How to put bangs? To myself the hairdresser

How to lay the bangsChelochka can
help not only to change the image, hairstyle and image, but also visually
hide existing imperfections of appearance, for example, too
long face, too broad forehead, thin curls and others. Here
The main thing is to choose the right type and know how to put your bangs in
home conditions, armed with improvised means. We will tell
you, as you can put bang without unnecessary worries and hassle. So,
let’s start

A few secrets of the perfect bangs. How beautiful to pack
long bangs?

In fact, Hollywood styling is feasible for every girl. For
To create it, you need to arm a comb for styling, a hairdryer and
modeling tool that matches your hair type (varnish, gel,
foam, mousse).

There are several options for laying long fringe:

1. “Pryadki”. It will look very impressive if, as they say
professional hairdressers, process the strands. For this you need
put on a separate curls a drop of hair gel, after which
varnish sprinkle all fringe. “Curls”. You probably already guessed
that with this variant of laying the bass will take the form of curls.
Simply apply a small amount of foam or mousse to your hair, and
then on curling curl curls with thin strands. Will come out very
even a romantic image. “On the side”. Put some mousse on
wet hair and evenly distribute it throughout the entire bangs.
After that, start drying the hair with a brush for
styling, while directing the curls to the side. When done, don’t
forget to fix the bass lacquer strong fixation.4. “Back.”
Putting chelochku such a manner, you can get in minutes
Stylish hairstyle. Just make a thin comb,
gently lifting hair. Then lightly comb the top layer.
chelochki. Lock the curls back using stealth or your
favorite hairpin Voila! Maximum result with minimum

Laying bangs ironing

Straight bangs can quickly and beautifully lay a curling iron,
this is done on dry hair, and this is different from all the others
ways. If the iron is thin, you can slightly crush the end of the bass

Laying oblique bangs on 5+

If you are the owner of an oblique bang, then it is best for laying
gel will do. There is only one trick with which you can
“put in order” this type of bangs, but do not get upset,
because the hairstyle with this bang is already in itself original, so
it does not require special experiments and refinements with styling. To
do it right, you need to put on a little bass mousse or
gel, then dry it with a comb and hair dryer in the direction of
technical drawing done haircut. Note that the jet
air from the dryer should not be strong, otherwise random ones will scatter
strands and bangs will have an untidy look. Finally fix everything with
using hairspray.

Another way to spectacular styling oblique fringe

How to lay the bangsThose who
bangs is no different, they know firsthand that sometimes
cope with it can be very difficult. We will teach you to tame it.
the beast. Let’s open a little secret: you need to lay such a bang,
when it is wet, not wet. After shampooing slightly
blot her with a towel and wait a couple of minutes, only
then you can proceed with the styling.

After applying a fixative to the hair, start to blow dry it,
directing air flow from top to bottom. Then
Use the strongest hairspray. By doing
similarly styling, you forget that just recently a bang
delivered you a lot of trouble, and also took away a lot
forces and free time.

On this, perhaps, finish. Now you know how to
to lay a bang. Those who want to get rid of her completely,
advise you to bang back It will look good, and
at the same time gives bangs the opportunity to grow without delivering to you
inconvenience. We hope that following our advice, you are in any
life situation will stay stylish and

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