How to perfectly straighten hair with an iron at home conditions

In the rhythm of the big city, when you always want to look
flawlessly for the minimum amount of time to help the girls and
women come such an indispensable helper, as an iron for the hair.
It removes excess moisture, straightens curly locks and removes
extra “fluffy”, leaving its owner healthy and
beautiful hairstyle beautiful girl straightens hair

How to choose a quality iron

The content of the article:

  • How to choose a quality iron
  • Preparation for processing and straightening irons
  • Is it possible to straighten wet hair
  • Straightening short hair
  • Is it possible to straighten extensions
  • Harm from the procedure
  • Fixation and care, recommendations for straight hair care
  • Hair straightening products
  • Keratin straightening home
  • Masks for hair straightening at home
  • Hair care after straightening
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

To select a device that you will definitely be
to use, when buying you need to pay attention to
several factors:

  • what material the plates are made of;
  • plate width;
  • maximum warm up temperature and availability
  • manufacturer.

From what material was used in the manufacture
plates, will depend on the ease of use ironing,
the quality of the end result and the condition of the hair itself. When choosing
The material should know two simple rules:

  1. Warming plates styler should be
    uniform. In case the valves warm up
    uneven, for example in the center the heating will be higher, and on the sides below
    – there is a chance to burn hair, or bad their
    smooth out.
  2. Excellent glide through the hair. If a
    sliding of the leaves leaves much to be desired, you have to tinker,
    before you get a perfectly smooth hairstyle.

Iron for hair

Possible materials of which the plates are made

  • titanium;
  • teflon;
  • metal;
  • ceramics;
  • tourmaline;
  • two-part.

the choice of irons for hair

According to the results of modern developments, additional
tourmaline plates have useful properties. AT
tourmaline contains a semi-precious mineral that
heating produces negatively charged particles and transfers them
hair. Hair becomes obedient, shiny and
alive, using a lower level

IMPORTANT! From customer reviews it follows that
ironing plates made of metal are unevenly heated. AT
Ultimately, such tools quickly lose their external
the view, the flaps do not slide well in the hair and their quality deteriorates.
About ionization, too, do not have to.

In terms of uniform heating, the most competitive are
plates of tourmaline, ceramics, teflon and titanium. For daily
use of the device optimum temperature
is 120-130 degrees. Maximum heat in
depending on the composition varies from 180 to 230
degrees and is used to acquire long-term

The easiest way to scratch is teflon, tourmaline and
ceramics. But titanium is extremely difficult to scratch.

Depending on the type of hair, width is taken into account
plates. If it is curly, hard hair, then get out
styler with wider doors. If it is thin and fragile
curls, selected devices with a narrow plate.

Of course, when choosing a device there are limitations in the amount of
purchases. But if possible, it is worth buying appliances
famous manufacturers who deserve love and
recognition of buyers.

Preparation for processing and straightening irons

We will examine all the main stages, starting with hair preparation and
ending directly straightening.

Stage 1. Heat treatment preparation

Before using the device you must wash your hair with
using shampoo and conditioner designed
specifically for straightening and smoothing hair. Some very
No need to buy expensive products or unique products –
Those that are in the nearest cosmetics store or
supermarket. The main thing is that they have a smoothing function.
or moisturizing.

After washing it is necessary to dry the hair
towel, gently wetting the strands one after the other. Not
you need to rub your hair roughly or ruffle them – from this they will
curl and furrow after a shower. Neat blotting
will help to remove excess water from the curls, avoiding unnecessary
“fluffy”. girl washes her hair

Be sure to apply thermoprotective whey or any
other protective equipment. These may be sprays,
serums, creams, conditioners – now in stores a large selection
means of various textures. They will help reduce the harm of thermal
styling and keep the hair smooth for a long time. Apply
funds needed for wet hair – it will help
distribute them evenly, avoiding congestion in certain places,
after applying to comb.

IMPORTANT! Protective equipment with argan or coconut
oils will help your hair to stay smooth throughout
of the day Silicone products will also help smooth out.

