How to strengthen the hair correctly: choose your way

healthy hairWell-groomed shiny
silky hair is an integral part of feminine beauty. TO
Unfortunately, not every one of us can boast of such
wealth. Abuse of styling products, permanent
blow-dry, adverse weather conditions, unbalanced
nutrition, poor quality tap water, stress, seasonal
avitaminosis and many other factors lead to the fact that hair
become dull and lifeless. However, to deal with the problem
can and should be. To return the hair to their natural beauty and
health, just follow some simple guidelines
to strengthen them. It does not take much time and effort, but
the result will be brilliant in the truest sense of the word.

Proper care

How to strengthen hair at home, without resorting to help
professionals? Obviously, you need to properly care for them.
It is quite simple, just enough to adjust
habitual actions.

Previously, experts advised to wash your hair as little as possible –
maximum once a week. Today their opinion has changed – enjoy
shampoo can be as often as necessary for clean hair. For
each woman frequency may be different. But daily
it’s not worth doing it anyway. Otherwise out of the hair
all useful substances are washed out and they lose precious

Pour the shampoo on the palm of your hand (and not on the head). Then
it should be applied to wet hair and gently massage all
mass of The water should be warm, but never hot,
optimal temperature is room temperature. After the foam is washed away,
it would be good to use air conditioning (and even better to rinse
hair decoction of herbs). Most women have natural drying out
hair at room temperature prefer fast drying with a hairdryer. AT
In this case, it is desirable that the air jet is not too
hot. And do not detain it for a long time in one place.

Comb your hair right. Wet and wet hair
combing is generally contraindicated. Comb better to choose with
absolutely smooth not too frequent dull teeth.

All these seemingly elementary recommendations will serve you.
good service in strengthening hair.

Special masks

Firming hair mask – a tool that periodically
just need to use each, regardless of natural
data. It is also the solution to many problems.
related to the condition of the hair, and their best prevention.

Today on the shelves of shops you can find a lot of ready
masks. But most experts agree that
masks made by themselves have the best performance
from natural ingredients.

For example, very well strengthens hair of all types of mask,
representing a mixture of two egg yolks and 50 grams
cognac. The resulting product must be intensively rubbed into the skin.
head and wash off after 20 minutes.

Perfectly strengthens hair a mixture of one packet of henna and one yolk
or protein, which is applied along the entire length – from the very roots to
tips. The egg here is necessary so that the hair does not

Fatty hair will strengthen aromatic fruit and berry mask. For her
making you need to mix one tablespoon of sunflower oil
(it can be replaced with glycerin or honey) with three tablespoons
pulp any fruit or berries. The resulting mass should be applied to
the length of the hair for 25 minutes.

All these firming hair growth masks are extremely simple.
performance, do not require significant strength and investment and
as natural as possible. Perhaps before you find the composition,
suitable for you, have some time
to experiment. But the result is sure to surpass all

Grandma’s secrets

chamomile photoIf you are serious
thinking about how to strengthen the hair roots, it is worth paying
special attention to proven folk remedies. Ours
great-grandmothers were not in the arsenal of such a variety of shampoos,
air conditioners and caring balms, and, nevertheless,
older women wore chic braids to the waist,
which every modern beauty would envy. Fortunately their
secrets and tricks have come down to us, so why not take advantage
this legacy? Especially since folk methods are so
natural and eco-friendly, that they can be used in solving even
such delicate issues as strengthening the child’s hair. So, as
strengthen hair folk remedies? Undisputed leaders
among them are castor and burdock oils. They need
brush to put on the roots in a slightly heated form, then on
Wrap your hair for several hours. If you carry out this procedure
at least once a week, the result is in the form of healthy thick thick
Hair will not take long.

The problem of weak hair will cope perfectly with various
herbal decoctions for rinsing. In the course go aloe juice, roots
burdock, lime blossom, birch sap, calamus. For better effect you can
add to infusions chicken yolk, has long been famous for its
useful properties, or honey.

Do not forget about the healing plants that are already
several centuries helping women on their way to healthy strong
hair. This is chamomile, plantain, oregano, sage, nettle, burdock.
The black bread gruel, which
must be applied to the roots and left for several hours.

