How to restore hair after childbirth?

Most women who become mothers complain of
problems with nails, hair and skin. Indeed, weakening and
hair loss after childbirth is a common thing: they lose shine,
become brittle, split and fall out very strongly. Why is that
What happens and how to deal with this phenomenon? How to start
recovery and treatment of hair follicles after pregnancy?

Hair restoration after childbirth


  • Why does hair fall out after pregnancy?
  • How to care for hair after childbirth?
  • Recipes for treating and restoring hair

Why does hair fall out after pregnancy?

In the last periods hair does not fall out during pregnancy,
on the contrary, during this period they become brilliant, thick,
silky, grow quickly. This is due to the fact that the body before
is saturated with estrogen, vitamins and other nutrients
substances. But after childbirth hormones fall sharply and
accordingly, a few months later the reverse begins

In addition to hormonal changes, there are other important
factors that have a negative impact on the beauty of hair:

  • the female body after the birth of the baby takes a long time
    to restore the balance of macro and micronutrients beneficial
    substances, vitamins and minerals, due to the lack of which suffer
    nails, hair and skin;
  • the overall condition affects the appearance and health of the hair
    a woman who, while adapting to a new regime, is under stress,
    constant sleep deprivation and chronic fatigue, due to which spit
    drop out even stronger;
  • at delivery through Caesarean section, the consequence of deterioration
    state of curls, often becomes the use of general anesthesia
    during surgery;
  • breastfeeding is another factor affecting the appearance of the mother,
    since the woman in breast milk gives all the best of
    your body.

However, you should not panic, because the hair will again
lush and beautiful if you help them. Newly mom need only
take some time to yourself, taking care of, care and
restoration of hair follicles, their roots and tips.

Hair loss after pregnancy

How to care for hair after childbirth?

Sharp deterioration of hair and loss – the process
natural but temporary. By eight months, things will improve,
but completely the problem of “no” will not come down. Hair restoration
after pregnancy and childbirth it is very long and laborious
process. And if nothing is done, the hair will continue
dim, break and fall out. Therefore it is necessary to timely
start treatment in order to quickly return the fluffy hair.

Good! Take special
vitamin-mineral complexes for nursing mothers who
compensate for the loss of nutrients in the body, and aim to
restoration of nails, face skin and hair.

Useful tips for hair care after pregnancy and
child birth:

  1. It is necessary to switch to organic-based shampoos and balsams.
    (plant extracts and animal fats), giving up the funds with
    silicone, keratin and paraffin additives.
  2. In shampoos, conditioners and balms well add on
    a few drops of any essential oils just before
    using means.
  3. It is necessary regularly (1-2 times a week) to do nutritional and
    vitamin masks using natural ingredients (essential
    and vegetable oils, egg yolk, flax seeds, kefir).
  4. After washing on clean and wet (NOT wet) strands, you can
    apply 5 drops of Jojoba oil or Agran oil.
  5. Good weekly salt peeling for hair follicles
    (2 tablespoons table salt, 2 tablespoons olive or sunflower
    oils, 3-5 drops of any essential oil). Massage movements
    rub into scalp for 5 minutes.
  6. You can not twist, rub and tie wet towel in a towel.
    Just a neat blotter so as not to drip water.
  7. It’s better not to dry with a hair dryer, but if you really need it, then only warm
    air and from top to bottom to smooth hair scales. With
    drying comb only hands.
  8. It is not necessary to constantly twist your shovel in the bun and too
    strongly gum or barrettes. Gum is better
    use soft or trendy today
  9. You only need to comb a good comb with natural
    teeth, which will not electrify the strands, and it will be good
    unravel them.
  10. Do not use irons for straightening and shirring
    strands, as well as other styling devices, even if
    Thermal protection is provided.
  11. If the cross section of the tips is not very strong, then you can trim
    only individual damaged hairs, not all 5-10 cm.
  12. It’s good not to braid spike or a regular braid for the night,
    to prevent them from becoming entangled.
  13. It is necessary to limit the consumption of smoked, salted,
    pickled foods and drink more water (at least 2 liters).
  14. Coloring to make soft, gentle, tint or
    tinting paints without ammonia, and it is better to use natural
    dyes – henna, basma, and also various broths – leaves of a birch and
    rhubarb, ocher golden, onion peel.
  15. When laying apply funds on water, but not on alcohol

These are simple tips to help you quickly recover.
damaged hair after childbirth and stop their loss.