Before proceeding with the procedure, you must
dry hair dryer. Curls should be completely dry.
– it will help not only to use the styler more efficiently, but also
will not let burn strands.

When drying with a hairdryer, you need to observe a couple

  1. the flow of air from the dryer must be directed from above
    way down. So strands dry more straight;
  2. using the lowest temperature for drying
    hair dryer If the hair is especially bushy, or curly, their
    better to dry with low heat, but for a longer time is
    help them not fluff during the drying process.

Stage 2 Correct technique

  1. Plug the device into the network and press the button
    inclusions. Next to this button is usually
    a regulator that allows you to set the desired temperature.
  2. It is necessary to divide the curls into strands.
    The number of loops depends on the thickness and thickness of the hair, but better
    separate strands no more than 2-2.5 centimeters wide so that they
    could easily pass through the plates ironing. While you work with
    one strand, the rest is better to remove the barrette or pins to
    they did not interfere. It’s best to stab your hair upstairs or behind.
    back, and then pull forward strands one at a time and
  3. Styler should be placed as close as possible to
    the roots however need to watch out not to get
    burn. Most often the distance from the instrument to the scalp
    is about 2.5 cm.
  4. Clamp the instrument flaps so that the heated plates close.
    among themselves, and a strand of hair was between them. It does not follow
    squeeze the doors too hard, this will create an excessive kink
    in the place where straightening began. Keep the device on for a long time
    one place also does not follow – this also leads to the formation
  5. Go through the styler on the entire curl from the roots to the
    tips. Move smoothly and evenly, trying not to
    overeating the iron in one place, so as not to injure the hair and
    do not create a kink.
  6. Depending on the thickness of the hair, you may have to repeat
    smoothing one strand several times. Number of movements
    also depends on the temperature of heating – the lower it is, the greater
    number of straightening required. There is nothing wrong in
    that if the iron starts to go steam. He appears in
    contact of heated ceramics and residual moisture on
    hair. However, you need to immediately put a lower
    heating temperature, if you smell the smell of burnt hair.
  7. Remove the processed strand to the side, and go to
    next one.

The girl straightens her hair

IMPORTANT! If the curls tend to curl, then after
straighten each new strand, apply hairspray or
fixation serum to keep it smooth.

Medium-length hair styling gives room for

With the help of styler, you can perform such options as:

  • Classic curls. To create such
    curls need to wash and dry hair, divide them into
    separate strands and apply a styling agent. Stepping back
    centimeters from the roots, twist the forceps in the direction from
    faces forming a curl. Turn the iron up and down
    all hair as if straightening. girl with twisted hair
  • Beach waves. For the formation of beach waves and
    create a romantic image, it is enough to disassemble the hair on
    strands and twist each strand into a tow. Then go through them

IMPORTANT! No need to twist and fix the harnesses
too much, it may cause a loss of effect. If you want
make waves smaller – strands should be narrow, if more,
accordingly, take strands more.

  • Small curls. The process of creating small curls
    it is also simple: divided into individual strands, not exceeding
    2 centimeters wide. Twist each strand into a flagellum and
    roll in a small bundle. Then carefully fix at
    the very roots. Each flagellum beam is clamped by the iron for 3-5 seconds,
    at the same time, the heating temperature of the device must not exceed
    160-180 degrees. fine curls for a girl
  • Festive styling. Traditional method for
    creating neat curls and creating a compelling image. To
    perform such styling, divide the hair into 5-7 large
    strands, each of which must be wound on the styler
    from top to bottom. However, you need to follow to
    tail strands peeking out. Twisted styler
    strand can be held for 10-15 seconds, after which
    stretch, as if straightening, holding the tail strands. it
    will allow to form beautiful, large curls. holiday styling

Is it possible to straighten wet hair

Straighten hair wet or wet
categorically impossible. Water particles remaining in the structure
hair after shower, in contact with a heated device boil
and break the hair shaft. This leads to broken ends and
the sad state of the hair for a long time. spoiled hair