On the way to strong healthy hair, an indispensable assistant can
become … dark strong beer. Inventive people found completely
new application of this drink. If you wash their hair every night,
then very soon they will become noticeably thicker and healthier. A powerful protective
action have masks from yogurt or kefir. Product
must be applied over the entire length of the hair, then you need to wrap them
towel for 15-20 minutes. Protective film formed by such
way on the hair, protect them from all sorts of damage.

To strengthen the hair is very useful at least once a week.
rinse them with a decoction of onion peel. For its preparation you
need one and a half liters of water and three Art. spoons husk.

In late summer – early autumn, you can strengthen your hair with
gruel of tomato that needs to be rubbed into the roots. Of all
the above we can conclude that if you can not
solve the problem of how to strengthen the hair, you will come to the rescue itself
nature. Her gifts will correct the most neglected situation.

We work from the inside

vegetables and fruitsExpensive shampoos and
conditioners, special formulations, natural masks … Often
you have to try a whole mass of all kinds of tools in search of
answer to the question how to strengthen thin hair. Balms and masks it,
OK good. But do not forget that, as a rule,
hair condition is a direct reflection of what is happening in our
the body. If a person is healthy, then his hair, nails and teeth and
shine with beauty. Conversely, if the body is depleted, it is not enough
important vitamins and trace elements, no stylist will help your
thin lifeless hair. So, as trite as it sounds,
talk about the benefits of a balanced diet.

How to strengthen hair and nails? First of all, make sure that
There was enough calcium in your diet. It is also necessary
eat foods rich in iron, selenium, magnesium,
copper. For rapid growth and excellent health, hair needs
Group B vitamins. All these vitamins and trace elements are contained in
products such as milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, Brussels

To accelerate hair growth and improve their overall condition is very
useful in the morning on an empty stomach to eat half a cup of sprouted wheat.
The recipe for this miracle cure is as follows. Half cup
sprouted wheat must be filled with water, tightly covered with a lid and
put at night in a warm place. To improve the taste
product, in the morning you can add honey, milk, nuts,
dried fruit or favorite juice.

In addition, today in any pharmacy you will be offered
vitamin complexes aimed specifically at strengthening hair and

The abuse of coffee adversely affects the health of the hair. Also
The same applies to smoking, including passive. Stress
strongly weaken hair. To reduce their damaging effects,
try to go to bed on time, more often rest and relax.
Drink plenty of water – it removes toxins from the body.

Take matters into your own hands

head massage photoIt is impossible
underestimate the role of massage in solving a variety of problems associated with
hair condition. Massaging the scalp must be vigorous, but
without jerks, that is exactly.

The so-called massage with a powerful strengthening effect
deep breathing. It is best to hold it in the fresh air.
If weather conditions do not allow, you can simply
open the window.

First you need to take a deep breath and hold your breath,
simultaneously bent at the waist. It is important to tilt your head.
as low as possible. Then comes the turn
proper massage. Fingers should be put on the lower part of the neck, and
gently pushing them to the top of the ear. Next to the top of the massage
already done completely by the palm. After that you can
straighten and inhale. First, 5-10 such approaches are enough, and
subsequently it is desirable to increase their number to 30. Strength
pressure during the first sessions should be small, since
the scalp is not accustomed to such effects. Gradually her
need to increase.

The next type of vigorous massage will greatly accelerate growth.
hair. But it does require some preparation of the scalp for
intense exposure. At first, simple enough
Massage the skin in circular motions, gently shifting it. When
all areas of the scalp will become supple, you can add
rubbing and tingling. And only after that is recommended
proceed directly to the massage. Through closed fingers
need to skip a strand of hair, which then need to move
up and down, back and forth and in a circle. And remember – no abrupt

Today, no one questions the relevance of the question
how to strengthen hair – forums, women’s magazines and newspapers,
numerous programs, articles on the Internet offer us a lot
ways to solve many problems. But in all the measure is needed – not
It is too much to overload the hair with masks and balms.
Uncontrolled experiments may not
the result you were counting on. Informational avalanche – not
always good Approach all the advice wisely, and then you are very
quickly find a tool that is ideal for you. And your
hair will thank you for its impeccable appearance.

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