How to restore the level of keratin in the hair houses

Durable and insoluble keratin, is one of the major
structural components of human hair. However, such negative
factors like staining, exposure to high temperatures (hair dryer,
curling iron, ironing) and capacity lead to the destruction of this protein,
because of which the strands lose their vitality, begin to split and
fall out.

keratin for hair Bring back the same strength and attractive exterior
view can a special keratin hair mask that
restores protein levels and strengthens hair structure.

Salon hair mask with keratin

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The price list of services of most beauty salons includes such a procedure.
like a hair mask with keratin. In the course of its holding, the hair
the client is first thoroughly cleaned, then on separate
strands | put the keratin itself in liquid form, after which
to facilitate the penetration of protein into the structure, strands
heat up.

keratin in the cabin The effect of the procedure is preserved
for 2 to 4 months, during which, the hair is saturated
protein, really look and feel good. But there is
one “but” – keratin hair mask pleasure and benefit not from
cheap, so not everyone can afford it.

But do not despair! After all, restore the required level
keratin in damaged hair will always help home compounds,
components of which are available to everyone.

Home keratin hair mask: composition and properties

Juice of fresh lemon, aloe and a few drops of natural
rosemary is all you need to make
composition that will need to be applied to the head as a mask.

The influence of mask components on the hair structure and
the roots
Component Beneficial features
Lemon Juice | It nourishes and nourishes with vitamins. It adds shine.
| Aloe juice | It improves blood circulation and metabolism.
root bulbs. Moisturizes.
Rosemary oil | Strengthens the hair follicle and repairs the damaged
hair structure

Prepare this mixture is not difficult: 50 gr. fresh lemon juice
and aloe, mix with 5 – 6 drops of rosemary oil. Then
Apply the mixture to washed and dried hair. Hold 10 –
15 minutes, then rinse with clean warm water, without using

Keratin hair mask

Home keratin hair mask restores needed
protein level only on condition of regular and long
application. And in this case, it all depends on the state of the curls. AT
the average is required to carry out 1 – 2 procedures per week, for
of the month.

Instead of conclusion

Lack of cash and employment are all manifestations of one
the same human quality – laziness that interferes normally
care for your natural wealth and maintain its health

And in this case, you can offer the easiest recipe, which
suitable for everyone without exception – keratin hair mask on
gelatin base.

The method of preparation is very simple: 1 tablespoon of gelatin
mix with warm water until a homogeneous mushy consistency and
apply on washed and slightly dried strands. Hold 5 – 10
minutes, after which you need to carefully and very carefully wash
head with warm running water, without the use of detergents.

The secret of this recipe is simple – gelatin, like cement,
seals all gaps in the keratin layer of the hair, restoring
its structure. And performing such a procedure at least once a week for
throughout the month, you can get smooth, healthy and elastic
hair. And to enhance the effect of exposure, you can when cooking
composition add a few drops of natural oil

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