How to quickly and effectively eliminate edema under eyes?

The accumulation of excess fluid in the tissues affects not only
the appearance of a person but also eloquently signal
water imbalance in the body. The appearance of edema in
different parts of the body differ in causes,
the rate of development of the phenomenon and composition of edematous fluid.

Unfortunately, this problem faces a large number of
people. Swelling occurs, usually in the morning, after the
active evening, or because of mental agonies, experiences,
stress and abundant tears.

However, to distinguish the swelling that occurs by natural
physiological reasons, and pathological swelling that occurs in
result of any disease, you can carefully
after analyzing these phenomena, which we will try to do in
this article.


  • Causes of eye swelling
  • Other causes of swelling under the eyes
  • Why does the face and eyes swell in the morning
  • How to get rid of swelling under the eyes
    • Compresses
    • Massage
    • Eye Mask
    • Medicines
  • Express – methods to combat swelling under the eyes
  • Prevention of swelling under the eyes

Causes of eye swelling

By “swelling of the eye” is meant not a literal increase in the eye.
apples, referring to the processes occurring in the upper and lower
century, as a result of which interstitial fluid accumulates
it is in these anatomical areas. Since a person is 80%
consists of water, then its main part is in the cells
organism, and a smaller part – in the extracellular space. The
the balance is in constant balance but when it is disturbed
(for whatever reason) swelling is formed.

However, it is impossible not to notice that the swelling is clearly visible just under
eyes, when on other parts of the body they are less visible. And the thing
lies in the anatomical features of the skin around the eyes. Under
eyes skin is very thin, it is almost devoid of subcutaneous
the fat layer, the muscles are relatively weak, and the sebaceous glands
are missing. In addition, there are a large number of around the eyes.
both large and small blood vessels.

There is one confusion that needs clarification. Highly
often the swelling is identified with bags under the eyes, but in reality
these are two different phenomena.

Eye bags appear when skin loses.
elasticity and resilience and is no longer able to hold fat
fiber, which is located around the century. Most often given
The process develops with age.

Edema is an excess of extracellular fluid lingering in
the body as a result of metabolic disorders.

There are many reasons that contribute to the development of

  1. As a result of the inflammatory process. In this case
    There are a number of characteristic symptoms: redness of the eyelid, local
    temperature in the eyelid, soreness, increase in the eyelid
    palpation. Causes of inflammation of the eyelid may be: allergic
    reaction, boil, chalazion, measles, erysipelas, runny nose
    colds, etc.
  2. Edema as a result of diseases of internal organs. AT
    the result of certain diseases of internal organs and systems
    swelling is observed, most often it happens in diseases
    thyroid gland, cardiovascular system, kidney system,
    pituitary gland. In this case, swelling occurs in the morning, but during
    days reduce their intensity. If swelling occurs in the morning, with
    a decrease in intensity in the following hours, it can be suspected
    diseases of the renal system, if swelling occurs in the evening, then it is
    signals about diseases of the cardiovascular system. With
    pathological processes, edemas have a symmetrical arrangement
    (simultaneously appear in the left and right eyes).
  3. Swelling as a result of an allergic reaction. In this case, the swelling
    are observed on the upper eyelid on one side of the face. Allergic
    edemas have lightning development with the same rapid remission.
    Various drugs can provoke the development of allergies.
    tools, cosmetics, household chemicals, food products,
    seasonal plants. Such reactions are accompanied by eyelid skin itching,
    redness of their mucous membranes, a sense of ripple in the eyes,
  4. Malfunctions in the hormonal system. With increasing levels
    estrogen (female sex hormone) before menstruation in women
    fluid retention occurs in the tissues, resulting in various
    edema. Also, swelling in women can occur when changing
    hormonal background during menopause, puberty, pregnancy
    and lactation and when using drugs during
    hormone replacement therapy (HRT).
  5. Mechanical damage to the skin. This category includes all
    head injuries, injuries and bruises, which are accompanied by edema,
    bruises and hematomas. For example, when traumatizing facial parts
    skull is observed swelling of the eyelids. The reason for this fact lies in
    rupture of blood vessels, causing the blood along with
    extracellular fluid under gravity drops as low as possible
    below. Swelling of this nature pass independently without
  6. Violations of the venous and lymphatic outflow. After
    cosmetic operations on the face may occur violation of the outflow
    lymph and venous blood. As a result, accumulation occurs.
    interstitial fluid and the formation of edema on the eyelids.
  7. Hereditary predisposition to edema. As a rule, such
    swelling is already apparent from childhood and adolescence, and they
    occur against the background of well-being and the lack of external
    factors. Besides talking about the hereditary factor makes sense
    only in the case when parents are also clearly observed
    severe puffiness under the eyes.
  8. Eye strain, insomnia and general overwork exhaustion
    organism. The totality of these facts always leads to swelling under
    eyes. With long work at the computer, reading, with
    scrupulous work that requires eye strain when driving
    transport, there is a violation of the blood supply to the eyelids, large
    strain on the eyes, their overwork and tension. As a result
    circulatory disorders extracellular fluid is released
    interstitial space and edema develops. Insomnia and general
    overstrain of the body leads to disruption of the normal
    functioning of the body: disturbed rest and sleep.
  9. Age changes. Because the skin under the eyes is thin and
    devoid of subcutaneous fat, then over the years it is even more thin. AT
    As a result, muscle weakness develops, turgor decreases and
    degradation of the ligaments occurs. Weak muscles
    thinning and fragility of the bone tissue do not allow to keep
    fatty tissue around the eyes as in young years. Therefore, with
    age, it begins to “squeeze out” of its natural
  10. Excess salt in the body. Well known is the fact that salt
    retains water in the tissues of the body, especially during the evening reception
    food. The systematic use of salt in large quantities
    leads to the fact that water accumulates in the interstitial spaces.
    In addition, the fluid that has accumulated as a result of use
    salt, worse excreted from the body. As a result – eternal swelling under

