How to strengthen the nail gel polish?

More recently, long nails with a 3d coating were in fashion,
Today in a trend naturalness – short nails with a neat
shape, well-groomed cuticle and coated with biogel or decorative
gel polish, which is better known as shellac.
The popularity of the coating of the nail plate biogel or shellac
due to the fact that unlike conventional lacquer coatings,
gel polish can hold on the nails up to three weeks. Special
effectively strengthen nail gel polish.

If the nails are thin and brittle, and there is no time or desire
restore the nail plate with the help of trays and other
treatments, it is possible to strengthen the nails with biogel in the home
conditions or give strength to the nail plate due to its
cover with a thin layer of transparent or decorative shellac. there is
Another fashionable option is to strengthen and create a manicure pattern.
acrylic powder.

Attention! The procedure for strengthening the nail plate
Biogel, gel polish or acrylic powder is NOT medicinal or
nourishing nails, they will not grow stronger. It is only
artificial reinforcement.

Strengthening nail gel polish


  • What is the difference between the gel and ordinary varnish?
  • How to prepare a manicure for shellac coating?
  • Gel nail polish technology
  • Acrylic powder to strengthen nails

What is the difference between the gel and ordinary varnish?

The gel nail polish, like biogel, is
innovative methodology. Shellac is a hybrid of gel and
varnish that combines the best properties of a professional
varnish (bright gloss, ease of coating, a variety of colors) and
modeling gel (strength, absence of acetone and odor). With
that shellac visually looks like ordinary varnish, but in its
composition – super durable gel.

Unlike conventional lacquer coatings, gel polish on the nails
lasts much longer, does not break, does not peel off, does not lose
color and at the same time gives strength to the nail plate.
The advantages of shellac over conventional varnishes are significant:

  • convenience and ease of application;
  • the gloss of the coating is maintained until the removal procedure;
  • color fastness;
  • absolutely natural look;
  • high polymerization rate in the lamp;
  • safety use for nails;
  • no additional correction needed;
  • natural plate protection;
  • hypoallergenic materials.

However, to obtain such a result, it is necessary
properly prepare the nails and professionally perform the procedure
applying gel polish.

How to prepare a manicure for shellac coating?

From the correct preparation of the nails to the gel-polish or
Biogel depends on the duration of wearing a manicure and its quality.
There are certain rules and nuances of preparing nail

  1. Formation of the free edge of nails, shaping a manicure.
    At the same time it is not necessary to apply fat-containing to the nail plate.
    drugs: creams, lotions, oil for cuticle, moisturizing remurers
    and etc.
  2. Nails must be cleaned of any dirt and dried. Dust
    removed with special cleansers or alcohol after
    then the manicure is dried for at least 10 minutes. If you put shellac on
    wet nail, the coating will flake off.
  3. The cuticle, pterygia and epochs are also removed from the nail.
    plates. All dust particles and dirt from them are also removed.
  4. Removal of the top layer and polishing the nail plate with a soft buff
    with high abrasiveness – 240/240 or 180/180 grit, otherwise gel varnish
    will split off. The treated nails can not be touched.
  5. If the ends are stratified, then they can not be coated.
    It is necessary to clean the peeled flakes file for natural nails
    or shorten the nail plate.

In the end, you can once again degrease and dry the manicure.

Nail plate

The structure of the nail plate

Gel nail polish technology

Depending on the wishes of the final result, apply shellac
possible in one or more layers. Coating in one layer will provide
translucent effect. This version of manicure looks natural,
suits gentle natures and business women. Two coats
will give a dense, bright, saturated and juicy shade. Such a manicure
Great for holiday and festive events.

And now a step-by-step description of the process of gel nail polish
to strengthen manicure:

  1. The application of the base layers – nail prepp and primer on the nail
    plate and ends.
  2. Cover with a thin layer of base gel and dry in a UV lamp in
    for 2 minutes.
  3. Applying a thin layer of gel polish and its polymerization in a UV lamp
    within 2 minutes.
  4. Coating with a second thin layer of shellac (if necessary) and its
    dry for another 2 minutes.
  5. Application of the finish-gel and neat sealing free
    edges without getting to the cuticle.
  6. Drying manicure in the UV lamp for 3-4 minutes.
  7. Applying cuticle oil.

Only 7 simple steps – and a fashionable firming manicure is ready!

Compliance with the technology of gel-gel or biogel coating
allows you to get a quality manicure, with no less important
use quality materials.

Shellac is very easy to remove even at home. For
This will require: cotton pads special removal tool
gel polish, orange stick and foil. And the removal process is as follows:
cut the top layer of varnish, moisten a cotton pad in
liquids to remove the gel coating, wrap them in the nail and
wrap with foil. Do the same with the rest of your fingers.
Wait 15 minutes, then unfold the foil and remove the disc.
orange stick. The same device is easily scraped and

Removing shellac

Gel polish removal steps

Acrylic powder to strengthen nails

Recently, nail art with acrylic has become very popular.
powdered. In addition, this technology can be used to strengthen
nails, if you apply powder to gel polish. Acrylic Powder
is a fine polymer powder that quickly
stiffens and becomes hard. Therefore, today practiced
strengthening the nail plate with this powder, because this polymer is not
gives weakened nails peel off and break.

Most masters practice applying acrylic powder under
shellac as a base, which greatly simplifies the work, because
during correction, only the powder layer is removed, and the plate itself
mechanical or chemical exposure is not exposed
very important.

Strengthening nail acrylic

The disadvantages of this technology include the fact that
such a procedure at home without special training will not work. it
salon procedure requiring professionalism and a high degree

Covering and strengthening the nail gel polish, biogel or acrylic
powder has long won the approval of both masters and customers
becoming a real trend and fashion trend.

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