How to straighten hair without ironing – the most effective methods

hair straightening without ironing photoHow not strange, girls,
having gorgeous curls, they want to straighten them, and those whom nature
endowed with straight hair, they want to curl them by any means. AT
The first case is much harder for girls, because straightening hair, not
by harming them and not visiting a special salon, very, very

Straighten your hair at home is still possible. On
modern market can find a lot of new and effective tools
which quickly and permanently straighten curly hair. Straighten
hair can be done without ironing, as it is well known, it dries strongly
hair, which is why its specialists use no
Recommend. Many girls are perplexed: “And how to straighten hair without
ironing? “Believe me, this is not so difficult as it may seem on
first glance.

Today, one of the most effective means is a hair dryer,
because it is much safer, since the installation can be done in
sparing mode. But the hair dryer will not be able to straighten hair for a long time, so
it is necessary to use hair straighteners: varnishes,
mousses, sprays, and also wax. The composition of these funds include:
sodium hydroxide and thioglycolate, so do not apply such
solutions on dyed hair, as this can lead to
undesirable effect.

How to straighten hair

In order for the result to live up to expectations, you need to know how
to straighten hair. First, you need to thoroughly wash
hair with a nourishing shampoo, and then apply a moisturizing balm,
which will give curls softness. Secondly, it is necessary to process
their spray and thermal solution. After that you can go to
direct straightening hair dryer, but it is better to take one by one
small strand and blow dry with a hairdryer, but from the top down, while
combing hair small hairbrush. Then you can fix the result
varnish. Now you know how to straighten curly hair with
dryer for a long time, but do it without
special means for straightening, which to some extent
adversely affect the structure of the hair is not possible.

How to straighten hair folk remedies

straight hair photoOn this
moment not all girls know how to straighten people’s hair
means, and in fact it practically does not harm the hair, and
on the contrary, it gives them natural beauty and brilliance. Straightened hair
will hold for a long time if pre-processed
strong tea with sugar, but the biggest disadvantage of this method is
hair sticking, therefore sugar should be put as little as possible
(1 small spoon per cup).

And then the question arises: “How long to straighten hair with
folk remedies? “. The answer is simple: beer. Yes, for someone it
It seems strange, but this drink not only keeps styling
a long time (about a week), but also nourishes the hair without disturbing
their structure. That is why many professional hairdressers
recommend that girls use beer instead of special varnishes and
waxes. Now it became clear how to straighten hair without a straightener,
using folk remedies.

How to straighten hair without a hair dryer

And then the girls ask questions: “How to perfectly straighten hair, but
without the help of a hair dryer? “. And it is possible, now Sansilk
developed a special cream that perfectly straightens curly
hair. It must be applied to the curls, comb and everything:
perfect hair ready!

Of course, not everyone will be satisfied with straightening for a short time,
so modern girls are interested in: “How to straighten hair
forever? “. They can be straightened forever, but without help
professionals is simply impossible, because in this procedure
reagents that change the structure of the hair are used. Exists
two ways of straightening: chemical straightening and bio-straightening.
But each way somehow harms the hair, so
it should be well thought out before deciding on such

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