Hair care

Recipes for treating and restoring hair

The newly-minted mother has practically no time for herself,
the newborn requires full feedback, so about a full sleep and
peace of mind does not have to say. However, the help of relatives is simple
it is necessary that a woman can spend 20-30 minutes a day and
start treatment of hair, restoration of nails and skin of the face and body from
stretch marks after childbirth using medical masks and baths.

Treatment for hair loss after childbirth should be comprehensive:
proper care + saturation of the scalp and hair follicles
beneficial substances. As mentioned wound, at least 1-2 times in
week you need to make natural masks. To combat the loss
Hair can try one of the following effective recipes:

  1. Rye bread to steam easy massage movements rub in
    scalp, then wrap it warm for 30 minutes. After half an hour
    wash off bread with shampoo and plenty of water at a temperature not higher
    35 degrees, and then rinse with a decoction of rosemary or nettle.
    Instead of bread, you can also use egg yolk or milk
    serum, repeating the same procedure.
  2. With the loss and weakening of the hair follicles can be used
    for washing the head decoction of the stems of fragrant honeysuckle or willow bark,
    cooked according to the recipe: 6 tbsp. herbs on 1 l. water boil in
    for 10 minutes, then 30-40 minutes to insist and strain. Use
    every other day for 20 days.
  3. Lubricate the locks and massage the scalp to strengthen
    can be infusion of herbs. For this you need to cook in 1 liter of water 10 g
    calendula flowers, 20 g burdock root and calamus, 25 g of dioecious leaves
    nettle. Insist the decoction for 2-3 hours in a dark place,
    strain. Repeat the procedure 2 times a week for
    of the month.
  4. Since after childbirth toxicosis no longer torments and smells
    perceived by the body calmly, then you can try to rub into
    head juice of garlic or onion 1 tsp with honey 2 tsp Hold the mask in
    for 5-10 minutes, then wash with shampoo and thoroughly
    rinse infusion of herbs with deodorizing effects, for example,
    thyme, rosemary, mint, yarrow. Carry out the procedure through
    day for 1-2 months.
  5. Great help mask of egg yolk, 1 tbsp. olive
    oils and 6 drops of one of the essential oils of avocado, chamomile, jojoba,
    sage, ylang-ylang, rosemary, lemon or lavender. Mixture applied
    on the roots and evenly distribute the hairs, put on a cap,
    leave for 60-60 minutes, then rinse. The course of treatment is 10 sessions, 1
    once a week.
  6. Good mask with brandy. Mix 2 tbsp. cognac, 1 egg
    yolk, 2 tbsp. Strong natural coffee with a thick, 3 UF. shea butter
    or almond oil and 1 tsp. honey Rub into the base of the hair
    bulbs, leave for 30 minutes, then the remaining mixture evenly
    spread over all hair and leave for another 30 minutes, covering
    cellophane and a towel. Wash off with shampoo and warm water. To repeat
  7. A warming mask that improves blood circulation. Mix in
    glass container or 0.5 tsp. mustard powder or ground hot
    pepper, 25 g of colorless henna, 2 tbsp. olive oil and 3 tbsp
    boiling water. Heat the mixture for 30 minutes in a water bath,
    then cool to room temperature. Then apply evenly
    composition along the entire length of the strands and put on a warming cap from food
    films and towels. After 40-60 minutes, wash off the mask.

Restoring a beautiful head of hair will not take too long
if you regularly apply any of the above recipes.

Hair treatment after pregnancy

The main thing is to understand that hair loss after childbirth is
a temporary phenomenon that needs to be treated without undue panic, but
then stress will only increase their loss. Timely action taken
will help with time to stop the fall and restore gorgeous
shag after childbirth.

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