How to properly and safely dry hair a hair dryer?

how to dry hair with a hair dryerToday, few women can imagine
imagine your life without a hair dryer. After all, this simple device suggests
order on our heads and makes us beautiful. But each of us
also heard about the dangers of the dryer. Hot air spoils hair, makes
their brittle and weak. What to do? How to dry hair
a hair dryer without harming them?

How to choose a hair dryer?

In order to blow-dry your hair, you need this device.
to purchase. The right, suitable for you hair dryer – the first step to
beautiful hairstyle. To not get lost in a variety
models proposed by stores, it is necessary to clearly define
what purpose do you need it. Daily styling, daily drying and
drying from time to time – things are different, one device to solve all
these tasks will not work.

The most important criterion for choosing a hairdryer is its power. If you
love to soak up in bed in the morning, and then you try to decide
the question is how to dry hair quickly, then a hair dryer will suit you
about 2000 watts. It is noisy, powerful, dries with hotter air, but
copes with its task in minutes. Use
Such a hairdryer is not recommended for styling, as the hair style at home
conditions you will do 10-15 minutes, and this is already too long
exposure time to such hot air.

If you need a hairdryer for styling with a comb, then you will need
device power 1500-1800 watts. When choosing a model, pay special
attention to the width of the nozzle. The wider it is, the better. Good
appliance option for laying – hair dryer. It’s more convenient to use them.
than ordinary hair dryer and comb, styling is better, more voluminous.
But just dry the curls will not work.

Devices of lesser capacity, as a rule, compact or folding.
They are convenient to take on the road and use from time to time,
since it takes a lot of time to dry, and even more so, laying.

How to comb your hair?

The first step is made – you chose a hair dryer, brought it home and with
Looking forward to check the device in operation. You wash your head and
start to blow dry your hair. Stop! Have you ever thought about
How to comb your hair? Probably not. But this
very important! So that the hair does not break when drying, they must be
well combed.

If the curls are matted, you need to comb them gently, starting from
tips and moving to the roots, trying as little as possible
to injure. It is recommended to hold the comb at least 100 times, from
this strands will be shiny. It is better to lower your head down,
this will ensure blood flow to the head. You can do it by lying on
couch, his head thrown back, you can sit down, bend your knees and
lower your head between them or just stand up and tilt your head

What you are combing curls, is also important. The best thing
use a wooden comb with rare teeth. Ecological
the material will have a good effect on the curls. This cannot be said
About plastic, although for such combs to take care is much easier. If a
you use a metal comb before use
hold it a little under the stream of hot air dryer – styling
you then get easier and better.

Many prefer not to use combs and brushes. They are good
because, in addition to combing, they also massage the head, it is in
turn very useful for hair follicles. Choosing a brush
Give preference to the one that has the distance between the teeth.

How to dry hair?

tips on drying hair dryerIt is not recommended to dry wet hair,
that is, immediately after a shower. It will take a lot of time,
accordingly, the exposure to hot air will be prolonged.
Even if you need to quickly dry your hair, try to make
so that when meeting with a hairdryer they are as dry as possible.
Wash your hair, brush your hair, dab your head well
towel a few times. Apply makeup, drink coffee, leave
hairstyle finally.

To dry the hair you need strands. Using hairdressing clips,
separate strands and dry each of them separately, while making sure
so that the air flow is only on the one with which you are now
are working. This will help avoid drying out. Smaller size
strands, the better and faster they will dry, respectively, the
safer to use the hair dryer.

If you are just drying your hair, move from the tips to
to the roots. When styling with a comb, it is best to start from the roots so that
Give hair volume. When time is running out and there is no possibility
sit and separate the strands, just stand up, lower your head down and,
disassembling curls with your hands, dry them over the entire length. It is safer
just dry your head using the nozzle “diffuser” – it dissipates
hot air. But if you have long curls, it will not suit you,
t. to. will confuse them. But it can be a real salvation for
owners of short haircuts, because the diffuser gives hair
good volume.

Keep the hair dryer should be at least 5 cm from the hair, ideally
– 10. If the appliance has cold air, do not forget it.
use. Spend a few times on the curl hot air
the last time is cold. It is not only beneficial for hair, but also
styling done this way will hold better. Function
Ionization is also very useful, especially in winter, when hair
strongly electrified. Following these simple guidelines, you
you can always have beautiful styling and healthy hair!

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