How to quickly grow hair: ask a hair pepper

long hairChic
Spit to waist – the dream of many women. Quality worries
shag often and men. And this is understandable, because healthy thick
Curls – the best natural decoration. Unfortunately, nature
gives such a gift not everyone. For the most part, beauty is
the result of careful daily care. How to grow hair? About
This is our conversation today.

Where does human hair grow?

To learn how to competently and accurately care for hair
cover, you must carefully understand the structure of the hair.
Let’s start a conversation with the fact that a person’s long hair can grow
on selected skin areas. All others are rudimentary.
“wool”. On the activity of follicles and those and others significantly
affects the state of the body. The rod itself is considered dead since
does not have a blood supply system and nerve endings. In fact
the hair is a living organ growing due to cell division
root located in the skin. The rods may have different slopes
growth, affecting the quality of hair.

If you cut the rod, then with the increase you can see that it
contains a fairly soft marrow, cornified crust,
including pigments and affecting the strength of the hair, and cuticle,
reminiscent of bumps scales.

Under the influence of alkali flakes open, and in an acidic environment –
are closing.

Where do the redheads come from

Red hairIn the crust occupying
90 percent of the surface of the rod, are colored pigments. Your
hair color depends on their number and combination. Eumelanin answers
for black and brown color. Phaeomelanin gives a yellow-red hue.
There are only six primary colors: black, “blonde”, red,
brown, ashen and gray. There are several shades
dozens. Sometimes with age the content of pigment substances
changes, as a result, the hair color changes. Hair Coloring –
method of saturation of the rod with coloring substances. Dye your hair
all life is impossible, since artificial particles are unstable and
quickly washed out when washing through open cuticle scales.
If you want to grow hair for a month, you will have to refuse
from hair dye and other traumatic procedures.

Isn’t it time to feed the roots

As we have found out, the hair grows from a bulb in which
cells divide rapidly. The bulb is immune and supplied
blood through the nipple. It is he who delivers information about the state
organism. If you destroy the nipple – and the hair will die. If a
to pull out the hair even from the root, and the little papilla will remain, then
in place of the hair removed will grow new. That is why it is so difficult
get rid of excess body hair. How many of them do not “pull out”, they
will grow until the “culprit” of their
growth. Thick hair is the result of leaving not so much the onion
how much for the blood supplying papilla. In order to improve
blood supply, you should massage the scalp. Useful
cold and hot shower. Affects hair growth and general condition
health of the body.

Why hair “stand on end” and from what men bald

hair on endIn addition to the follicle to the follicle,
having active blood supply, adjacent sebaceous and sweat
gland and muscle. Thanks to muscle contractions in some situations
hair has the ability to rise, in other words, “get up
on end “. Particularly developed muscle in the male part of the population. In men
again and more “emotional” blood supply apparatus.

To figure out how to grow hair for a man, you need to understand
with causes of baldness. The results of numerous
Studies have shown that in men the vascular apparatus of the hair
sensitive to sex hormones that cause vasospasm,
thereby disrupting the process of feeding the follicle. Interesting that
sensitive to hormones only hair located on the head.
Some illiterate pseudo-doctors recommended lowering
hormones, thereby enhancing hair growth, but ruthlessly destroying
masculine essence. Modern treatment methods are aimed at
decrease in sensitivity of vessels. Androgen dependent zones –
crown, forehead, neck. All other parts of the head are not exposed.
influence of hormones. It is possible to grow a man long hair,
using the same recommendations as prescribed for women.

Oily hair is natural.

Any hair tends to be salted. Some people
this ability manifests itself most clearly, not very well
reflecting on the appearance of hair. In fact, the production of skin
Sala – a way to protect hair from external influences. With age and
the change in the state of the body the amount of produced fat
may vary.

