How to quickly and effectively relieve fatigue feet

In medicine, a condition characterized by frequent fatigue and
pain in the legs, feeling of weakness and discomfort in the limbs,
called “tired leg syndrome”. This problem periodically
worries not only people engaged in heavy physical labor,
but also those who lead a sedentary lifestyle or perform a sedentary
work When legs get tired and sore as a result of significant
voltage, this is understandable. However, systematic
manifestation of this symptom may trigger the development of serious


  • Causes of tired legs
  • Ambulance for tired legs
  • Folk recipes

Causes of tired legs

Constant fatigue and pain in the legs can be caused simply
wearing uncomfortable shoes or prolonged physical exertion, and
may be due to a malfunction of the circulatory system and
development of such venous diseases as chronic venous
insufficiency, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis of veins
(superficial and deep), embolism of lower limb arteries,
non-specific aortoarteritis, thrombosis.

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The cause of pain in the legs may be the defeat of atherosclerosis.
arteries of the lower extremities. Chronic inflammation gradually
leads to the fact that the lumen of the arteries narrows, and this is essentially
impedes the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues
lower extremities, carried out through blood.

According to statistics, tired legs syndrome occurs in about
75% of women and 25% of men aged 35 years and older.

Tired legs can be a signal for wall changes
vessels and nerves, which is observed in diabetes mellitus, as well as
to be one of the symptoms of Raynaud’s disease. Sometimes tired quickly
develops when changing the shape of the foot – flatfoot.

Ambulance for tired legs

When legs get tired, the first thing is to give them a small
relaxation. To do this, sit down or lie down for 30 minutes, limbs
must be in a slightly elevated position: this
contributes to a more intense outflow of lymph and blood.

Instantly relieve fatigue and tension in the legs, improve
blood flow helps complex measures, including exercise, massage and
water treatments.

Exercise “Bicycle”. Lying on your back, raise your legs
up, arms – extended to the sides. Getting started “pedaling”. it
perform a simple exercise for 2-3 minutes, after which
go to the foot bath.

! Regular exercise is recommended as
prevention of varicose veins.

Contrast baths. Cooking two basins with hot
water (about 40 degrees) and cool. Omit the legs alternately
first in one, then in another basin. Keep your feet in the water
for 10 seconds. We repeat the manipulations 20 times, finish the procedure
cold water. Dry your feet with a towel, rubbing them well,
and lubricate the foot cream.

It is better to refrain from the procedure if you have problems with
by the kidneys.

Massage. Its execution takes no more than 20 minutes.
At first we apply cream or massage oil on the feet, then we start
to massage them in a circular motion – from the heels towards
fingertips, and then back. Further we rise above and
palms massage the area from the ankles to the knees. We finish
massage by flexion / extension of the toes.

With varicose veins, the choice of massage should be consulted with
a doctor.

Walking barefoot. Coming home after work don’t rush
jump in your favorite slippers. Go around the house barefoot,
thus stimulating the nerve endings located on
feet For home foot massage is a great solution.
purchase a special massage pad for feet or large
pebbles (you can buy it at the pet store).

Sometimes, because of extreme fatigue, doctors prescribe the wearing of medical
compression knitwear. Clothing is shown to people suffering.
varicose veins, as it prevents the occurrence of
swelling. Also, doctors prescribe the use of orthopedic pillows.
for legs during a night dream.

Folk recipes

Herbal baths. To relieve fatigue, heaviness and pain in the legs
in folk medicine, baths with the addition of
decoctions of medicinal herbs. Water temperature should not exceed 37
degrees And the procedure time is 15-20 minutes.

Recipe 1. Chilled and filtered decoction of horsetail, wormwood,
Hypericum or succession (optional) and 2-3 tablespoons of sea salt.

Recipe 2. A decoction of lime blossom and chamomile mixed with a spoon
honey and add to a container of water.

Recipe 3. Broth mint and nettle.

Recipe 4. Broth mountain ash, wormwood and calendula.

Recipe 5. A decoction of citrus peel (200g peel poured 1.5
liters of water, boil for 5 minutes).

Trays with essential oils. Such procedures require
strictly following the proportions and recipes. The optimal amount
added oils – no more than 3-4 drops. Oil is added to water.
only in mixtures (with soda, sea salt, milk or with
vegetable oils). When pregnancy such baths
not recommended.

Recipe 1. – Cooked in cool water
ice cubes (better frozen decoction of herbs), add 2 drops
Peppermint oil, a tablespoon of milk and 3-4 drops of lemon juice.

Recipe 2. – In a bowl of warm water add a tablespoon
sea ​​salt with 3 drops of lavender oil. Lavender oil can
replace with fir, lemon, cypress or oil

Compress of cabbage leaves helps relieve swelling and heaviness
in the legs. Cabbage sheet roll out with a rolling pin to highlight the juice,
attach to the feet, secure with bandages. After 25-30 minutes, remove and
make a foot bath.

Tincture of garlic. Grind a head of garlic in a blender,
gruel pour boiling water (200 ml) and insist 30 minutes. Smear
mix on feet, wash off after 15 minutes and keep feet cool

Foot mask with blue clay. Prepare a mixture of blue
clay (2 tablespoons) and water. Apply a mass of 25-30 minutes on
the soles of the feet. Rinse with warm water, massage and lubricate.

Rubbing alcohol. Effectively and quickly removes severity and
fatigue ordinary alcohol. Chilled rubbing alcohol for 20-30 seconds
feet. Place your feet on a comfortable roller and lie down for 15-20 minutes.

Ice of herbs. Relieves fatigue by rubbing feet with ice cubes. For
of this, brew a sage leaf, yarrow herb, mountain
arnica and chamomile dyeing, cool, pour into ice molds.
You can also use lemon balm leaves and flowers for decoction.

Before trying recipes and self-withdrawal methods
leg fatigue, you need to know the reasons that provoked this
symptom. The presence of signs of varicose veins and edema of the lower extremities
requires compulsory consultation of a doctor who is correct
establish the diagnosis and help you choose the most appropriate and
effective in relieving or eliminating the severity and pain

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