How to style short hair?

stylish styling for short hairShort haircut already a few
Seasons does not go out of fashion. It is not only very comfortable and
attractive, but also gives its owner the courage and
piquancy. Stylish styling of short hair is increasingly replacing
long curls, it is more mobile, allows you to apply a lot
modeling options.

Festive styling on short hair should not be so much
lush, how much bulk. At the same time the volume should be natural,
and the strands themselves seem mobile, not glued. Long term
styling on short hair with volume is achieved thanks to such
to means, as gel, paste, wax, any other structures for
textured hairstyles. Volume will help transform any haircut.
You can use the bangs or do without it, feel free to
experiment with different images.

Use bangs: fashionable and comfortable

This season, the most popular are
bangs form. They can be short or long, thick,
straight, angled, irregularly shaped. For a short haircut
bangs become the central element around which
the rest of the image is formed. Putting it in different ways, you can get
Strict business styling or a luxurious evening hairstyle that
will set you apart from those around you.

In fashion today, thick long bangs. The best option
is slanting that can be laid on one side or
completely cover her entire forehead. When styling short hair dryer
bangs can pull or create a flirtatious curl at the end.
This option gives its owner more naturalness.
The main focus is transferred to the eyes, making them more

Styling for short haircuts with bangs must be done using
minimum of cosmetics, you can not overload the hair. If not
to comply with such a simple condition, the curls will seem too
heavy and untidy. Recommended for fine hair
when shearing, the so-called filing, which not only gives
greater volume, but also turns naughty and thin hairs into
light stylish bangs.

Laying back: what is it interesting?

layingStyling for short
hair, in which the curls recline, is
universal. This may be a strict hairstyle for work, which
emphasizes the overall style, or luxury evening, providing
necessary traits of grace and fragility.

Performing such hairstyles for short hair, you must remember
about creating volume. While drying, you should gently pull out
curls back so that they completely open the face. Using
various cosmetics allows you to create
completely different effects. So, for the glamor image you need
apply gel for short strands, which will help correctly
model, fix hair in the required form. See
The results of such styling can be on numerous photos showing
fashion trends this season.

For a more natural look, use wax.
or gel wax, which is taken in a small amount. Means
pounded between the fingers, and then applied to separate
strands, creating the necessary shape. You can apply wax and
comb, but then you should act carefully to get
beautiful styling, not greasy on the appearance of the strands.
Long-term styling for short hair is fixed at the end
process with varnish.

Smooth hairstyles for a stylish look

Smooth long-term styling for short hair at home
conditions most often used for parties. In this case, for
styling uses a minimum amount of styling styling
means, the appearance of the order remains extremely natural and
beautiful. The main thing with this styling – to ensure that hair
did not lose its shape over time.

Smooth everyday or evening styling for short hair
carried out using special wax or gel wax,
which helps to smooth out all the bumps. It is necessary to put a small
amount of funds for individual strands. You can’t take a lot of gel,
as the curls will get untidy, glued appearance.
Gel is applied on dry or slightly wet strands, then for
modeling a shape can use a hair dryer and a thin round brush.
To fix the applied varnish with the necessary level of fixation.

If the hair is medium length, stylish and beautiful styling can be
perform using ironing and waxing. So you can
select the necessary strands, give them the desired shape. Smooth
hairstyles for short hair require careful color selection.
Hue should be as bright as possible. Perfectly fit such
shades like platinum blond, hot black.

The secret to a perfect haircut

Creating beautiful hairstyles for short hair is not easy
Using lacquer and hair dryer, it is also the right choice of form.
We offer several secrets of using such styling, which
Will help make the image naughty and attractive:

  1. if you are the owner of very curly locks, then before
    the beginning of styling short hair at home is necessary
    start with straightening strands. Thus, hair styling will receive
    good volume, but with preservation of exactly the form that
  2. short haircuts differ from others in that they should
    update periodically. Do it at least once a month, so
    as the form is quickly lost, it becomes more difficult to stack;
  3. if you opt for a short hairstyle, the question is
    how to style your hair beautifully echoes the care of your eyebrows.
    Owners of short haircuts thin, heavily plucked eyebrows are not
    go, even if the form itself is attractive. In this
    If necessary, the brows should have a natural moderate thickness – so
    even the simplest short haircut will play in the right tone.

It is especially important to remember this if there is a thick and long
bang. This natural eyebrow shape will only emphasize
the appeal of the whole styling.

Styling products

To put short hair at home, you can
use a variety of cosmetics. Are popular

  1. creams to complete the styling. Such tools are used for
    In order to fix a short haircut, give it
  2. texturing pastes are used for modeling, especially
    They are effective for sports haircuts, styling bangs of various
  3. styling powder mainly used in salons. But also in
    home conditions with their help, you can fix the hair, nothing
    not showing that there is makeup on the curls;
  4. creams to give volume. With this tool
    hairstyles are stacked for short hair that need
    add extra volume. Experts advise to use
    similar creams for owners of very thin, naughty
  5. varnishes are a universal fixation tool that allows easy and
    very quickly give the desired shape to any hairstyle for short
    hair, creating an attractive image;
  6. Texture Cream Gels are modeling tools
    which are particularly suitable for ultrashort hairstyles;
  7. besides, irons, hair dryers, curling irons, hair curlers are used
    various type round brushes.

Short hairstyle is relevant at any time. She makes the face more
open and interesting, rejuvenates its owner. And many
options for these hairstyles allows you to choose your own
unique image that emphasizes all the beneficial features of the face. Styling
for such hairstyles can be very different – it is simple and
strict smooth, voluminous, using bangs and many

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