Other causes of swelling under the eyes

Also, swelling under the eyes can be caused by lifestyle, psycho –
emotional state and the presence of bad habits.


At a young age, we don’t always think about the consequences
which can darken our future life, it’s not for nothing that they say,
that youth does not see beyond its own nose. Therefore regular
over-night nightlife
alcohol, sweet sparkling water, bright neon blessing,
can cause swelling under the eyes. In addition, the lovers
night parties, they become permanent “companions”,
eloquently testifying to their way of life.

It is well known that a person’s lifestyle depends on him.
appearance. If a person is sleeping the right amount of hours, observe
Regime of the day, eats right, then he has a blooming and healthy appearance. Have
promiscuous nightlife party
which is a place for alcohol and sometimes drugs, always
there is swelling in the eye area, facial flushing, swelling and
puffy face.

In order to eliminate puffiness under the eyes it is necessary
take simple measures:

  • to ventilate the room before bedtime, lack of oxygen also
    affects the appearance of edema under the eyes;
  • it is reasonable to dose exposure to ultraviolet (moderate
    a tan);
  • healthy sleep with a feeling of proper rest;
  • do not eat for 3-4 hours before bedtime;
  • eliminate alcohol, coffee and tea in the evening before
  • playing sports or just active exercise.

In addition, it is necessary to drink as much simple water as possible.
during the day, because the dehydration includes its
hidden resources, and he begins to reserve water for the future.

Mental – Emotional Feelings

Edemas under the eyes appear after trauma and profuse
tears This is most clearly seen in the morning after shed tears.
the night before. This fact is explained by the fact that the composition of tears
includes salt, which delays the release of interstitial fluid. Also
tears cause local swelling and inflammation of the skin around the eyes.
And if we take into account that the tears are accompanied by spiritual
experiences, stress and insomnia, the whole bunch of such
experiences immediately reflected on the face. Also, “mask”
such edema does not work at all; on the contrary, the use of decorative
cosmetics only worsens the situation.

With excessive use of decorative cosmetics can
provoke the appearance of edema under the eyes. Since abundantly
applying make-up in the eye area can cause blockage in the pores that
hello to irritation, inflammation and swelling of the eyes.

Why does the face and eyes swell in the morning

A lot of people are interested in the question why does a person swell
in the morning It is easy to answer this question at the same time.
complicated. The presence of edema eloquently demonstrates the condition
human health, lifestyle, nutrition, and rest.
Of course, first of all it is necessary to clearly distinguish the causes of
swelling. They may be due to natural physiological
processes occurring in the body (fluid accumulates in
body when a person reduces physical activity, and
vital processes are slightly inhibited), resulting in swelling
may occur on the legs, on the arms and under the eyes. Usually,
such swelling pass quickly and without consequences.

Very often, a swollen face in the morning warns of
some health problems or wrong
way of life. To understand what caused the swelling under the eyes
should first of all streamline your lifestyle. If
the person leads the correct life, and the swelling continues
appear, you should contact a specialist to identify the causes
their occurrence as morning swelling can signal
the development or presence of liver or kidney disease. Such swelling
have a regular and permanent nature, so they are easy to distinguish
from edema arising from natural physiological

How to get rid of swelling under the eyes

If the swelling is not a symptom of any serious
disease, it is possible to eliminate them at home. To that
it does not have to spend a lot of time, effort and money.
There are many easy and effective ways to combat edema in
home conditions:

  • compresses;
  • massage;
  • masks for the area around the eyes;
  • medicines.


