, paints well gray hair and
    completely harmless to hair. The average cost is
    100 r.
  7. Kapous. Italian paint that possesses
    rich color, high content of caring components and
    impeccable quality resistant staining. The price is 300-400 rubles.

Natural dyes for gray hair

Asking about how to dye gray hair without harm,
many resort to traditional and ancient recipes. Most Popular
gray hair coloring products:

  • henna and basma;
  • Tea coffee;
  • onion peel;
  • rhubarb.

When using solutions and decoctions based on these components
There are a number of inconveniences and difficulties:

  • Exposure time too long;
  • insufficiently effective staining of gray hair;
  • uneven staining due to inhomogeneous structure
    coloring composition.

To achieve the desired result is possible only 3-4 times, and
it takes a lot of time – 3-4 hours. However
these are affordable, safe means.


Resistant ammonia paints work faster and result
lasts longer, but ammonia-free paints have a cumulative
effect. With each procedure, the result will be more and more resistant.
To cause serious damage to the health of the hair, scalp and body
can be the first time. This is the worst option than painting over gray hair.
without harm to hair by any means – paint or folk

Telecast channel MIR – video about the best paint for gray


Maria, 37 years old, Perm:

“All my life I proudly wore my natural hair
chestnut color, and recently began to appear gray.
For a long time she doubted whether gray paint was painted over without ammonia or
not. In the end I tried Igora Royal. The effect is stunning: soft,
shiny curls with deep natural color. ”

Angela, 40, Taganrog:

“Sedin appeared since 30 years old, since then I have been using Schwarzkopf
essential or Result completely satisfied – uniform
coloring, shining medium blond and healthy hair. ”

Elizaveta, 34, Volgograd:

“I have hard, black hair with a lot of gray hair. By
this reason I am painted in the cabin. My stylist has been using it for 3 years.
Kapous without ammonia and with every dyeing hair becomes more and more
brighter and more pleasant to the touch. ”

Millions of women have already appreciated the superiority of ammonia-free drugs.
for coloring strands with gray hair, but many still have to.
Despite minor drawbacks safe paints, especially from
natural raw materials, are able to make a tough competition with their
traditional counterparts with ammonia.

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