How to properly care for your nails?

Most often, women give up their strength to maintain beauty and
youth face, but the hands paid very little attention. With
In this, nail and cuticle care is as important as maintaining
health of hair, skin of the face, neck, etc. Even if there is no time and money
for salon procedures, you can pay attention at least once a week
your manicure at home using the tools at hand
nail care (vegetable oil, iodine, soda).

Nail care


  • How to make nails beautiful and healthy?
  • Manicure care at home
  • 10 nail care tips

How to make nails beautiful and healthy?

Hands require constant attention, that is, care is needed
nails at home, especially since it is not so difficult.
The main thing is to develop the habit of regularly doing simple procedures for
strengthen and moisturize the nails, protect them from external influences,
follow the cuticle. Every home has simple ingredients,
which can be used as nail care products.

You can immerse the nails in the heated vegetable oil for 10-15
minutes to moisturize the nail plate and skin of the hands. Saline
baths will help get rid of fragility. Soda will eliminate fragility
Marigold, and iodine will help their healthy growth. Lemon juice whiten
darkened nail plate.

Firming bath:

Mix the oil of lemon, incense, tea tree, roses – 2 drops,
add jojoba oil and wheat grain oil – 10 ml, 1 drop
iodine, 5 drops of lemon juice. Keep your fingers in a mix of different
oils 5-10 minutes.

Making such a bath only once a week will be enough
to strengthen the nail plate, get rid of brittleness and
lamination, solve the problem with a constantly dry cuticle.

Care for manicure

Manicure care at home

Proper care of manicure is an important factor of beauty.
nails. Caring for a manicure at home, you need
follow certain simple rules. To remove the length better
use glass nail files or nail files on a cardboard or
rubber base which have a very mild effect on
plate. At the same time it is important to file nails in a dry state and in
one direction.

The cuticle, which is also part of the marigold, is not necessarily
all the time to cut, sometimes it can just move aside, softening
special means. But dead skin cells and burrs
on the edges you need to cut. This is done with forceps, but you need to act
very carefully, so as not to cut off the “live” skin, otherwise it will arise
inflammation and manicure will be hopelessly spoiled by a few

Responsible is to approach the choice of decorative varnish. Before
In total, it should be a means of proven and proven
yourself firm. But even good varnishes can not be long to paint the nails,
if they are dark in color because the plate turns yellow from them or
getting dark. Therefore, before dyeing nails dark shade
decorative varnish, the plate is better to cover the base. For removal
old lacquer is better to use liquid without

Take care of a manicure

10 nail care tips

To nails were strong, healthy, beautiful and looked
attractive, you need to follow simple tips on caring for

  1. Always protect your hands with rubber gloves when cleaning.
    at home and while washing dishes so that chemical reagents do not
    corroded the nail plate and the delicate skin of the fingers.
  2. In winter it is necessary to wear gloves made of natural materials.
    protecting nails from frost and temperature drops, and in summer you need
    carefully lubricate moisturizer.
  3. Get rid of yellow and stubborn dirt after working in the country
    Lemon will help. In the flesh of the fruit you need to immerse the nails for 3-5 minutes,
    then wash off.
  4. You should always monitor the cuticle and cut it in time,
    previously softened in warm water with soapy water.
  5. Regular attention should be paid to the care of the cuticle, because
    dry, regrown edge always spoils the “picture”. To with a cuticle
    no problems, you need to use a special oil – 1
    drops enough to get rid of the feeling of dryness and
  6. Nails just need regular nourishing and strengthening
    baths in which you can use olive, citrus oil
    or essential oils, tea tree oil.
  7. Vitamins are also essential for maintaining healthy nails.
    plates. Vitamin complexes for nails can be taken orally
    or rubbed like butter.
  8. Proper nutrition is equally important. In the diet you need to include
    more fish, dairy products, vegetables and citrus fruits.
  9. It is necessary to monitor the length of the nails, avoiding delamination and
    fragility. As soon as the nail plate has reached the “critical”
    length, you need to urgently do a manicure, cutting off too much before
    damage will occur.
  10. You can not too often cover the nails with acrylic. After two or three
    acrylic coating courses, the nail plate should rest.
    You can use ordinary decorative varnishes or shellac.

These simple tips for nail and cuticle care will help
to maintain the health and beauty of the hands throughout life.

The secret to strong and healthy nails is to tidy
manicure, proper nutrition, firming and nourishing baths,
Also important is regular and systematic nail care at home.
conditions. With these simple rules, nails and hands are always
will be in perfect condition.

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