How to straighten hair at home for a long time or even forever?

Straight hair – the dream of many girls. Achieve absolute
smooth hair is easy using modern tools. Below we
Consider the most popular ways of straightening curls.

How to straighten hair at home

The content of the article:

  • How to straighten hair at home
  • Keratin hair straightening
  • Chemical hair straightening
  • Hair straightening without ironing, TOP 5 ways to straighten
  • How to straighten hair with a hair dryer and a comb
  • Hair straightening with curlers
  • Means for straightening hair at home
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • Conclusion

For home hair straightening, there are many
methods that vary in complexity and necessary

  • The easiest way to straighten curls with the help of mechanical means –
    ironing or hair dryer.
  • You can also refer to special tools based on
    which produce rectifying procedures in beauty salons.

Today, manufacturers offer a lot of tools that
designed to ensure smooth hair. These include shampoos,

  • balms or conditioners;
  • masks;
  • sprays;
  • gels and special styling jelly.

Most often, these products include keratin, which is not
It only helps to curb the fluffy mane, but also has a healing
impact on the hair, filling them from the inside. Another ingredient
which helps to get rid of fluffiness and unnecessary curls –
silicone. It weights the hair, due to which they look more

Do not forget the folk remedies. Long known properties
gelatin, allowing to bring smoothness to the curls. Such straightening
will be quite inexpensive, and, as a bonus, you can’t
afraid of harmful substances in the body – right
the performed gelatin rectification procedure is absolutely

Keratin hair straightening

Keratin hair straightening – a procedure that was previously
available only in showrooms. However, today you can easily
purchase a kit with everything you need in a specialized
hairdressing shop. Remember that a good remedy is not
may be cheap. Therefore, if the seller offers you
set at a price significantly lower than that of competitors, then great
the likelihood that he is either overdue or fake. Also
concerns and “otlivantov” from unverified people. At best, you
get a cheap mask from the nearest supermarket, and the worst
lose a significant part of the hair.

REFERENCE: keratin is the underlying protein
hair structure. When keratinized by high
temperature from ironing is the imprint of this substance in
damaged areas of curls. As a result, you get not only
Absolutely straight, but also healthy hair.

The effect of keratin straightening last from three to
six months. It is important to remember that this substance
accumulates in the hair, so with each subsequent procedure you
be able to increase the time between them.

How to do keratin straightening at home?

  1. First of all, you need to purchase rectifying
    composition. Price varies from one and a half to forty thousand
    rubles. For home use, you can stay on a budget.
    option. Keep track of the shelf life of products, as well as their
    composition. If it contains formaldehyde, then for home
    use of such a set is not suitable.
  2. Wash your hair twice with deep shampoo.
    cleaning up. After that, dry your hair by eighty
    percent, after working with a hairdryer, they should remain slightly
  3. Comb your hair and disassemble them into strands.
    Secure with plastic clips.
  4. Apply keratin to each strand,
    working it out carefully. Repeat this action with the entire mop.
    Do not save the composition, distribute it through the hair in the right
  5. Wait about half an hour to mask
    soaked in hair. Then dry the curls with a blow dryer.
    cold air.
  6. Strands alternately pull the iron, setting it not
    temperature of 230 degrees. For each order is necessary
    walk a few times so that keratin is well imprinted in the structure
  7. Gently comb your hair.
  8. After the procedure for two days can not
    use clips and hair ties so as not to
    creases formed. You can wash your hair on the third
    day after keratinization. Until that time,
    It is recommended to visit the bath or sauna, as well as get under

Chemical hair straightening

Chemical hair straightening, unlike
keratinizing, harms the hair. All the fault of the composition, in
which includes sodium hydroxide, guanidine hydroxide and
ammonium thioglycolate

IMPORTANT: weak and thin hair can not stand
chemical straightening.

  • Sodium hydroxide is the component by which
    You can achieve absolute smoothness of hair. He destroys
    outer sheath of the curl, penetrating deep into the hair structure.
    Due to the active reaction with keratin such a composition is straightened
    very curly naughty strands that are not amenable to others
    methods. However, after such a procedure, your hair
    It will take a very long recovery.
  • Guanidine hydroxide affects hair much
    softer. It does not destroy the keratin sheath, so harm
    hair he does less. Moreover, this substance is dangerous for
    skin, so apply a rectifying drug with hydroxide
    guanidine in the composition should be extremely cautious, otherwise you can not avoid
    severe burns
  • The most gentle chemical rectifying agent
    is ammonium thioglycolate. It is less dangerous, though
    may cause burns or various rashes. is he
    less effective, so it is used in case you don’t
    too curly hair.

Help: chemical straightening should not be done in
if you have an allergic reaction to one of
components in the composition, you are pregnant or are in the lactation phase,
you are not eighteen years old you are sick with cancer and
undergo chemotherapy.

