How to take care of yourself hair extensions

Simon ForbesTechnology hair extensions appeared in
mid 60s. last century, and its inventor is
Simon Forbes.

In the vastness of our country, she received a wide
spread since the late 1990s.

The essence of the procedure, which turns out to be in the hair salon,
comes down to adding longer strands to natural hair
man, which creates the effect of a luxurious hairstyle capable
radically change the image of its owner.

On average, such beauty persists from 1 to 3 months, after
what needs to be corrected or removed. And naturally her
durability directly depends on proper care for accrued

Regardless of the technology by which the procedure was carried out,
There are a great many of them today – cold, hot, tape, etc.
– there are certain rules and principles which, in fact,
subject to such care.

hair extension

Daily combing

The content of the article:

  • Daily combing
  • Washing head
  • Drying
  • Types of hair extensions
  • General recommendations for the care of hair extensions
  • Results and conclusions

What begins care for hair extensions? Right – with
scratching, which must be done as carefully as possible and not
less than 2-3 times a day.

In no case should you comb your hair while it is wet! Them
need to give time to dry. Otherwise, the usual procedure
may damage the strand attachment points.

In this case, the best combing method will begin.
from the tips and gradually rise up, as the hair grows,
be sure to hold the strands. For these purposes, choose
sparse comb or brush with wide teeth and no balls on

Special attention is paid to the root zone, especially in the morning.

girl with a comb About your luxurious hair you need
take care and bedtime. For this, already combed hair
it is desirable to collect in a braid or tail, so that at night they are smaller

Washing head

washing headBeautiful hair is primarily clean
hair. And in this case it doesn’t really matter
no – they need to be cleaned regularly.

It is the shampooing procedure that causes the most fears and
concerns when caring for hair extensions. And completely in vain!
The main thing to remember is the following:

You can not wash your hair before 2 days after building!

You can not wash your hair, lowering it forward or, worse, in a basin!

Wash should only be done upright,
for example, standing in the shower so that the water flows freely from
hair without tangling them.

When choosing a shampoo, preference should be given to a mild cleansing
means for normal hair, with a neutral pH. Match him
should be air conditioners and balms – soft and neutral.

Any means during washing put accurate, sliding
movements, only in the course of hair growth (from the roots to the tips) do not
rubbing and not massaging while hair. The principle should be:
gently inflicted – held the tool – gently washed away. Only in this way can
Do not damage the attachment points of the hair and do not confuse them.


Unfortunately, many consider drying by the hair dryer, an integral part
hair care and extensions including. This is a big
delusion! By nature, the scalp
tend to dry out gradually and independently, without any
special adaptations. And hair dryers – the insidious invention of man
– designed to speed up this process, but only in exceptional
cases, for example, when there is no time.

In the case of hair extensions use of the hairdryer is prohibited!

As well as going to bed without first drying

Allowed to use only the quick drying mode, and even then
using heat protective cosmetics for hair.

hair drying

It is important to abandon any mechanical and thermal
impact that could damage the attachment points
strands. For the same purpose it is not recommended to use curling iron,
rectifiers and other devices for laying.

Dry accrued curls should be in a free state,
pre-slightly blotted with a towel, but without wringing it in

Types of hair extensions

General recommendations for the care of hair extensions

At first glance, it may seem that such hair
severely limit the ability of man, and the care itself, too. But
far from it! Rather, these are useful warnings that
will help to extend their socks and not spoil the look.

Any hair, your own or not – a delicate thing and you need them
handle very carefully.

The following recommendations are intended to help preserve their beauty and

  • During a visit to the pool, sauna or swimming in the sea
    You must use a special cap.
  • During installation, attachment points should be avoided, and even better.
    carry out this procedure in the cabin.
  • It is possible to paint overhead strands, but it needs to be done taking into account
    that their structure differs from the structure of native hair.
    Therefore, this procedure is also better to entrust a professional.
  • As your own hair regrowth, you need to correct

It is also necessary to remember that although the build-up and makes hair
chic, yet it is necessary to rest from time to time. Because
under the constant weight of foreign strands deteriorates significantly
structure of relatives. The principle should act – blamed for 3-4 months,
and then 1 month break. And the next time it is generally desirable.
use a different technology to build, due to the lack of them

Results and conclusions

Summarizing all the above, one can sum up the simple result and
draw the following conclusions – hair extensions and care for them has both
positives and negatives.

Yes! How can you not remember the expression – beauty requires
the victims! hair extension scheme

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