Straightening short hair

Consider 2 ways to style short hair with

  1. If the hair is extremely short and its length is not
    exceeds 10 centimeters, then we start at the top and
    gradually move to the back of the head, where the haircut may be even shorter.
    At the same time, the iron must be kept straight, grabbing a lock at the roots and
    twisting it back in one motion. In this case, count to 5.
  2. In case the hair length is from 10 to 15
    centimeters, strands need to curl symmetrically from both
    parties. At the same time you need to start from the bottom (the upper part is better
    lift with the help of pins), giving the curls spiral
    shape, twisting strands tilted. In this case, count to 10.
    It will look very stylish if you straighten a straight fringe and
    to lay temporal locks to the face, slightly having covered cheekbones.

short straight hair

If the styler is used every day, it’s better
apply it at a temperature of 120-130 degrees. If need
long-term fixation, or your hair is very tight and curly,
then the temperature can be adjusted from 180 to 230

IMPORTANT! The more dense and curly hair, the
above should set the heating temperature. If the hair is thin
and brittle, it is better to install the weakest heat so as not to damage

Is it possible to straighten extensions

Extensive hair is in the past live hair. So, their
You can just straighten the iron as your own,
adhering to the same rules. However, it should be remembered that
you need to avoid touching the iron to the attachment points
hair extensions. From high temperatures, capsules can

Harm from the procedure

Unfortunately, there is harm from the hair styling procedure
always, just in some cases it is more, in others it is less.
For example, actively using a styler with metal
plates, you can bring healthy and beautiful hair in a month
sad state It is therefore advisable to use
ceramic or tourmaline coating. split ends

With frequent use, the iron dries hair,
so do not use it every day. And of course,
use heat protection to protect hair from
drying out Do you use the iron every day? Yes

Fixation and care, recommendations for straight hair care

After straightening the curls with an iron, put the hairdryer in mode
cold air and set the lowest power blowing.
Take a hair dryer through the hair, literally within a minute.
It is recommended to repeat the movement of the hair dryer with a large brush through the hair.
After that, you can use varnish, a means for processing
hair after straightening or any fixing spray to
keep the hair smooth for a long time.

hair fixation

Especially effective there will be the use of funds with
silicone. If you live in a region with unpredictable
climate, and the sudden appearance of rain is not uncommon for you – wear
with an umbrella! Otherwise, after all the manipulations, in case of moisture
on the hair they will curl again.

Hair straightening products

When using hair straightener, be sure to
apply means that will protect the curls from high temperature.
Without thermal protection, extreme heat will quickly destroy protein,
contained in the hair and they will get a painful look.

To care you can use tools such as:

  • butter. As a rule, it contains
    caring properties and fixes curls. butter
  • spray – enhances the thermal effect of the plates
    styler and fixes the smoothness of the hair. spray
  • for protection when straightening hair ironing can choose
    something one of foam, mousse, gel, cream or serum.
    The difference is only in the texture of the means and the degree of weighting of the hair.
    hair cream

Also, to protect the hair when using styler, you can
use the redken tools.

The high level of thermal protection is different spray Redken Iron
Shape Thermal Holding Spray, which does not contain parabens
and sulphates and can be used for all hair types, including
the number of weakened and stained.

Keratin straightening home

Our hair is 80% keratin, a special protein that
responsible for the beauty and health of our hair. With frequent
using a hair dryer, ironing, curling and coarse hairpins, our hair
become faded, brittle, and begin to fall out. In order to
return them well-groomed and healthy look, you can carry out the procedure
keratin hair straightening. hair straightening

In the salon, this service is quite expensive, so many
girls decide to spend it at home by buying the right ingredients in
the store. Although the result of such a straightening is not quite so
as in the cabin, because of the difference in composition and differences in the process.

