How to properly care for hair after staining, highlighting, lightening, discoloration?

bleached hairThere were times,
when women were in high demand highlighting. Today,
when fashion is slowly returning, more women and girls
they are eager to make their hairstyle unique by lightening individual
hair strands. But you can make such beauty on your head in a few
hours, but to care for the hair will have to constantly. Care
melirovanny hair should be regular, it represents
a whole range of measures to be taken to
keep healthy hair and prevent them from losing
Colour. We have tried to collect all the nuances of hair care for you.
after highlighting, lightening discoloration and staining.

Why need special care?

Immediately after staining, the structure of the curls changes, now for
They will need careful and special care. Indisputable plus
highlighting procedures is that all care recommendations
for dyed hair can be followed at home.
To return the melirovanny hair of the same beauty and brilliance you need
use a special shampoo that perfectly moisturizes and
restores the structure of the strands. You may prefer
any brand of shampoo, the main thing that means you fit, and it was
designed for strands after dyeing. In the cosmetic department
You can choose and therapeutic masks that will make care of
lightened hair more efficiently, fill the curls with force and give
im airiness

Balsam conditioner will help to eliminate brittleness and dryness.
melirovannyh hair, so they need to
to enjoy. In addition, once a week, make a mask,
having a regenerating effect. On melirovannuyu hair
negatively affected by chlorinated water and ultraviolet rays.
We recommend not to comb your hair immediately after washing, it is better to give your hair
dry well. You can also use gel fluids
smoothing curl surface and giving it extra

Taboo hair dryer

hair dryerFor daily care after the procedure
melirovaniya better not to dry the hair with a hair dryer and stop laying
ironing or tongs.

Replace plastic combs in your home with bony or
wooden. If complete elimination of blow-drying is impossible,
Try to minimize its negative impact. For this
After washing, wipe the strands thoroughly. In addition, it should
use a hair dryer at the minimum temperature level, which will reduce the risk

We give another useful tip: try to distribute heat
hair dryer evenly, it is not necessary to dry the curls in separate sections. AT
otherwise, the hair will dry out and become more brittle and
dry. It is important to get rid of alkaline immediately after highlighting.
composition on the hair. Most of the hair colors in the box are
and a special balm that needs to be used directly.
at the end of the procedure. Biologically active substances,
contained in these balms, significantly improve the structure of the strands,
making them stronger.

You can finally eliminate the remnants of alkali, thereby saving
shag health To do this, immediately after staining need to wash
shampoo head with acidic pH. Many girls complain of split ends.
tips after highlighting. To fix this problem,
Experts advise to use products containing silicone.
Such means create a protective film around the hair, which in
will continue to be a barrier to various chemicals
which, penetrating into the hair, destroy its structure.

Folk remedies for melirovanny hair

As for the masks for the care of bleached hair, their
It is not necessary to buy at the store. There are some masks that
can be done without leaving home, and the effect may be
even better than the shopkeeper. Streaked curls
ideal mask containing fruit acids, for example, with
Kiwi and any citrus fruit crushed with honey. Next you need
spread the mixture over the entire length of the strands and leave for minutes
by fifteen. After this, thorough washing is required.
shampoo with warm water, and the procedure is completed by washing
regenerating shampoo.

There is one more effective popular way of stimulating growth.
damaged hair. To prepare the mixture, you need sage (1
teaspoon) and the same amount of plantain, nettle, celandine flowers,
oregano All herbal platter pour boiling water and insist for
hours After strain, add vitamins A and E in liquid form and
spoon of honey. Rub the resulting mass on the scalp and leave
for a couple of hours, then rinse with warm water and dry the hair,
without using a hair dryer.

If you follow our advice, then painted, discolored,
bleached, bleached hair, regardless of color
(light, dark, red, blond, etc.) will look perfect and
thereby please your “mistress”. We hope our advice turned out to be
helpful to you!

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