How to remove yellow after highlighting – effective shampoos, balms, tonics and folk remedies

Highlighting in bright colors looks fresh and noble. But all
the impression of stylish staining can ruin the yellowness,
which appears on the strands after using the brightening

From this article you will learn why this is happening, and how to fight
for the beauty of the shade.

Why when highlighting yellow strands are obtained?

The content of the article:

  • Why when highlighting yellow strands are obtained?
  • What happens to the hair during the procedure
  • Frequent errors when highlighting
  • How to prevent the problem?
  • How to remove the yellow shade of hair?
  • Remedies for yellowing hair after highlighting
  • Is it possible to quickly and effectively get rid of the yellow color in
    at home?
  • Peculiarities of hair care after highlighting

Most often, after darkness, yellowing “sin” dark
hair. Even the most powerful clarifiers are not able to
cope with a steady pigment – and instead of the expected cold
shade we get unsightly yellow. yellowness

Other causes of yellowness in hair:

  • violation of technology staining – short
    the dyeing time of the paint on the hair, the wrong choice
    oxidizing agent;
  • base bleaching / dyeing
    tool – gives unpredictable results even with
    adherence to technology;
  • hard tap water is rust,
    chemicals and metal ions penetrate the hair structure and change it

What happens to the hair during the procedure

The effect of drugs that are used for bright
highlighting, is based on the destruction of the natural pigment
hair. The persulphates that make up the product raise and
open hair scales (cuticle). yellow hair

This allows other substances to penetrate deep into the hair, such as
hydrogen peroxide. It is peroxide that oxidizes the pigment melanin,
leaving hair discolored. Less in structure
the hair remains melanin, the brighter it turns out

Important! Brighteners affect not only the color, but also
on hair health. Strands are becoming more loose and dehydrated,
they lose their elasticity and natural shine.

Frequent errors when highlighting

In addition to yellowness due to incorrectly chosen dye,
masters sometimes make other mistakes:

  • too liquid or very close to
    roots – yellow spots appear in the root zone;
  • staining too thick strands or using
    the minimum amount of the drug – alternating shades
    it turns out uneven;
  • too thin and frequent highlighting –
    the alternation of shades is almost not visible;
  • choice of contrast dye – created
    unattractive effect of “zebra”.


How to prevent the problem?

Yellow after highlighting often remains on such hair:

  • stained with henna and basma;
  • after perm;
  • after uneven staining;
  • very damaged and weakened.


Highlighting can only be done when
dye will wash off or grow new healthy hair.
Practice shows that highlighting does not meet expectations.
which is held in a cold room – for a full
A chemical reaction needs heat.

High-quality clarification is obtained with the right choice.

  • 3% – brightens by 1 tone, allows slightly
    shade the original color;
  • 6% – makes the hair brighter by 2 tones and
    allows you to paint over gray hair;
  • 9% – gives a lightening effect on 3 tones;
  • 12% – the strongest concentration available
    for complete bleaching.

oxidizers for hair

But the most important principle of competent coloring is strictly
follow the instructions for the product and follow the technique

How to remove the yellow shade of hair?

A yellow tint to the hair may appear immediately.
after highlighting – most often it happens at dark
original color or inappropriate dye. barbershop

In this case, the procedure to eliminate the yellow color is better.
spend right there in the cabin. In the arsenal of experienced hairdressers there
several effective tools that can block and redhead, and

Than toned yellow after highlighting

Toning after highlighting is the most reasonable solution
allowing you to adjust shade and make the color more noble.
Tinting is carried out using ammonia-free and tinted

They act superficially, without penetrating the hair structure and not
hurting him. But even in this case, toning drugs succeed
effectively mask the yellowness. Only flaw
method – the rapid washing out of the pigment.

It is necessary to update the color regularly – approximately 2 times a month.

As a rule, tinting agent is applied to the entire volume and length.
hairstyles In the salon, hairdressers master prefer to use
professional cosmetics:

  • De Luxe Sense and Celebrity series from
    Estel; De Luxe Sense
  • Londa Professional products; Londa Professional
  • Paint Casting Creme Gloss from
    LOreal; Casting Creme Gloss by L'Oreal
  • Color Sync by Matrix et al

Important! Shading means allow not only
paint over yellowness, but also smooth out unsuccessful transitions between colors.