How to make chemical hair straightening at home

  1. Depending on the degree of curliness of your hair,
    choose a product with a suitable composition.
  2. Lubricate the scalp with a greasy cream or
    petroleum jelly to keep it from getting burned.
  3. Apply to the curls special preparatory
    an agent that protects them from drying out and
  4. Divide the mane into several parts, fasten
    their clamps. Then apply the composition one by one.
    hold for fifteen to twenty minutes.
  5. Then rinse hair thoroughly, dry
    about seventy percent and ten to fifteen times go around
    on each strand of heated ceramic irons.
  6. Wash off the retainer and apply a repair on the strands.
  7. Then shampoo your hair and apply
    restoring mask.

REFERENCE: Over the next five days not
It is recommended to wash your hair, to do complex hairstyles using
studs and pins, go to the bath or sauna.

Regularly make masks for hair to maintain
curls in good condition. Dry your head better without
hair dryer, in extreme cases, do it on cold mode
of air.

Do not forget that you need to do in a timely manner
regrowth, otherwise your hair will look like

Hair straightening without ironing, TOP 5 ways to straighten

For home hair straightening is not necessary to have on hand
ironing Below we give five ways to tame
naughty mane with improvised means.

  1. Today in stores and on specialized sites you can find
    comb for hair straightening. She looks like
    conventional massage comb, however, thanks to the ionization function
    hair straightening occurs.
  2. You can also buy a special gel for
    straightening naughty curls. Little pea this
    means will help you solve the problem with wavy hair to
    next hair wash.
  3. Use hair oils. Such a way
    straightening will not only give you smooth curls, but will also have on
    they have a healing effect.
  4. Use the advice of women from Latin America and
    make the hair “toga”. To do this, dry them.
    cold air and then wrap around your head, carefully
    securing the studs. In the morning you wake up with smooth hair.
  5. Rub a few drops between your fingers.
    Vaseline and distribute them in curls.

IMPORTANT: in Soviet times, women are often
straightened hair with the help of the usual Soviet iron. No way
case, do not take this method into service! You will not only spoil
hair, but also, at worst, you can arrange on your head

How to straighten hair with a hair dryer and a comb

To make your hair smooth in this way
need a big round brush as well as a straight
hairbrush. You will also need a special
a mousse that will make the curls more docile and
pliable to styling.

  1. Wash your hair with regular shampoo.
  2. Apply a balm or a mask with silicones (it is also desirable
    so that the composition of the funds was keratin).
  3. Dry your hair lightly with a towel.
  4. Apply heat protection to your curls, distribute it with
  5. Next, apply the mousse for styling.
  6. Hair straightening should start with strands that
    are near the face.
  7. Lift the strand and twist a round comb under it.
    Gradually move from the roots to the ends of the hair, at the same time
    directing a stream of air on the hair after the movement of the comb.
    This procedure should be repeated with each strand 4-5 times.
  8. After going through all the strands, take a large flat
    brush and carefully comb your hair.
  9. Fix laying with varnish.

Hair straightening with curlers

If you have no ironing or hair dryer at hand, then straighten your hair
You can with the help of curlers. For this you will need gadgets.
maximum diameter (the larger, the straighter your

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo and make a mask with
    keratin (it will give an additional smoothing effect).
  2. Wash off and dry hair slightly.
    a towel. Let them dry completely naturally
    in a way.
  3. Then apply a special mousse, spray or
    hair straightening gel.
  4. Divide the hair into small strands and each of them.
    wind on curlers.
  5. Leave them on your head for a few hours, but rather on
    all night long.
  6. Remove the curlers and fix your styling with

Unfortunately, such styling does not last long, but it looks like
as natural as possible and does not harm your hair.

Means for straightening hair at home

Today in cosmetic and hairdressing shops you can
to meet a huge variety of means whose main task
make your hair as smooth and straight as possible.

  • They vary in price: budgetary means of
    mass market can be purchased for just a few hundred chopped,
    for high-quality professional tool will have to pay almost
    ten times more.
  • They differ in effect and its
    duration. Some have a cumulative effect, others
    completely washed off in the shower when washing the head.

Below we look at the most popular tools that can be
used as home care.

Masks for straightening and smoothing hair

You can buy a special mask for hair straightening in
the store. Its composition should include: keratin, also
silicone, which will make your weight less

In addition, you can refer to recipes folk

For example, a good banana hair straightens

Banana mask


For her, you need to mix:

  • half a ripe fruit with a yolk and a pair of spoons of honey,
    olive oil and lemon juice.
  • Leave the mask for half an hour, then wash it off with
    your usual shampoo.

Gelatin mask

Gelatin has long established itself as an inexpensive and
effective ingredient for straightening hair at home

To do this lamination, you
need to:

  • pour gelatin with warm water, let it stand for
    twenty minutes.
  • You can also add a few drops of ethereal
  • Spread several centimeters from the roots, apply gelatin.
    over the entire length.
  • Shake your hair in a wrap and put it on top.
  • Leave the gelatin on your hair for two hours, then rinse
    water without the use of additional funds.


For straightening hair, olive and
castor oil.

