How to properly care for curly hair

Once not called curly hair. Curls, coachman, waves,
curls … they are looked at with envy by the owners of straight hair, and scientists
still can not how to explain their origin.

curly hair Only one thing is known – wealth is
hereditary and very capricious and while some are jealous, others
know how not easy care for curly hair.
They can be soft or on the contrary – very rigid, porous,
dry and, of course, naughty.

Basic secrets of care

The content of the article:

  • Basic secrets of care
  • Necessary set for each owner of wavy hair
  • Straightening
  • Tips instead of conclusion

Since such a natural gift is special, care for curly
hair has a number of features. All care points, starting with washing
and ending with a haircut, subject to the preservation of their structure,
hydration and nutrition, which are designed to make them healthy and more

Table. The main points of care and their
Moments of care Tips
the washing up Exclusively shampoos on oils and herbs that moisturize.
Be sure to use the balms after washing1. Itself
the procedure is preferably carried out in a vertical position so that water
flowed without hindrance
Drying Only naturally and at room temperature.
Using a hair dryer is not desirable
Combing Need a comb with rare teeth and antistatic coating.
The procedure starts from the tips, moving to the roots
Coloring It is advisable to use natural dyes – henna, basma,
coffee, chamomile. Chemical dyes can make curls stiff
Piling Ideally natural. If you want to give shape, do not need
comb your hair wet and need to use tools to
styling – foam, gel, varnish, serum
A haircut Regular – 1 time in 2-3 months, because curls are prone to
cross section

1 Quite often owners of such a treasure share
secret – in the care of dry curly hair, they instead of shampoo
use a balm after washing, applying it to the entire surface
scalp like regular shampoo and washing off after 3-5 minutes.

Necessary set for each owner of wavy hair

In order that such natural luxury was always well-groomed
and did not cause any problems to its owner, you must have
special tools and devices for your home arsenal
which will help to organize the necessary and proper care for wavy

Moisturizing shampoo. It is from him
should start the right care, and especially if the hair became
completely naughty. Coconut, Jojoba, Shea, Cocoa, Apricot and
Lavender – the best ingredients in this case.

hair oil In addition, well deal with the problem
extracts of witch hazel flowers, white lotus and cornflower, which
may also be present in the shampoo. But from the means
giving volume, during washing it is better to refuse, as
his hair could be completely unmanageable.

Conditioners, balms and masks. They
should certainly be present in the arsenal when it comes to
care for porous hair. Besides nutrition, these
products are able to fill pores, thus making
damaged hair more smooth and healthy.

Hair Mask And also have a light healing effect.
But for this purpose their composition must include oils – burdock,
olive, flaxseed, as well as vitamins A and E.

Styling products. Hair cream
or gel is best applied to wet and slightly dried hair,
immediately betraying the desired shape, but avoiding combing.

hair gel

You can also use the serum, only inflicting it, curls
make it possible to dry out and only then they are laying,
which, as a rule, after applying the serum does not cause special


This particular procedure is very popular with wave owners.
because periodically they get tired of fighting with their naughty
curls and think about them at least partially, but straightening.

Hair straightening: Before and after

  1. On wet hair, apply a special tool (balm) for

  2. Divided into many thin strands.

  3. The obtained strands are dried with a hairdryer, while pulling out
    using a comb or brush.

  4. After drying, go through the strands one at a time.

  5. Apply a silicone-based product to your hair that will help
    keep straight shape all day.

Tips instead of conclusion

In fact, wavy hair is not so heavy in the care, if
organize it properly and according to their condition. Also not
The last place is occupied by the choice of haircuts and hairstyles. The best thing
average length and longer fit.

curly hair In this case, they are under their own weight
will be less bristling and “pushing”, but on the contrary, fall down
beautiful curls.

The main thing – do not allow the worsening of problems – sections,
porosity, fallout, electrification and immediately take
appropriate steps. Especially since the care of porous curly
hair and generally problematic, not very complex and based before
just to strengthen the structure of the hair itself.

curly hair To cope with this will help as special
funds on a natural basis (see above), and a healthy way
life – a balanced diet, the absence of bad habits.

curly hair If the decision is made to straighten the hair “once and
forever “, only the master hairdresser with the help of
procedures of permanent straightening, which will last for
6 months. After that, for sure, you want to return your naughty and
any kucheryashki.

BONUS VIDEO – Hair options for curly hair. Broadcast
fashion tips

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