How to remove acrylic from nails?

Acrylic allows you to make the nail plate strong, thin,
flexible, resistant to bends and temperature extremes, as well as
protects it from the negative effects of the environment. Despite
on the fact that it is artificial nails, thanks to the acrylic coating
they look natural and retain their natural shape. With
this removal of acrylic from nails in various ways is not difficult,
However, you must follow some simple rules.

Acrylic nails

What is removed acrylic coating?

Acrylic nails are very easy to repair;
the seal on the damaged area. However, sooner or later a manicure
I want to update and remove acrylic from the nails, because this view
build-up offers a variety of design: artistic
painting, volumetric and aquarium design, as well as familiar ideas

Acrylic is a thermoplastic powder based on
methacrylic and acrylic acids, which when mixed with
a special reagent forms a rapidly solidifying mass,
used for nails.

To remove acrylic from nails without special training
unreal. For this, it is recommended to use a special
liquid – remover, which anyone can buy in any
specialty store, because such liquid is available in
free sale. It is better to use a remaver of the same trading
brands that acrylic, which are covered with marigolds.

If it is not possible to purchase a special liquid, then
Acetone-based nail polish remover can be used.
Also, to remove the acrylic coating, you will need cotton pads,
small pieces of foil for each nail, cotton or soft tissue,
cosmetic bath or regular drinking bowl, toothbrush,

It would not be superfluous to protect the eyes, if not special, then
sunglasses because acrylic pieces are very sharp and
Eye contact can seriously damage them.

Acrylic Removal

Methods for removing acrylic from nails

First you need to remove the free part of each nail, then
rough hard file to remove the top layer. Completely erase it
difficult, it will require some effort. After
removing the outer layer, you can use one of the following
Ways to remove acrylic coating from the nail plate:

  1. The cotton pad is soaked with a remover and is applied to the nails,
    whereupon the cotton and fingertips are wrapped in foil so that
    air did not get inside. Matured composition on the nails about
    30-40 minutes until complete softening of the acrylic coating. Then vata
    the foil is removed and acrylic is removed with a sharp object
    nails, and it should be done very quickly, otherwise the mass can
    froze again. The remains of the solution are removed old tooth
  2. This method is slightly different from the previous one. AT
    special bath or, if there is none, into the usual deep and
    wide bowl you need to pour a remover and put your fingertips in there
    so that the solution completely covered the nail plate, but not
    touched the skin of the hands. Otherwise, the chemical composition can seriously damage
    delicate skin of the fingers. Then the hands are covered with a towel or soft
    cloth and wait at least half an hour. The softened acrylic is removed from
    nails in the same way as described in the previous method.
  3. This method of removing the acrylic coating from the nail is very similar to
    previous, however, in a vessel with a special softening liquid
    placed smaller dishes with hot water. Heated remover
    acts on the nail plate, covered with acrylic, stronger, more active
    dissolving it, which has a stronger effect. Waiting time
    the same – 30-40 minutes, after which the remnants of the material
    removed from nails with a sharp object.

Any of these methods will help remove acrylic coating
at home without resorting to salon

If you put on the bottom of the vessel with a remover balls from
glass, the liquid level will rise, which will reduce
solution consumption.

The remaining small pieces of stiffened mass are removed with
the surface of the nail plate with a cotton pad or a piece of soft
fabrics soaked in acetone-based nail polish remover.
After the removal of acrylic nails will be completely finished,
you need to thoroughly wash your hands with running water and generously apply them
nutritious cream.

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