How to remove irritation in the intimate area after shave

Every woman wants to look beautiful everywhere, to be confident
own irresistible. Irritation in the intimate after-shave area
often appears in the fair sex who
choose this method of getting rid of hair. How to get rid
from pimples on the delicate skin of the intimate zone.


  • Irritation after shaving
      • Tips.
  • Irritated skin care
  • Conclusion on the topic

Irritation after shaving

After-shave irritation in the bikini area is a consequence
hair ingrowths at the wrong previous procedure.
When itching is felt, pimples appear, reddening means
it is in these places that ingrowth occurs. The hair breaks off and
through coarsened skin can not normally germinate. In order to
To avoid such unpleasant consequences, you need to know how
correctly remove excess vegetation in the bikini area.

Irritation in the delicate area

Basically such a delicate problem as irritation
after shaving, appears in areas of hypersensitivity –
intimate areas.


The first step is to find the right tool for
shave Cosmetics stores vividly offer a wide range
Product: Gels, foams, creams, which are designed specifically for
bikini area treatments. Slide the machine over dry skin or
use soap is absolutely impossible! Provided not only
irritation, but also cuts. Chances of infection of wounds and
the appearance of a purulent rash. Soap strongly dries the skin, so for
delicate skin is not the best option. Also, no
It is recommended to use male remedies, since male skin
very different from women.

The second step is buying the right machine. Shaving intimate
Places are best suited for male machines. Their design is the most
safe, and the blades will get hair in hard to reach places.
Disposable women’s razors are too sharp and only epilations are suitable.

You can not save on a razor. Must be changed regularly
tool and in no case use a blunt machine. In dull
blades multiply faster bacteria, in addition such a tool
breaks off, pulls out hairs. It is recommended to change the blade to a new one.
after 5-6 uses.

Not everyone knows that in order not to have a strong
irritation, remove vegetation in an intimate place is necessary by
direction of growth. The skin will not be perfectly smooth, but it will help
prevent the appearance of redness, wounds, pimples.

Hot Tub

Warm water in large quantities is not only significantly
facilitates the process of hair removal, but also prevents the occurrence
irritations. Thanks to her, pores open on the skin and hair
become softer and more pliable.

An important aspect is the preparation of the skin. Before shaving her
need to soften well with warm water. It is even better to carry out the procedure
after taking a shower. Hair becomes soft, foam penetrates
deeper, which contributes to a better slip of the machine, respectively
minimizes the risk of irritation. After the procedure
completed, you need to consolidate the effect. Wash away the remaining foam, and
wetting the skin with a towel, apply moisturizer to it,
antiseptic. Shaving a bikini area is best in the evening, and
sleep without underwear. In the morning it is recommended to use
softening cream. Also, you can not touch the skin with your hands.
When a slight itch appeared, it is absolutely impossible to scratch the skin!

Irritated skin care

When, after shaving in the bikini area, irritation did appear,
There are several options for eliminating it.

The best way is to use healing products with
panthenol. They come in different forms: ointments, gels, sprays. Panthenol
soothes the skin, heals wounds, kills germs that provoke

For women with not very sensitive skin, suitable products from
medicinal plants. For this it is necessary to dilute in equal
the proportions of alcoholic infusion of calendula and water. This mix is ​​great
heals wounds, eliminates acne, reduces itching.

Herbs decoctions made at home are good. Take 2 tbsp.
l dried herbs (chamomile, mint, sage, plantain), pour
a glass of boiling water, insist at least 2 hours. This solution
wipe the affected areas. Soon irritation
will disappear.

In order to accelerate the healing of cuts, you need to take a sheet
Aloe, clean, then wipe them the right place. To repeat
The procedure can be several times a day.

When the irritation is too strong, a flower wrap will help.
chamomile. A tablespoon of dry inflorescences steam boiling water.
Put the mass in gauze or a clean piece of cloth, give a little
cool down A warm compress should be applied to the intimate area.

A mixture of aspirin and glycerin softens the skin, besides it acts
as an antiseptic. 2 tablets of aspirin crush into powder, mix with
a small amount of glycerin to a state of slurry, put on
Places of irritation, leave for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
You can then apply panthenol or bepanthen to the intimate area.
Order: Depilatory Cream

Conclusion on the topic

Itching and pimples in an after-shave bikini area is easier
to warn than to eliminate. For this you must comply
the sequence of the procedure of hair removal, the correctness of its implementation,
hygiene, safety. Regular machine change and optimum foam
for shaving – these are 2 important aspects. It is also necessary
care for delicate skin and after the procedure. There are many
methods to eliminate itching, redness, but better still
follow the rules of shaving.

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