How to quickly grow long healthy hair?

how to quickly grow hairThick hair
always considered a sign of beauty, and the longer the hair was, the
beautifully considered a girl. Long hair beauties praised in
various tales, legends and poems.

Almost all girls dream of long and thick hair, however
some of the fair sex with this there are small
Problems. Someone they grow very slowly, while others grow
up to a certain length and as if stopped. Now there is
a lot of information about what to do to grow hair faster.

If you want your hair to grow faster, you need them
constantly care, properly comb, make masks and massage

Many girls prefer to spend a couple of times on the head
comb and believe that this is all that is needed to create a beautiful
hairstyles and hair growth. Surely many have heard many times
at least 100 times a day to comb your hair with a massage brush, but
sharp teeth should be avoided as they injure the skin

There are reasons for this: when the skin is massaged, in these
blood circulation improves in places, which means processes are going on there
much faster. Also with nails: if you want to have natural
long nails should be massaged for 2 minutes at the cuticle. For
massaging your head with your fingers is enough 15 minutes a day, and, of course, not
you should forget about masks.

When the shopping boom began, everyone rushed to the shops to
buy hair products from leading manufacturers of cosmetics, but
over time it all passed. The ladies began to realize that masks and
homemade shampoos are cheaper, they
better and they contain only natural ingredients.

To make hair grow very quickly, usually “grandmothers” are used.
masks proven generations.

Honey Pepper Mask

The simplest is a mask with pepper and honey. Only need to take
fresh honey, not candied. Four tablespoons of honey needed
mix with one tablespoon of red pepper. Such
the mask is applied to clean hair and wrapped with a towel, or
You can wear a warm knitted hat.

The mask should be on the hair for at least 30 minutes, but if
burning will be very strong, you should not endure it. Procedure must
repeat 2 times a week, then the result will be visible
almost immediately. Apply pepper masks best in
medical gloves.

Beer mask with pepper

50 ml of light beer, you want to mix with 1 chicken yolk
(or two quail) and add 2 tablespoons of pepper
tinctures that can be bought at any pharmacy. The resulting mixture
need a little heat on low heat. Mask must be
warm but not hot! After she rubbed into the scalp and roots
hair. To keep such a mask on your head takes at least half an hour.
Wash off with preferred shampoo. If the skin on the head is dry, in any
masks can add a couple of teaspoons of vegetable oil

Pepper and henna

1 tablespoon of colorless henna mixed with 2 tablespoons
pepper tincture and a small amount of water. If the hair is dry,
milk can be used instead of water, and whey can be used if fatty
or kefir. The mixture should be like a thick cream. Mask applied
on hair and aged about 1-2 hours. This mask is not only
accelerates hair growth, but also relieves dandruff, which is worth taking on
note and men.

Mustard mask

hairSuch a recipe not only promotes
hair growth, but also eliminates excess fat. For him
take 2 tablespoons of mustard powder, any
vegetable oil (castor, coconut, almond and others),
hot water and 2 teaspoons of sugar, which will give mustard
desired fortress. Water flows last, since
excessive fluid can ruin the mask. The mixture itself is applied on
roots and scalp. You need to try not to get on the tips – so
This compound leads to dryness. The mask lasts from 15 minutes to 1
hours Thanks to this mask, hair grows 3 cm per month, although
their normal growth mode, they reach 1 cm.

Homemade shampoos

You can cook not only masks, but also shampoos. They are prepared from
bread, egg yolk, kefir, clay and other ingredients.

The easiest and fastest shampoo recipe is egg yolk with water.
To 1 yolk add 2 tablespoons of water and ten drops of a loved one
oils. Grape seed oil is considered versatile and
Suitable for any type of hair. This composition of hair washed as
ordinary shampoo, and it is easily washed off under running water.

There is mustard shampoo. The desired amount of mustard to bring to
state of liquid sour cream and pour clay there. It must be chosen on
your taste – someone likes blue, someone prefers white or
yellow. The composition is applied for five minutes, massaged and washed off under
running water. For the smell, you can add a teaspoon of cinnamon.
After such a shampoo, your hair will be so fragrant that you can
refuse to use perfume. But if you need a persistent smell,
then it is better to hold the mixture a little longer and wrap it warmer.

Do doctors help?

how to quickly grow hairHowever, not all
they want to make masks and spend time on it. Many ladies are turning
to a beauty clinic to help them grow long and thick
curls. It is expensive, but quick and effective. One such way
is mesotherapy for hair.

This is a simple and effective way to grow hair.
cover. Beautician inject vitamin cocktail under the skin of the head,
which is tailored to the patient’s problem. During this
course hair follicles get the necessary vitamins and minerals,
which they lacked for good work. Usually held 8-10
procedures. But do not immediately run to the beautician and demand
wonderful injections. Since in any case this is a medical procedure,
Initially, you need to consult a doctor, and only then you can try
and injections.

Ampoules for hair

Such ampoules are sold in a pharmacy, but all have a reaction to them.
different. For someone in a month a spit grows up to the waist, and someone each
day from morning to evening smears, but no effect. Therefore, before
purchase you need to visit a specialist who will tell you exactly what
ampules will help in a given situation. To see the result,
Ampoules should be used for at least three months.

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