How to quickly get rid of irritation after shave

Many modern men are concerned about the question: how to get rid of
irritation after shaving? Widely advertised means promise
deal with this problem in minutes. But abundance
modern balms and lotions makes it difficult to choose, because it is not
every buyer is able to choose the right cosmetics for
specific skin type.

It is worth remembering that to get rid of scuffs and scratches on
A person does not always need to purchase expensive products. Sometimes in
anti-discomfort will help time-tested “grandmother”
recipes. But in any case, you must first determine the causes
occurrence of a problem.


  • Causes of discomfort
  • Modern ways to combat inflammation
  • Folk remedies to combat discomfort

Causes of discomfort

It is believed that the main cause of irritation on
face after shaving is skin sensitivity. therefore
modern manufacturers and strive to produce products
designed specifically for that type of epidermis. But inflammations can
due to other reasons. They may be the following:

Shave face

Irritation after shaving is enough
common problem today, and being affected by
she’s not just men

  1. Use old blades.
  2. Improper or defective sharpening of disposable blades
    machine tools.
  3. Poor moisturized skin.
  4. Excessive shaving resulting in chronic damage.
  5. Replacement of specialized cosmetics for shaving soap.
  6. Allergic reaction to individual components contained in
    cosmetic products.
  7. Tough and coarse hair.

Before trying to cope with the discomfort that has arisen,
eliminate all possible causes of inflammation. So,
for example, the feeling of irritation after shaving the armpits most often
It occurs because antiperspirants are applied to damaged skin,
containing mineral powder and essential oils.

In any case, before you think about how to remove irritation after
shaving, you should contact an experienced cosmetologist or
dermatologist, since the occurrence of inflammation can
indicate serious health problems.

Modern ways to combat inflammation

Means to combat discomfort against shaving are divided into 2
main groups. The first are balsams and lotions that help
relieve symptoms of inflammation and promote faster healing
scuffs and scratches. The action of the second group of cosmetics
aims to prevent the occurrence of discomfort.

Methods of dealing with irritation after shaving

After shaving is over, men use
various cosmetics, for example, lotion after

There are 2 main types of cosmetics that help
cope with skin irritation. The first group is alcohol
lotions Most modern consumers prefer
such means. Cosmetics containing alcohols have the following

  • refreshing effect;
  • disinfection of skin wounds that appear after careless
  • pleasant and persistent aroma.

Alcohol lotions prevent irritation
due to the fact that they dry the damage caused during
shave time. But you need to remember that such a tool is suitable
only for oily or normal skin types. Men possessing
dry skin type, such agents are contraindicated. Besides,
alcohol-containing liquids may cause a feeling of tight skin. And in
some cases under the influence of active substances contained in
lotion, the face may turn red and begin to peel off. And such
cosmetic defects require additional treatment.

For skin with hypersensitivity more suitable second
type of cosmetics. These are special gels and balms to which
includes substances with moisturizing and regenerating effects. Such
Balsams and gels may contain oils and natural extracts,
that effectively cope with redness, inflammation and
burning sensation.

But it is important to remember that moisturizers can become
cause acne in people with oily skin. therefore
it is necessary to clearly define what type of skin is it
a particular person, and only then choose the appropriate

When shaving, you must follow certain rules that
help to avoid irritation. Before tackling
razor, skin needs to be steamed. Razor hold only
along the hair! After the procedure is not worth it
towel. It is enough to wet the skin with soft paper.
a napkin.

Do not save on blades. They should be good
sharpened, so do not use the same
disposable machine several times. A dull blade can not only
damage the skin, but also bring in the wound infection.

Folk remedies to combat discomfort

About how to get rid of the irritation after shaving, people
thought for many centuries. Therefore there is
many popular recipes that can help cope

The most popular remedy for irritation is
infusion of spruce cones. Has anti-inflammatory effect
decoction of mint and chamomile, infusion of parsley leaves. Such funds
cannot be used hot. Be sure to give a decoction
cool down Then moisten a cotton swab in the liquid and apply the product.
on damaged areas with blotting movements.

Fir cones

For the infusion and decoction, fir cones are crushed, poured
boiling water and boil

If the skin after shaving has a strong irritation and it
start peeling off, you can make a warm compress with chamomile
decoction or infusion of birch buds. To do this, soak in warm
decoction a soft towel or terry cloth and hold the compress on
face for 10-15 minutes Then rinse the skin with warm water.

It helps to prevent irritation.
daily hardening.

In the morning wash, rinse your face first with warm water
then cool. Repeat the procedure several times. After about
10 days water temperature must be lowered. This technique
helps to make the skin supple and elastic.

Do not use herbs or decoctions in the event of
pustules or abscesses. In this case, smarter immediately
consult a dermatologist.

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