To carry out such a procedure, you must:

  • shampoo peeling for deep cleansing hair
    against contamination and packing materials, silicone and chlorine;
  • product containing keratin. For more
    effective protection and recovery can be enriched with proteins and
    vitamin complexes;
  • spray to evenly apply the solution
    on hair;
  • hair straightener, preferably with ceramic
    or tourmaline plates and the ability to heat up to
    230 degrees. At lower temperatures, keratin cannot
    penetrate the hair;
  • hair dryer, which has a gentle function
    drying mode and cold air;
  • hair clips, gloves, comb with rare
    teeth, non-metallic bowl, brush.

Wash thoroughly before performing the procedure.
hair, even desirable to do it twice. Then
gently blot the hair with a towel and blow-dry to
curls remained slightly wet. Then you need to carefully
comb the hair and divide into strands, a width of not more than 3
centimeters and the same thickness. girl with hair dryer and comb

The amount of composition with keratin depends on the length of the hair, on average
it is about 100 ml. It is necessary to spray evenly
mortar on the strands, departing from the roots by 1 cm. It is important to apply
the optimal amount of keratin, because an insufficient amount
will not saturate the hair in the required size, but an excessive amount
will lead to an untidy look. Comb your hair after

Leave the hair for 15-30 minutes, giving keratin
able to soak up. After that, dry the hair dryer by setting
the lowest possible temperature. At this time, put
iron up to 230 degrees. However in case
hair dyed in light colors will be enough and 200
degrees Start with a small pryadok width of 1-1.5
centimeter, passing the ironing on each curl at least 5 times.
After the procedure, gently comb the hair.

Masks for hair straightening at home

If you do not want to use the hair straightener, you can
apply masks at home. Such as:

  • warm oils. 1 tbsp. olive oil + 2 tbsp.
    l jojoba oil + 1 tbsp. l castor oil. All mix, bring
    until warm and carefully rubbing into the scalp, distribute
    by hair. Comb through. Bundle up and fasten, wrap your head,
    keeping warm. After an hour, rinse with shampoo. hair
  • milk mask. ½ tbsp. warm boiled water +
    1/2 Art. milk, mix and apply with a spray bottle
    hair, comb, let dry. Repeat the procedure, and so
    repeatedly. Then rinse with shampoo. milk hair mask
  • beer mask. 1 tbsp. beer preferably
    live + 1 yolk + 3 tbsp. l kefir. Beat yolk, mix with
    the rest of the beer and kefir. Do not wash your hair before applying.
    Apply the entire length, comb, heat to wrap. An hour later rinse with
    shampoo beer mask for hair

Hair care after straightening

After keratin hair straightening need to adhere
The following abstracts:

  • the next three days do not wash your head
    heat the hair dryer, ironing, curling;
  • do not use rubber bands, pins, hairpins, headbands for
  • make sure that hair does not appear wrinkles;
  • do not wear glasses and hats;
  • two weeks not to carry out staining, highlighting;
  • wash your hair with shampoo, which is not part of
    avoid keratin leaching;
  • 2 weeks not to go to the sea, not to swim in the salt pool

girl cares for hair

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Expert opinionEustilist hairdresserAsk a question

Is it possible to straighten hair after botox

After botox hair is highly undesirable because
heating elements contribute to the “evaporation” of the composition.

Is it possible to straighten hair every day

Is undesirable. No matter how high the quality is, he
Harmful to hair due to high temperatures.

Is it possible to straighten hair

Not recommended. When highlighting the hair experienced serious
stress due to chemicals straightening with an iron can cause
serious harm to such loose hair.

The better to straighten hair with a hair dryer or

For self-straightening better fit iron, however
its effects are more harmful than hair dryers. A hair dryer is better to straighten,
when someone does it.

What to do if the hair is pushed after straightening

If after applying the styler remains “fluffy”, you can
before the procedure, apply a spray on the curls or means for

How to straighten hair so ironing so that they do not

Apply any iron before use.
smoothing hair and smoothing smoothly and slowly to
the scales had time to close from the heat. Take thin strands and carry
irons at least a couple of times one strand.

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