How to restore and care for hair after bleaching or discoloration?

hair care after lighteningTo date
many girls just dream of becoming a burning blonde, but
not everyone knows what the price of such beauty is. Before
become a blonde, the girl must pass the stage of clarification or
discoloration, which is very harmful. But if after all you decided on
this, then you need to know how to restore hair after
lightening (bleaching) how to care for them and
to heal. After all, regardless of whether clarified or
discolored, they should look beautiful and natural. therefore
consider how to restore the band after such

How to restore damaged hair after lightening?

After clarification, you need to sign up to a hairdresser and go through
professional treatment. Perhaps the master will recommend you masks
for bleached hair. Sometimes just one is enough
procedures in order to give you back the natural shine and strength, but
This does not mean that the procedures are over. Next you need
maintain beauty at home using like
cosmetics, and folk.

There are many effective recipes for treating and
recovery, which were transmitted from our grandmothers and came to
of our days. These are proven ways to help bring back
curls shine, softness and silkiness. You can use masks
for bleached hair that will help you even faster
recover from the clarification procedure.

Lightened hair care

Often we go through procedures that are harmful to our health,
but we need to be well aware that care is very important. therefore
every girl who achieved the desired result and became
Blonde, must know how to restore bleached
hair. The treatment procedure is quite simple, but long. She is
requires a serious attitude from you. Lightened hair care
has two main rules: it is necessary at least once a few
months to visit a hairdresser, as well as to carry out treatment at home
conditions using rinsing and mandatory use

First of all, it is recommended to use such
restorative mixture during shampooing. For her cooking
you need to mix a pinch of mustard with one egg yolk,
add one or three drops of nourishing oil (it is better to buy it in
pharmacy) and a teaspoon of green clay. Clay needs to be added
gradually so that the mixture is not thicker than the consistency
ordinary shampoo. If the mixture is still thicker, then it can be a bit
dilute with water. Apply this mixture on your head with massaging.
movements and after a couple of minutes, rinse with water.

The second stage, obligatory for performance, is rinsing. For
This is necessary to dilute one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar on
a basin of water (about ten liters).

The third stage is the masks. A hairdresser will recommend you a mask
which quickly helps you restore shine and softness. Most
common mask recipe – rub kefir into the scalp, after
why wrap it with plastic wrap for about half an hour or
hour, then rinse with shampoo twice. Hair dry
a towel.

As you can see, to care for bleached hair is a whole
a ceremony that needs to be repeated at least twice a week.
But if everything is done exactly and in stages, visit regularly
a hairdresser, your hair will quickly fill with energy and gain
healthy look.

How to restore hair after bleaching?

The most difficult and dangerous procedure for healthy hair
is their discoloration, because with this hair dry up in
five times stronger than lightening. Still many girls
decide on that. Becoming a blonde in our time is easy, but how
to return the hair the same shine and energy? As after
clarification, you must enroll to the hairdresser, but to visit him
preferably more often, at least once a month. At the same time immediately after
bleaching is desirable to cut off dried ends. Further scheme
to restore bleached hair involves the use of
various infusions, means for soft care, moisturizing

Care for bleached hair

How to cure hair after bleaching? Treatment
involves the abandonment of the use of a hair dryer. Straightening irons or
winding them on curling is also undesirable, since high
temperature can cause additional damage. To
to restore bleached hair, it is necessary for each wash
hair use a mask of herbs and various mixtures.

To make a light mixture, you will need to mix two
tablespoons of vinegar, 100 g of castor oil and one yolk, here
add two tablespoons of plain glycerin (better to ask in
pharmacy) and mix thoroughly (can be whipped). The resulting mixture
need to be applied to the entire length of the hair, cover the head with plastic and
a towel. Hold for one hour and wash your hair thoroughly.

herbal mask for bleached hairMask for bleached hair can
cook from one tsp of dry nettle leaves
plantain, as well as chamomile. All this is necessary to pour a glass
boiling water, insist ten minutes, after add a little black
bread, no crust, and let it stand two hours. Strain the infusion and
rub the thick until smooth mass, the resulting mask rub in
head roots. After half an hour you can already wash your hair. Do not forget about
burdock leaves, which are very useful for you in such moments. Masks
for bleached hair is very useful, they need to be used,
even if you have not gone through the bleaching procedure. Use them
You can summer in the heat – and your hair will begin to shine again.

In conclusion, I would like to note that bad habits,
improper diet also affects the health of hair. Therefore, if
if you want to undergo a bleaching or bleaching procedure, then you
you must: constantly visit a hairdresser, monitor food, not
abuse bad habits and be sure to undergo treatment
independently, at home, applying as cosmetic
funds, and traditional medicine. And remember that care
lightened hair is very important, and you should not miss
one of the procedures.

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