How to straighten hair at home?

Modern girls prefer straight and smooth hair. For
saving time and beautiful styling women try all sorts of
Ways to smooth out naughty curls. Beauty salons offer
several ways of leveling the curls, but straightening hair
home environment is a more economical option to find a beautiful
straight hair.

You can straighten your hair yourself with a hair dryer and ironing,
lamination using a Brazilian chemical with
keratin or cosmetics, salon products at home
conditions, applying shampoo for straightening hair. Folk ways
smoothing curls can also be effectively applied.

Straightening hair at home


  • Brazilian curl smoothing at home
  • Lamination – straightening with gelatin
  • How to straighten hair ironing or hairdryer?
  • Folk ways to align curls

Brazilian curl smoothing at home

Keratin (Brazilian) straightening – one of the salon
procedures that can be done at home using
special keratin remedy. Brazilian Smoothing,
self-made, can make the curls smooth for a term
8-12 weeks. This method nourishes the hair structure with keratin,
solders their tips, creates a protective protein layer and moisturizes
hair cuticle.

For the Brazilian hair straightening procedure
keratin at home will need the following tools and
Means: keratin set for smoothing curls, large
round brush, spray gun, hair dryer and iron, face shield and
gloves, tongs for straightening hair.

Brazilian leveling and restoration of keratin strands at home
held in several stages:

  1. Carefully wash your hair with a cleansing shampoo, then you can
    use shampoo for straightening hair.
  2. Strands are fixed on the back of the head.
  3. Brazilian smoothing agent is poured into
    the spray gun and neatly sprayed on each strand.
  4. After 15-20 minutes each strand is dried using a hair dryer and
    round brush.
  5. Then, using forceps or hair straighteners, curls
    smoothed out.
  6. After that a smoothing mask or serum from

Special contraindications, except for pregnancy, for Brazilian
alignment no. After the procedure, you should not wet and wash your hair,
pin up and braid hair for 72 hours.

Brazilian smoothing curls

Lamination – straightening with gelatin

Lamination or carving is a very expensive salon
a procedure that has no therapeutic effect and
provides only the appearance of smoothness of the head of hair.

The principle of action of the laminating substance is that the mask
covers every hair with a special film smoothing its scales.
This procedure gives the locks chic shine, they become
heavier, have a healthy appearance and noticeably easier fit.

However, the lamination procedure can be carried out at home by making
hair straightening gelatin. It turns out penny means effect
from which is not much different from the salon procedure. Gelatinous
The mask is prepared very easily:

1 bag of gelatin is dissolved in 5-7 spoons a little
hot water, then added 1 tsp. balsam

Mask with a brush with widely spaced teeth applied
on clean wet locks, retreating from the roots by 1-2 cm, and
covered with cling film or shower cap for 50-80 minutes.
Then the composition is washed off with warm water. Hair can not be dried hair dryer and
apply hair straighteners, they should dry
in a natural way.

The effect of the home lamination procedure is retained for
for 2-3 weeks. Therefore, it is enough to repeat it 1-2 times a day.
month. It is absolutely safe, and even if the wrong
the application will not bring benefits, it will not cause harm. Coloring
recommended after the procedure.

Lamination of curls

How to straighten hair ironing or hairdryer?

Smoothing of curls with hair dryer (curling iron) or ironing (pincers) –
the fastest and most affordable method. If you style your hair
alternate with the use of masks, then the structure of the hairs from
Heat exposure will not suffer very much. When
Hair straightener is used, good round is needed
a brush with a natural soft bristle, the hair dryer and skill.

Before the procedure, you must wash your hair and separate the wet ones.
curls on the strands, holding them in the tongs at the back of the head. Then curls
treated with protective mousse and small strands are wound on
round comb in the opposite direction from the twisting side. By
curls in turn passes curling iron for straightening hair, making
their straight, beautiful and shiny. When all the strands are straightened,
styling is fixed with air conditioning or gel.

To straighten the hair with a flat iron you also need a small
set of tools: hair straighteners, heat protection
tool, barrette, flat comb and sparse teeth. Wherein
the iron should be with a ceramic coating, and the hair should be
pre-washed and completely dried with a hair dryer or
in a natural way. Curls are treated with heat protection agent.
and comb your brush.

Then the curls are divided into strands and clamped into forceps on
crown, leaving the lower curls. The strand is clamped by forceps, retreating
from the roots to 1 cm, and slowly carried over the entire length of several
time. Smoothing the bottom curls, another strand is produced from the barrette and
repeated manipulation. In the end, when all the curls are smoothed,
Applied with styling lipstick, mousse or special straightening.

The only drawback is alignment with a hair dryer or a flat iron, except
traumatic effects of high temperatures on the structure
a short hair is a short duration of effect – until the first
humidity. If you wash your head or get into the fog or even under
a little rain, the curls will start to curl again. Besides,
repeat the procedure with minimal effects on hair health
can only be 2 times a week, otherwise they will become dull and

thermal smoothing

Folk ways to align curls

Since ancient times, to curls are not so confused and become
smoother, popular recipes used:

  1. Rinsing vinegar. After shampooing familiar
    means, and it is better if it is a hair straightening shampoo,
    vinegar, diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 5, is applied to the strands and
    left to dry. Important! In no case
    you can not dry your hair with a hair dryer or iron!
  2. Some girls use for straightening strong tea with
    sugar. On a glass of tea broth is added not more than half 1
    tsp sugar sand.
  3. Beer recipe. After shampooing, about 0.2 liters of beer
    neatly applied on the still wet curls rare comb. Start off
    better from the back of the head, rubbing beer from the roots to the ends of massage
    movements. The hair should dry naturally. After
    drying out the foul smell will disappear.
  4. You can use oils and henna. Olive, Flaxseed or
    castor oil is applied to the ends of the curls after washing. Colorless
    Henna will create a film on the hairs. It makes them heavy
    straighten it.

Fully smooth curls folk methods do not work,
however, the effect will be quite noticeable. The shag will become significant
softer and more obedient, the fluffiness will be much less.

Straightening Beer

You can also use various special
rectifiers for curls that manufacturers produce
caring means. It can be masks, mousses, balsams, essences or
shampoo for smoothing curls.

Beautiful, straight and smooth hair – the decoration of any girl.
Having studied the above information, it is easy to understand how to straighten
hair at home using simple tools and

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