How to prepare masks film for the face at home conditions?

Today the mask film for the face is modern
cosmetic that perfectly removes dirt from
the upper layer of the epidermis and provides an excellent peeling effect.
It is necessary to consider the reasons for its effectiveness, as well as its methods


  • What caused the popularity of the mask film?
  • We prepare a good mask film for the face at home
  • The best mask films that help rejuvenate the skin

What caused the popularity of the mask film?

The greatest advantage of this type of mask is
the possibility of their preparation in the most ordinary home. BUT
their effectiveness will be practically on par with
procedures that are carried out today in the conditions of beauty salons.
Properly prepared mask film for the face helps to eliminate
inflammation and refreshing skin color.

mask film

The most important result from the use of such a mask –
this is a deep cleansing, under its influence the dead
cells, clogged pores are maximally cleaned, blacks are removed
points and decreases the number of disturbing acne.

Thanks to the most useful components that are in
the composition of such a cosmetic, such as film
mask, the upper layer of the epidermis is cleared and starts much deeper
breathe. After reviewing the components that are part of it,
it becomes quite clear that they provide the best care.
for the skin.

For example, an egg that goes into almost all masks,
perfectly nourishes and moisturizes tired and irritated skin.
Used for the preparation of film masks gelatin is
natural collagen that rejuvenates and renews the epidermis.
As the best additional ingredients that nourish the skin
individuals, you can quite successfully use herbal infusions, fresh fruit,
berries and vegetables.

Applying for the manufacture of cosmetics coal
activated, you can get a mask that perfectly cleans the pores
on the face, smoothes a large number of fine wrinkles, makes
the upper layer of the epidermis is elastic and resilient.

Homemade Mask Film
will show itself most effectively in a number of specific cases. She is
copes with the removal of acne, inflammation absolutely any
sight and acne. Almost 100% suitable for
women who have oily skin. However, many experts
claim that such a mask is ideal for
weekly care. Its use is the best method.
cleansing tired and polluted epidermis.

film face mask

However, it is not recommended to apply it if
there are open wounds and capillaries are very close to the surface
epidermis. Beautiful ladies who have dry and thin skin,
Experts recommend applying the tool very carefully. If a
women will always try to respect not too complicated
recommendations for using a mask, then this tool will
The most real salvation for skin with lots of different

We prepare a good mask film for the face at home

The remedy that every beautiful lady can cook
At home, it is necessary to apply only after cleansing the skin. Use
for this, only fingers should follow. Their movements must be
neat and light. After about 20 min the mask is very neat
removed from the face.

  1. To mask the film at home turned out the most
    effective you need to take 1 egg white, which is thoroughly whipped with
    using a blender. Continuing to perform this work, you should enter
    in protein 1 tsp. fresh lemon juice. The finished product is applied to
    clean skin with your fingers, wait until it dries. Then on him
    impose another layer.
  2. An excellent preparation will be a citrus mask. Need a good
    dry the orange peel and chop it. About 2 spoons
    gelatin needs to be dissolved, add a bit of crushed zest
    and mix thoroughly. If desired, add juice to this mask.
    Aloe or a small amount of liquid honey.
  3. Nourishing and cleansing facial mask can be prepared
    from fresh vegetables and fruits. Needs half a glass of juice
    grapefruit, currant, tomato and lemon add only 1 tbsp. l
    pre-dissolved gelatin. Then you need to put
    the resulting mass in the refrigerator for half an hour.

The best mask films that help rejuvenate the skin

In order to prepare a good tool, you need to brew
and for several hours insist chamomile and green tea.
Take 50 g of each tincture and mix with 1 tbsp. l gelatin.
After that, the resulting mass must be cooked, constantly
stirring. Then the cosmetic should be thoroughly cooled.
Only after this add 40 g of aloe juice and a spoonful of fresh
cucumber juice. Apply to the face of this mask film should be very
light and gentle finger movements.

mask film at home

The mask film for the face after application forms a thin
the film, to the inner surface of which all unnecessary sticks
elements and pollution. The home mask is easy to remove with your hands, and
after removing it, you immediately feel velvety and gentle softness
renewed skin.

A great skin care product can consist of fruits and berries.
For example, you can take a few strawberries, carefully knead and
mix with almond oil, a small amount of wheat
flour and milk.

The most effective cleansing will provide a means for
cooking which used activated carbon. Total
only 1 tablet of charcoal is thoroughly ground and mixed with 1 tsp.
gelatin. Then in the resulting mass you need to add a spoonful of milk and
immediately put in the microwave for about 15 seconds. Received
the tool must be cooled and applied to the face. Via
This mask beautiful ladies can permanently get rid of black
points and make the complexion just perfect.

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