Whitening with hair washes is the most radical and
a traumatic way to mask the unfortunate “yellow” highlights.
The wash removes residues of coloring components from the hair and
natural pigments making the final shade more

In salons often use high-speed washes. Behind
one session, they allow to achieve clarification immediately to 4 tones.

But the procedure is allowed to carry out no more than 1 time in 2
weeks, otherwise you can hopelessly spoil and damage
hair. But keep in mind that during the session will remove part of the pigment
not only with melirovannye, but also with natural strands.

Remedies for yellowing hair after highlighting

The choice of means of yellowness will depend on how
intense turned out to be an undesirable shade and how long
the result is planned to get.

Option number 1: Coloring shampoos, balms and tonics

This option will be ideal for home use, because
The products are sold ready for use and do not require special
application skills. The composition of cosmetics to neutralize yellow
hues included purple pigments.

Cold purple is a warm yellow antagonist,
therefore, it effectively masks it.

With side effects of highlighting this will help to cope
cosmetic products:

  • coloring shampoos – Anti-Yellow True Silver by
    Nouvelle, Estel Curex Color Intense, Concept Anti Yellow,
    Professional Four Reasons Silver, Schwarzkopf bonacure True Silver
    Shampoo; Estel Curex Color Intense
  • Tonic Balms – Fresh up from Concept, Life
    Color from Kapous, Tonic from Rocolor, Love Nuance from Estel;
    Fresh up by Concept
  • styling products – Igora Expert mousse, spray
    BlondMe, etc. Igora Expert mousse

Option number 2: Hair Salon

During the trip to the salon, you can count on professional
solution to the problem of yellowness. Here, customers are offered to update color
using re-highlighting using less
aggressive hue.

Unsuccessful painting can be corrected and reverse highlighting,
allowing to achieve a more natural staining effect.
Hair Salon

Master colorist will help you choose the most suitable
tone that masks unwanted yellowness.

Hairdressers often resort to the use of washes, so that later
to highlight again, this time more literate and
thought out.

Is it possible to quickly and effectively get rid of the yellow color in
at home?

If you don’t aim for quick results, it makes sense
take advantage of folk recipes from the yellowness of the hair. They
include improvised components that have brightening properties.
The advantage of homemade recipes is that they are prepared on
based on natural ingredients. Funds not only
eliminate unwanted tone, but also care for hair –
moisturize, nourish and restore the damaged structure.

Honey and white clay

Cosmetic clay can be used not only for
cooking masks for the face. White variety will come to the rescue and in
the issue of lightening strands. Honey and white clay

Important! Clay has drying properties
therefore it is recommended to use it on hair of a fat type, not
prone to dehydration.

To make a lightening mask you will need:

  • 3-5 table. spoons of white clay – depending on
    thicknesses and lengths of curls;
  • 1 big spoon of honey;
  • warm water.

Water needs to take so much to dilute the clay to the consistency.
thick sour cream. Then liquid honey is added and mixed in
homogeneous mass. Mask is well distributed in the hair and leave
for 30-40 minutes. Wash off with warm water.
and suitable hair type shampoo.

Glycerin and pharmacy chamomile

Pharmaceutical chamomile flowers have light brightening
properties, and also in addition look after a hairdress. They
heals the skin of the scalp, normalizes the work
sebaceous glands and stimulate the growth of bulbs. Glycerol
enhances the brightening properties of chamomile, providing careful
bleaching. Glycerin and pharmacy chamomile

The tool is prepared on the basis of chamomile infusion.

  • Need to take a spoonful of dried flowers and pour
    a glass of boiling water.
  • The mixture should be infused for at least half an hour, after
    what fluid to filter.
  • From the resulting infusion take 100 ml and mix
    with 50 ml of glycerol.

It is advisable to take a warm infusion so that the ingredients enter into
reaction with each other. Apply the product to the hair for 1 hour,
to enhance the effect, the head is wrapped in a film and wrapped
a towel.

Honey mask for hair

Honey mask has a nourishing and lightening effect.
gives hair shine and makes hair more lush. But
it is only allowed to use such a tool if
no allergy to honey. Glycerin and pharmacy chamomile

How to make a mask:

  1. Melt natural honey in a water bath or in the microwave –
    from 150 to 250 ml (along the length of the hair).
  2. Beat 2 egg yolks and add to warm.
    honey, mix.
  3. Apply the mixture to the hair roots, trying not to
    rub honey into hair.
  4. Split the hair into strands and mask each of them.
    over the entire length.
  5. Wrap your head with plastic and
    warm with a towel.
  6. Hold at least 1 hour, maximum – 2 hours
    then wash off.