The task of the sebaceous gland is to lubricate the hair with a protective film having
slightly acidic environment. Emulsion film is made of dead
skin cells, fat and sweat. Water-lipid mixture resists
reproduction of pathogenic organisms, prevents disintegration of the skin and
protects it from drying out. When using soap acidity environment
broken, thereby reducing the resistance of hair to external
exposure, including UV irradiation.

Often, answering the question of how to grow hair quickly,
trichologists recommend washing hair less often and without
use of alkaline agents.

Can a negro grow braid to her waist

braid to the waistMain factors
curls – the length and volume of the hairs. Most often the opportunity to grow
hair depends on the race of ancestors. Negram “rich”
Spit does not shine on genetic grounds. But representatives
Mongoloid race to have long hair God himself commanded. European
hair type occupies a middle position. Hair thickness rather
depends on color and genetic predisposition. The thickest
hairs in red people, and the thinnest in blondes.

Hair can live and grow from three to six years. Then he
falls out, being replaced by a new rod. Normal growth rate – 1
cm for thirty days. Every day a person loses up to a hundred hairs.
That is why quickly grow long hair without applying
special means almost unreal.

Why do hair die

Human hair, like any organism, goes through three stages.
development – growth, rest period and death due to atrophy
papilla. The period of life of the hair, as already noted, lasts
about 6 years. If you remove the hair during their
vitality, they will grow back. Cycle causes and methods
extensions of individual phases are still not known. Medicine,
helping to grow hair in a week will be found as soon as
scientists will be able to “get to the bottom” of the essence.

Losing a small amount of hair is a normal process. If a
same loss is accompanied by a large amount, it is worth immediately
consult a doctor. In people with a normal process of changing hair
the cover of the new hair in quality coincide with the bulk. Have
potential patients trichologists “fresh” hair is thinning,
reborn in the “fluff”.

Pull – pull …

pulls hair busABOUT
quality of hair says such a property as the ability to
stretching. A normal rod can lengthen by a third and immediately
take your starting position. You can return elasticity,
using moisturizing nourishing masks. Strong porous hair
can hold moisture in large quantities, up to half of its
weight, thickening at one-fifth of the volume. Dry hair is very dangerous.
To grow hair, you need to constantly monitor their
condition: use shampoos that do not over dry hair. AND,
Naturally, you should avoid procedures that lead to dehydration
rod: blow-dry, color, thermowave.

How to grow long hair

The peculiarity of the human body is that part
essential nutrients it can synthesize itself, but
he has to get the basis for this process from the outside. Hair
consists of protein compounds more than half and therefore
needs protein food. Lack of any nutritional
substances, first of all, is reflected on curls. According to
trichologists to grow hair very quickly
follow a few rules:

  • The consumption of meat products is necessary and must be
    for the first half of the day.
  • Fish must be included in the menu at least twice in
    a week
  • Legumes, seeds and nuts should be consumed daily.
  • Dishes containing gelatin must be present on the table.
  • Of the soups, preference should be given to chicken broth.
  • Carbohydrates should be no more than a third of the entire diet.
  • Fats can be used in small quantities, like animals,
    and vegetable. They can not be completely excluded, as part
    vitamins necessary for hair growth are used by the body
    only in the presence of fat.
  • The menu should be varied and “rich.”

Pepper – medicine for hair

pepperPretty quickly grow hair in
home conditions today are not a problem. Based on the above
hair properties and recommendations trichologists can be developed
strategy for growing hair. For example, to make it a rule
daily scalp massage. Purchase shampoos that have
acid base. Use a mask to moisturize the hair.
Adjust the food regime.

If you examine the reviews, telling how to quickly grow
hair, then we can conclude on the need
the use of heat-irritating masks, including pepper, alcohol,
essential oils. As well as nutritional, having in the composition of protein and
trace elements. Well accelerate hair growth kefir, egg,
bread, honey masks, rinsing with herbal infusions. One more
A wonderful technique to help revitalize the dry tips of the rods,
use of castor oil.

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