How to perform the French braid on the contrary? Various options and solutions.

French braidToday
The French braid, on the contrary, is very popular among girls of different
ages. The beauty of it is that it fits all, under any
clothing style and makeup. How you braid it will
depend on how it will look – romantic or extravagant,
modern or vintage. She will support the most exquisite and
solemn image, if you add a few accessories. Therefore, without
stretching can be said that the French braid is a hairstyle for all
occasions In fact, this weaving is a changeling of the usual, because
strands in it are woven inwards, not outwards. But tell more
Details on how to braid the French braid on the contrary.

Preparation for work

To begin, brush your hair well to make it easy
work, hair is not confused and not interfered. Can be applied a little
light gel or foam to make the pigtail look inside out
neatly. Think what kind of braid you would like to create – curved
diagonally or straight, small or large, with small or large
links. Consider this, start from the edge where you

Weaving technique

Separate a very strand of hair from any edge. Divide
its into three equal parts. Take the rightmost strand under the bottom,
between the remaining two. Then take the left strand and start it.
also down, under the adjacent strand, also placing it between the adjacent
by two. Then continue similarly, alternating the right and left strands,
gradually adding to them a small amount of hair.

Moreover, if you want a braid with large links, add
Immediately large locks of hair, and if with small ones, take a hair
slightly less. At the end of the work, fasten the braid with a rubber band, preferably
color close to your hair color or any neutral.

Small details

If you want to make a more rigorous image, braid tight, and
if you like romance, then after the end of the weaving of the braid
pull each link a little while holding the base – spit out
will become more lush and airy. Can be made more playful
image, if weave two French braids at once. For this
pre-divide the hair into two parts and weave first
one and then the second pigtail. Two braids look interesting,
joined together at the base of the neck, and then turned into one.
For a festive event, the French braid out
decorate with beautiful studs with rhinestones.

French braid of four strands

French braidHow else can
weave braid inside out? For example, choose a very extraordinary
option not from three, but from four strands. So, separate the small
bunch of hair and divide it into four strands. Take a strand with
one edge and stretch it under the next two, but above the most extreme,
the third. Then take the outermost strand from the other side and in the same way.
stretch under the next two, but over the extreme third.

Next, start adding strands of loose hair: to the extreme
straightening add a little strand of loose hair and stretch it
all together under two neighbors and above the third. Do the same.
and for strands from the other side. So continue along the entire length of the hair and
secure your work with a rubber band. This braid looks even more
extravagant and unusual, rather than a standard braid inside out.

Spit and tail

Make some freshness and originality in the already mastered
Hairstyle will help the connection of two hairstyles – braids and tail. For
This start weaving the braid inside out as usual. As soon as you
doplet her to the middle of the head, stop. This place is tight
tie all the hair together with an unfinished oblique elastic band. So
you will get a ponytail, but its base will be
made of beautiful french braid. Tail can be twisted into a bundle
and wrap around the gum, thereby forming a knob. The same
a cone can be made not from a cord, but from a braid made according to
conventional technique.

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