Kefir and Lemon

Kefir mask with added lemon satiates strands with vitamins and
strengthen them due to the high concentration of calcium. Acids,
contained in kefir, will contribute to sparing and
natural leaching of pigment. Kefir and lemon


  1. Heat on the stove 1 cup of fresh kefir
    any fat content.
  2. Add half a tablespoon of lemon
    juice, mix vigorously until smooth.
  3. To sustain the composition on the hair from 1 to 2 hours,
    then wash off.

Tip! Lemon in the recipe can be replaced with 2 spoons
ground cinnamon, which also has brightening properties.

Lemon rinse aid

Lemon rinsing is the most versatile and popular recipe.
lightening not only the skin, but also the hair. Bleaching
is achieved thanks to the natural acids contained in
citrus fruit Lemon rinse aid

How to make rinse:

  1. One big lemon cut in half, from one
    halves squeeze juice.
  2. Pour lemon juice into a container with two liters.
  3. In the resulting liquid should be dun hair, trying to
    the rinser acted along its entire length.

Rinse in lemon water should be about 5 minutes after
then blot with a cotton towel and allow to dry
in a natural way.

Grape Juice Rinse

Similarly to lemon rinse preparation based on
grape juice. 2 spoons are taken for 1 cup of warm water
natural juice of grapes. It is recommended to use
grapes of light varieties, otherwise instead of lightening hair will get
dark shade. Rinse head with grape water can be after
each washing procedure. Rinse from grape juice

Cabbage Rinse

In this recipe, the lightening effect of white leaves
Cabbage is backed by similar properties of parsley.
Natural cabbage rinse will help give
hair has a beautiful light shade, make them strong and

Step by step preparation:

  1. 100 g of parsley leaves and cabbage to place
    in heat-resistant dishes.
  2. Pour half a liter of boiling water and put on fire.
  3. Boil for 5 minutes, then remove and
    insist on for 3 hours.
  4. Ready broth is added to water for rinsing – this volume
    should be enough for one session (about 2 liters of water)

Cabbage rinse

Whitening decoction of onions

With the help of onion broth it will not be possible to achieve a pronounced
lighten hair. But with it you can slightly disguise
yellow and give the curls a beautiful golden hue.

Recipe Description:

  1. 30-50 g of onion peel boil in a glass of water
    – it is necessary that the liquid has popped for about 20 minutes.
  2. Cool broth, strain and apply to hair by type
  3. Treat curls after each wash until they are
    will get the desired shade.

Whitening decoction of onions

Important! Decoction of onions is also suitable for
tinting hair with a little gray hair.

Rhubarb Whitening Broth

To change the shade of hair are used as leaves, and
rhubarb rhizome. But the decoction of the roots will be more concentrated
and will work faster.

Step-by-step recipe:

  1. Dried rhubarb root grind in a coffee grinder
    or mortar.
  2. 1 tea spoon crushed rhizome pour
    two glasses of white wine.
  3. Bring the liquid to a boil over high heat,
    then reduce the fire and cover the container with a lid.
  4. Watch the cooking and remove the container when it evaporates.
    half wine.
  5. Ready solution to process all the hair and wear a hat for
    soul. An hour later, the rhubarb mask can be washed off.

Broth for bleaching rhubarb

Peculiarities of hair care after highlighting

Streaked strands need special care: intensive nutrition,
strengthening and moisturizing – because even gentle dyes worsen
their condition.

What hairdressers recommend using:

  • special shampoos with protection function
  • silvery shampoos, neutralize yellow
  • vegetable and cosmetic oils,
    supporting the level of moisture in the hair;
  • Tangle Teezer comb out
    strands even when wet;
  • comb with natural bristles, not
    traumatic curls and add shine;
  • reconstructive masks and nourishing balms.

Streaked hair requires UV protection and high
temperatures. Therefore, in the summer the sun is not desirable to go
without a hat, and dry your head at any time of the year without
hair dryer. headdress

Eliminating unwanted pigment from home hair
means – the process is lengthy. It will take more than one
week to get the desired shade. But for radical and
quick transformation there is a sense to use professional
cosmetics and hairdressers services.

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