Well eliminate bags under eyes compresses from medicinal
plants and tea, which contains tannins (tannins) and
caffeine. Tea for compresses use both green and black.
Tannins contained in tea, reduce swelling, because they have
astringent effect, promote vasoconstriction, reduce
swelling around the eyes. Thanks to its
anti-inflammatory action tea soothes the skin, relieves
eye irritation, redness and swelling. Treatment is carried out
as follows: moisten cotton pads in tea and apply them to
eyes for 15-20 minutes. Instead of cotton pads, you can use
tea bags.

You can remove irritation of the skin around the eyes and soothe it with
using vitamin E. A few drops of vitamin E are added to
small container with water. Then wadded discs are moistened in this water.
and apply to eyes for 20 minutes. This compress is
an excellent preventive measure to prevent
swelling and swelling under the eyes. In addition, vitamin E is
proven cosmetic that improves the condition

Good relief from swelling under the eyes contrasting compresses.
Make the procedure as follows: in two bowls pour warm and
cold water, then take two towels and alternately moisten
them, then in warm water, putting a towel to the eyes, then in
cold water, also putting it to the eyes. In the end follows
wash with warm water.


Many cosmetologists advise to combat edema with
facial massage. This massage can be mastered by yourself.
Massage need biologically active points located on
cheekbones, which are responsible for the health and beauty of the eyes. Massage
held in light circular motions, rubbing swelling
towards the auricle. In order for the massage to be pleasant and
soft, you can put on your fingertips a little oil from
grape seed. You can also massage with a cube
ice based herbs. You must drive carefully in the direction of
from eyes to cheeks. However, do not freeze the skin, because our
its purpose is only to cool. This massage improves blood circulation and
lymph drainage. You can spend it every morning using an ice cube.
with decoctions of herbs (chamomile, sage, celandine).

Eye Mask

Perfectly eliminate redness and swelling of the skin around the eyes.
special masks based on natural products. Also they
able to effectively soothe and improve the condition of the skin around the eyes.
For edemas, masks are made with the same regularity as regular ones.
face masks. They are applied for 20-25 minutes on the skin around the eyes,
then wash off with warm water.

The most popular tool is an egg-based mask.
protein that is able to tighten the skin around the eyes and improve it
state. With the same purpose, use a mask based on fresh
strawberries, which also can lighten the circles under the eyes.
Medium sized berries are cut into slices and superimposed on the skin.

Parsley masks are very effective. Finely chopped
greens mixed with sour cream, and applied to the area around the eyes.
This mask is able to tighten and improve skin condition, as well as
has a whitening effect. In the evening for a couple of hours before sleep do
applications from buckwheat cakes to the area around the eyes. Buckwheat
crushed in a blender to a powder, diluted with water
to the consistency of thick dough and form small circles,
which impose on the eye. A gruel of grated apples is also capable
eliminate swelling and swelling under the eyes. Instead of apple gruel
You can use apple slices.

Effective remedies for edema are gel masks,
which are easy to buy at any pharmacy. Gel mask is worn on the face
20-25 minutes. This mask soothes and cools the skin.


The most effective drug against edema under
eyes are beauty shots with the drug Pinoxid. The
the drug improves circulation, speeds up lymph flow, and
used as a medicine for bruises,
swelling and swelling of the eyes. Also to eliminate edema
use diuretic drugs. However, such drugs along with
Calcium is washed out of the body with excess fluid, therefore
must be used together with vitamin and mineral

Express – methods to combat swelling under the eyes

If suddenly there was swelling under the eyes, and in front of important
the event then use blitz – methods of quick combat

  • raw chilled potatoes cut into strips and lay on
    20 minutes on the skin around the eyes;
  • dairy products can also quickly and efficiently
    eliminate swelling. To do this, wet the cotton pad in
    chilled kefir and put as a compress on the skin under the eyes;
  • cucumbers significantly improve the condition of the skin around the eyes, for
    they are cut into thin plates and applied to the eyes for 10
    -15 minutes;
  • can effectively eliminate swelling with metal spoons,
    because cold metal contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels.
    Spoons change as they warm.

Prevention of swelling under the eyes

It is well known that any disease is easier to prevent than
to heal. Not an exception and swelling under the eyes. For this
You should follow simple rules:

  • lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • use the required amount of healthy products in
    diet low in fat and salt;
  • limit the use of salt;
  • healthy sleep with proper body position during sleep,
    the head should be just above the body so that the liquid does not
    accumulated under the eyes;
  • healthy rest routine;
  • frequent walks in the fresh air;
  • limit exposure to sunlight;
  • use sunscreen even in cloudy weather,
    the sun’s rays thin the skin, making it vulnerable to development
    swelling under the eyes;
  • allergy sufferers avoid contact with

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