  • heat the oil over low heat;
  • add a few drops of your favorite essential oil;
  • apply on hair;
  • Wear a shower cap or carefully wrap your hair
    food wrap;
  • Heat slightly with a hairdryer to make the hair cuticle better.
    opened up and took in more nutrients;
  • Shake your head with a towel;
  • It is necessary to hold such a mask from two to twelve hours;
  • Rinse with shampoo.


Tea leaves – the perfect tool to give hair

  • Make a brew. To do this you will need one hundred milliliters.
    boiling water and one teaspoon of black tea.
  • After he brewed with a sponge, apply tea to
    your curls.
  • After the entire hair has been processed, dry it.
    hair dryer

IMPORTANT: this method is only suitable for girls with
dark hair, as tea has strong enough
coloring properties.

Colorless henna

A mask with colorless henna will help you to achieve the effect of direct
hair. In addition, as a result of this procedure, your hair will become
more lush and nourished with life force.

The result from the use of such masks will be noticeable immediately.
The frequency of application of such a mask is 2-3 times a
a week

How to make a mask with henna?

  • Cook the henna with warm water;
  • Then apply the resulting mixture to the hair;
  • Keep for several hours;
  • Then rinse with water.

IMPORTANT: if you dye your hair, then from
use henna is best abandoned.

Dark beer

This particular way of straightening hair also takes place.

You just need to rinse hair several times a week,
so that they acquire smoothness. As a bonus, wellness effect and
rapid growth of curls. However, as a significant
minus smell, which is quite difficult
get rid of.

Table Vinegar

Vinegar since ancient times used to give hair
smoothness and dazzling brilliance. This method is great
those who complain about the oily hair. How to make vinegar
a mask?

  • Half a cup of vinegar dilute in three liters of water room
  • Rinse the resulting solution of hair.
  • Leave it for a few minutes so your hair can
    soak in the agent.
  • Comb your hair as gently as possible and then dry it.
    hair dryer on the mode of cold air.
  • You can repeat this procedure several times a week.

How to make shampoo for hair straightening at home

  • Take olive oil as a base for this shampoo.
    not only helps to straighten, but also nourishes your
  • Add a few drops of essential oil, for example,
    rosemary or bay.
  • To make shampoo comfortable to wash your hair, add
    soap root extract.

Frequently asked Questions

The procedure of straightening curls often causes many
questions. Below we will give answers to the most popular ones.

Expert Opinion Anastastil hairdresser Ask a question

Is it possible to do hair straightening after chemical

Yes, you can, if you are not satisfied with the result or you want to return
your straight hair. The keratinization is best suited for this.
It will not only return the lost smoothness, but also contribute
hair restoration due to the fact that the damaged areas will be
filled with restructuring protein.

How to straighten hair if there is no ironing?

Use a hair dryer or hair curlers. Also you can make of
hair “togs” and in the morning wake up with straight hair.

How to straighten the ends of the hair?

To straighten the tips, use the iron or hairdryer.
Watch the temperature, it should not be too high. Also
You can put on the hair a little gel or a special spray, in
As a last resort, ordinary Vaseline will suit you.

Is it possible to straighten wet hair with a straightener?

Not! In no case can this be done. First, it is not
will work and after drying your hair will again become curly.
Secondly, you will cause enormous harm to your mane, which
may subsequently cause complete loss of hair. Thirdly,
This is contrary to safety, remember that
electricity and water together do not combine at all.

How to wind hair with an iron for straightening step by step?

Iron – a thing very multifunctional. It not only allows
achieve absolute smoothness, but also make a lot of beautiful
styling. Thanks to this device you can get curls,
which will look very natural. How to achieve such

  • Wash your hair, apply a balm or keratin mask (this
    help protect your hair from the harmful effects of high
  • Dry your hair. If you are in a hurry, you can do it by
    help of the hair dryer, however, it will be less traumatic
    way to.
  • Comb your hair thoroughly, it may prevent
    creases on the finished curls.
  • Apply thermal protection (it is better to give preference to
    professional brands).
  • Comb your hair again so that there is not one
  • Warm up the device. Set the temperature a little higher
    the one on which you usually straighten your hair.
  • Decide what curls you want to get. If you will be
    Keep the styler spout up, then you get a round curl. If a
    point the tool down, the curl will be less pronounced and
    will go from the middle of the strand.
  • Divide the hair into several parts and secure them with clips,
    so that they do not interfere with the perm.
  • Lock the strand between the plates ironing. The thinner it is
    it will be, the steeper the curl will turn out.
  • Rotate the iron 180 degrees and start moving
    way down.
  • Leave the strand to cool. You can gently stab her
  • Repeat these steps for all strands.
  • After the hair has cooled, disassemble the curls with your hands,
    throwing his head forward.
  • Spray your hair with a strong hold lacquer so that your styling
    held on longer.


Many girls always want to change the image and the most affordable
and a simple way – changing the structure of the hair. Now you know how
You can get rid of curls at home and boast
hairstyles with absolutely smooth strands. Do not be afraid

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